TinniTool MultiLaser

TinniTool MultiLaser Soft Laser

TinniTool MultiLaser Multifunctional Soft Laser

The TinniTool MultiLaser is a high-quality state of the art unique multifunctional soft laser. The MultiLaser has been thoroughly tested, and is a CE marked medical device (CE 0123) developed and manufactured in Switzerland.

TinniTool MultiLaser consists of 2 parts and 4 light diffuser attachments for different types of treatments:

  1. Medic Laser, a soft red laser with 100 mW output that generates soft red laser light of 660 nm wavelength
  2. Laser Trunk that supports fibreglass cable with light diffuser tip incorporating a new type of laser light scattering lens
  3. Light diffuser attachments that facilitate precise delivery of the healing soft red laser beam into different treatment areas (i.e. ear, nose, skin surface, acupuncture points)

TinniTool MultiLaser is multifunctional as it can deliver different types of treatments, when utilising different light diffuser attachments (as described below).        

TinniTool MultiLaser overview

TinniTool MultiLaser generates soft laser light beam of focused concentrated energy and delivers it to the target treatment area via fibre optic cable. The unique flexible fibre optic cable enables precise delivery of the soothing and healing laser light directly to the treatment area without any energy wastage, thus speeding up tissue healing and maximising therapeutic outcomes. The laser light is delivered by different light diffuser attachments, designed to fit different body areas (i.e. ear, nose, skin surface, acupuncture points, etc.).   

Depending on a light diffuser attachment chosen, the TinniTool MultiLaser performs different types of local applications and heals many common health issues. Light, compact and battery powered, yet powerful at 100 mW, the MultiLaser features 4 different light diffusing attachments. No attachment is required for standard treatment of the acupuncture points as this is done by irradiation with the diffuser located at the nozzle end of the fibre optic cable.

Soft laser treatments increase cellular metabolism, improve blood flow, reduce inflammation and swelling, combat pain, accelerate healing and speed up tissue regeneration. Treatments are safe, non-invasive, painless and free of side-effects. Soft laser therapy is proven to be effective and safe and can be performed as a standalone therapy modality and/or alongside other conventional therapies and medication.

TinniTool MultiLaser attachments

  1. Ear treatments attachment
  2. Nose treatments attachment  
  3. Surface treatments attachment
  4. Deep penetration of the acupuncture points attachment

The attachments should be inserted on the diffuser at the nozzle end of the fibre optic cable. Upon completion of the treatment, the attachments should be removed and stored in the laser storage case.

Treatments with TinniTool MultiLaser

Applications of the MultiLaser cover a wide range of diverse conditions and health complaints. Illustrated user manual is easy to understand and provides detailed information about indications for MultiLaser treatments. Detailed description on how to carry out the treatments for best outcomes is fully described, including laser position on the body, attachment required, duration and frequency of the treatments.         

Indications for soft laser treatments with the TinniTool MultiLaser are listed in user manual  and include the following conditions and complaints: tinnitus (acute and chronic), Morbus Meniere, partial deafness, ear pressure, hearing loss, hearing distortion, abscesses, acne, allergies, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, respiratory complaints, stomach ache, bursitis, intestinal disorders, depression, sprains and distortions, eczema, Tennis elbow, colds, fissures, fractures, cold feet, joint pain, gingivitis, flu, sore throat, skin lesions and lacerations, herpes simplex, hay fever, impotence, scars, spots and pimples, travel sickness, snoring, sinusitis, heartburn, striae (pregnancy related stretch marks), tendinitis (inflamed tendons), burns and sunburn, calf cramps, wounds, toothache, pulled ligaments and muscles.     

The MultiLaser is safe and easy to use. The laser beam is delivered by flexible fibre optic cable with diffuser tip. The cable can be gently bent to adapt to the treatment area location (i.e. nose, ear, skin surface or a specific point on the skin or joint, etc.) and for user comfort that is essential, when holding the laser in position during treatment.

For the best treatment outcomes, you should always use the attachment that is especially designed and recommended for the treatment to be performed – see examples below:     

  1. MultiLaser with ear attachment treats acute and chronic tinnitus, partial deafness related to tinnitus, dizziness (Morbus Meniere), acute hearing loss and hearing distortion, problems arising from middle ear inflammation, circulatory problems in the inner ear.  
  2. MultiLaser with nose attachment is effective in treating flu and hay fever.
  3. MultiLaser with surface attachment treatments include sinusitis, pregnancy-related stretch marks, tendinitis, pulled ligaments and muscles, herpes simplex, skin lesions, and more.
  4. MultiLaser with deep acupuncture attachment treatment examples are asthma, anxiety, allergies, cold feet, respiratory complaints, stomach ache, intestinal disorders, depression, impotence, toothache and more.
  5. MultiLaser with diffuser tip only (i.e. without extra attachment on the fibre optic cable nozzle) treats conditions such as arthritis, bursitis, joint sprains, fractures, tennis elbow, muscle tension, migraine and more.    

Treatments with MultiLaser are painless, non-invasive, non-toxic and free of side-effects. The MultiLaser delivers standalone therapy and/or can be used safely alongside other conventional treatments as prescribed or recommended by medical professionals.

Power supply

The TinniTool MultiLaser is powered by rechargeable batteries. Simply place the batteries in the battery charger (supplied) and plug into the mains power socket. Fully charged batteries provide circa 20 hours of treatment.          

TinniTool MultiLaser specifications

  • Output power: 100 mW
  • Wavelength: 660 nm
  • Treatment duration: varied for different indications 
  • Skin penetration: 1.8 + cm
  • Batteries: 2 x rechargeable 3 V lithium batteries (CR123) with Imbedded Protection Circuit Module (PCM)
  • Mains power for battery charging: 100 V – 240 V ~ 50/60 Hz
  • Battery usability: circa 20 hours on full charge
  • Laser protection class: 1
  • Medical device: Class 2a (CE 0123)
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Manufacturer: DisMark GmbH (Switzerland)


Contraindications include the use on infant’s skull, fitted pacemaker, active or relapsed tumours and metastases, children with epiphysis and hollow bone symptoms, epilepsy, etc. All contraindications are listed in user manual. If you are in any doubt as to your suitability to use the TinniTool MultiLaser, you should consult your doctor.        

TinniTool MultiLaser – the perfect compact soft laser to treat a variety of common conditions effectively and safely at home!    

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TinniTool MultiLaser kit consists of Medic Laser with trunk and fibreglass light diffuser tip, 4 treatment attachments (ear, nose, skin surface, acupuncture points), 2 x rechargeable 3 V (CR123) lithium batteries, charger with 2-pin mains plug (100 V – 240 V ~ 50/60 Hz), 3 pin UK plug adapter, user instructions, multilingual treatment advisory booklets (English, French, German and Italian) and a protective carry case. CE 0123 and 2-year warranty.

*TinniTool MultiLaser can be purchased VAT Free by people suffering with chronic tinnitus and other relevant chronic diseases.