TracCollar Neck Traction Device with Cervical Collar for Neck Pain Relief

TracCollar Neck Traction Device with Cervical Collar for Neck Pain Relief

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TracCollar is a portable manually operated air powered neck traction device combined with a cervical collar that feature special lightweight foam supports and inflatable bladders located between the foam pieces. The purpose of the TracCollar design is to make neck traction more comfortable, especially for users requiring daily neck traction treatment for the relief of neck pain.  

Traction is a recognised physiotherapy method of neck pulling for pain relief. TracCollar is suitable for professional use and home use.

TracCollar overview

  • Integrated neck traction device with cervical collar
  • Designed by Swedish orthopaedic engineers
  • Relieves neck pain and discomfort
  • Effectively treats many painful neck conditions (listed below)
  • Helps to improve posture
  • Promotes circulation around the neck, shoulders and arms
  • Helps to increase range of motion
  • Improves mobility  
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Comfortable, effective and safe to use
  • Manually operated by 2 hand held pumps
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Independent air inflation for both sides of the collar
  • Usable when sitting, standing or lying down
  • Available in two sizes:
  • Standard size for Small/Medium neck circumference of 34 – 42 cm
  • Large size for Medium/Large neck circumference of 37 – 46 cm
  • 12 months warranty on materials and workmanship
  • CE mark and FDA clearance   

TracCollar contours and cradles the head and the chin. It lifts and supports the weight of the head safely and comfortably for the duration of use. The collar gently stretches cervical spine, decompressing joints and discs, relaxing stiff neck muscles, promoting circulation that is essential for healing and providing effective and comfortable relief for many neck conditions.

The neck and cervical spine are prone to conditions characterised by pain and reduction in motion and mobility. Neck problems can begin with simple everyday issues, such as poor posture or sleeping in a bad position.

Problems and condition the TracCollar may help to address include: neck and shoulders tension and stiffness; headaches from neck tension and stress; sore neck and shoulders; stiff neck muscles; disc problems; numbness, tingling, weakness and cold sensation in the arms and hands; radiating pain associated with pinched nerves in the neck; poor posture caused by work, injuries, bad habits and aging; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; repetitive strain injuries on the upper arm; bursitis, tendonitis and osteoarthritis in the neck.

TracCollar can be used day and night, sitting, standing and even lying down. You can use it, when watching TV, surfing the net, working on a PC or a tablet or just relaxing.    

Comfortable, safe and suitable for daily application, the TracCollar is simple to use and operates manually without the need for batteries. The right and the left side of the TracCollar are air inflated separately for precise treatment and rehabilitation of different neck conditions. Two hand held pumps individually inflate the right and the left sides of the collar.     

Designed by orthopaedic engineers in Sweden, the TracCollar durable quality materials that are soft, light and skin friendly. The composition of the tricot fabric covering is soft cotton for comfort and lycra for gentle stretch (i.e. 97% cotton and 3% lycra). The plastic foam supports are lightweight, and the inflatable bladders located inside the plastic foam are made of natural rubber latex. Please note that the inflatable bladders do not come to contact with the users’ skin during use.     

Using the TracCollar

  • Please ensure that you consult your doctor or other medical professional (i.e. physiotherapist) before you use the TracCollar.
  • When selecting appropriate size, please measure the circumference around your neck or use your shirt collar size for guidance. If between sizes, select the larger model of the TracCollar.
    • Standard size for Small / Medium neck circumference of 34 – 42 cm / 14” – 16” = RED collar
    • Large size for Medium / Large neck circumference of 37 – 46 cm / 15” – 18” = BLUE collar
  • Place the TracCollar on your neck with the opening at the back and your chin in the groove on the front of the collar. Ensure that there is no discomfort felt.
  • Adjust and fasten the collar with the buckles. The collar should rest against your neck and throat.
  • Inflate the TracCollar by pumping air with the inflation bulbs (pumps) until you feel a pleasant neck stretch. Do not pump more than 15 times on each side.
  • You can adjust the individual left or right side to your exact requirement by individual bulb till you feel the perfect pull on the neck.
  • Your head should rest comfortably against the back of the TracCollar.
  • Upon completion of the treatment deflate the collar by releasing the air from the bladders inside the collar by pressing the valves on the hand held pumps. Unfasten the buckles and remove the collar from the neck.
  • Store safely in the carry case between uses. Protect from contact with sharp objects that could puncture the collar.     


  • TracCollar is not for use by children.
  • Do not pump more than 15 times on each side, because at that setting maximum traction is achieved. Over inflation could damage the collar.
  • TracCollar does not replace physiotherapy and should only be used to supplement treatments under supervision of a medical professional.
  • TracCollar is a traction device and should not be used as a stabilisation collar.
  • Be aware that the inner inflation bladders contain natural rubber latex and may cause allergic reaction, if in contact with the skin.
  • Discontinue using the TracCollar, if you experience pain, feel dizzy or nauseous and consult your doctor immediately.  
  • Do not use TracCollar, if there are any wounds on your neck.
  • Do not use, when operating machinery, driving or walking.         

TracCollar – your perfect companion in the fight against neck pain and discomfort!

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