‘UR free to go’ Discreet Urinary Solution for Men

‘UR free to go’ is a patented body-worn non-catheter urinal for men with urinary incontinence, who can void spontaneously, including disabled men with limited mobility and men with post-surgical urinary problems.

Affordable, durable, discreet and practical for confident use at home, work, when socialising and during travel, ‘UR free to go’ encourages active lives, prevents incontinence-related social isolation, delivers freedom from restrictions imposed by incontinence and greatly improves the users’ quality of life.  

‘UR free to go’ unique design facilitates air flow and one-way urine drainage, allowing effective leak-free use, when sitting, standing and moving about.      

User friendly, skin friendly, odourless, hygienic, simple to use and easy to clean, the ‘UR free to go’ minimises the risk of urine-related skin rashes, preserves skin integrity and reduces the risk of catheter-associated infections.

‘UR free to go’ is a Class 1 Medical Device.

You can learn more about the 'UR free to go' on a page dedicated solely to this innovative non-catheter urinal for men