V-Brace by Fembrace Support Garment

V-Brace by Fembrace Support Truss and Pa​nty

V-Brace by Fembrace - real help for women with genital prolapse and pregnancy related vulval varicosities 

The V-Brace by Fembrace is a revolutionary support garment especially designed for the relief of painful and embarrassing symptoms associated with Genital Prolapse and pregnancy related Varicose Veins of the Vulva (Vulval Varicosities). Genital Prolapse is a general term that covers different types of Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP), such as Uterine Prolapse, Cystocele, Rectocele and Enterocele as well as Vaginal Vault Prolapse that occurs in circa 15% of women after hysterectomy.

*V-Brace by Fembrace can be purchased VAT Free by women suffering pelvic organ prolapse. You can complete VAT exemption self- declaration online in our online shop at the time of purchase.

*Please note that VAT exemption does not apply, if you are purchasing the V-Brace Garment for use during pregnancy.

The V-Brace by Fembrace background

The V-Brace by Fembrace is a patented support garment developed and manufactured in the USA. The V-Brace is a product truly developed by women to help other women suffering from the similar conditions and experiencing the same painful and/or embarrassing problems leading to a significant reduction in the quality of life.  

The V-Brace Fembrace was designed in 1999 and launched in the USA in 2000 by 2 women - Debbie and Karen - determined not only to help themselves, but to help thousands of other women all over the world suffering prolapse and pregnancy related varicosities. Debbie and Karen spent many months talking to healthcare professionals and to women sufferers. Their goal was to determine the ideal design to perfect specifications to deliver the maximum lift to the crotch and the vaginal area. The end result of Debbie and Karen's research and product development work is incorporated in the V-Brace.

The V-Brace is a garment-like cross-elastic support truss with straps threaded through a sleeve in the crotch of the panty. The V-Brace cross elastic truss supports and lifts the vaginal area, helping to relieve pain, discomfort, pelvic fullness and abdominal strain. The V-Brace also reduces the problems of incontinence and urinary frequency and can even effectively help to minimise perineal oedema following surgery.

Since its launch in 2000 in the USA, the response to the V-Brace Fembrace is fantastic. It continues to gain endorsements and recommendations from medical professionals and helps women sufferers in many parts of the world. The V-Brace by Fembrace is now available not only in the USA, but also in United Kingdom, Canada, Israel and Australia.

For many women, especially women living long term with genital prolapse, the V-Brace by Fembrace represents a new lease of life, a change for the better with less pain, discomfort, physical limitations and/or embarrassment. The V-Brace by Fembrace makes the daily living and recreational activities possible, achievable and enjoyable once more. The V-Brace helps many women regain confidence, enabling them to live full and healthy active lives. The V-Brace by Fembrace is an effective alternative for the pessary ring, surgical repair and/or incontinence surgery.n It can be used as a temporary measure or long term, as necessary.

The V-Brace by Fembrace Support Garment

The V-Brace consists of two independent, but integrated parts:

  1. the V-Brace panty
  2. the V-Brace cross elastic support truss

The V-Brace cross elastic support truss has special straps that can be adjusted - can be tightened or loosened as and when required - both at the front and at the back. The straps are threaded through a unique double padded crotch pocket, where they cross over in order to provide the best support to the entire crotch and vaginal area.  The straps have hook and loop finish for easy adjusting and fastening.

Fabric composition: The V-Brace panty is made from polycotton with Lycra for maximum comfort and support. The V-Brace cross elastic truss is made of polyester, spandex, cotton and Lycra.

The V-Brace is made in white only and the garment comes complete with the cross elastic support truss and the panty. It is best to wear them together, because a special pocket on the panty ensures correct positioning of the cross elastic support truss in the crotch. You can purchase spare panties, as required.
The V-Brace garment is machine washable and you can air dry it on clothes rack or hang it on line.

Please note that the V-Brace by Fembrace is a personal garment and once worn, it cannot be exchanged. When trying the V-Brace for size for the first time, you must try it over another clean underwear garment and take it off immediately, if the size is not suitable. Only garments that have not been worn can be exchanged for a different size. Exchanging is easy - simply call us on 01835 864866 for your return reference number and send the product back to us in its original packaging. Once we receive it, we will post a V-Brace in the required size to you.  

The V-Brace™ by Fembrace® is a CE marked Class 1 Medical Device.

V-Brace by Fembrace testimonials

  • Please read below a comment sent to us by a lady, who purchased the V-Brace for her Mother suffering with prolapse:

'Hi Win Health

I have ordered my mum her V-Brace Fembrace knickers. My mum has had her knickers for 10 days now and is extremely pleased with the knickers, they have given her a new lease of life. Please can you on my mum's behalf put this onto your website.

My mum has told me to let you know and all other ladies with the same problem it is the best money she has ever spent.

Thank you so much


Received by e-mail on 25th February 2009.  

  • Please read below a testimonial from a customer impressed by the V-Brace:
"I recently purchased a pair of the V-Brace pants after some hesitation due to the price, but I am so pleased with them that after just wearing them for a day contacted you to order another pair.
The only way I can describe how I feel when wearing them is that they have given me back my life, they support my prolapse taking away the pain and uncomfortable feeling I have which is reinforced when I take the paints off for any length of time. I would like to just say 'Thank you' for not only the pants but the wonderful service and support I received when contacting you with any queries.
Thank you!
Received by e-mail on 28th June 2012

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