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VeinOPlus Arterial EMS for Peripheral Artery Disease

VeinOPlus Arterial is designed to help people with reduced blood flow to the lower legs and its indications are as follows:

  • Improve local blood flow
  • Reduce pain and discomfort felt in the legs
  • Reduce leg swelling
  • Improve healing of leg ulcers and wounds   

VeinOPlus Arterial employs patented technology to stimulate the calf muscles, causing muscle contractions. Calf muscle contractions work as muscular pumps that improve blood circulation; hence calf muscles are frequently called the ‘Second Heart’.      

VeinOPlus is an electric muscle stimulator (EMS) that uses gentle low frequency and low voltage electric currents especially optimised to help people with poor circulation in the lower legs. The electric currents are delivered via self-adhesive oval skin electrodes attached to the back of the calves, contracting the calf muscles effortlessly.

VeinOPlus Arterial features only a single program that lasts 60 minutes. For best outcomes, it is recommended to perform treatment sessions daily on affected leg or legs. There is no limitation on use of the VeinOPlus Arterial – the more you use it, the more effective the treatment is. There is no risk of overuse.

VeinOPlus Arterial a medical device that is effective and safe for use at home. VeinOPlus Arterial can be used during long haul flights, except for take offs and landings.     

VeinOPlus Arterial is one of the safest stimulators in the world. VeinOPlus Arterial meets the most stringent safety standards established in the US by the Association for the Advanced Medical Instrumentation and the American National Standard Institute (AAMI/ANSI NS-4 1986/2002).

Using VeinOPlus Arterial

VeinOPlus Arterial is easy to use. All accessories are supplied with the device and include set of self-adhesive oval skin electrodes, connective cable and a 9V alkaline battery.   

Single treatment session with VeinOPlus Arterial lasts 60 minutes. As indicated above, you should aim to use your VeinOPlus Arterial every day to treat affected leg or legs. There is no risk of overuse – the more you use your VeinOPlus Arterial the more effective the outcomes.  

The treatments are best performed in sitting or semi-recumbent position. Simply install the battery and connect the oval skin electrodes with the main unit using the connective cable.

  1. Unilateral treatment (single leg treatment): Place both oval electrodes on the calf muscles of the affected leg.
  2. Bilateral treatment (both legs treatment): Place one oval electrode on calf muscles of one leg and the other oval electrode on calf muscles of the other leg.        

Slowly increase the intensity of stimulation until you feel (and see) the muscles contract. For best outcomes, you should aim to use the highest intensity levels as possible. However, please note that the stimulation should not feel too strong, painful or uncomfortable.

At the end of the session, the VeinOPlus Arterial switches off automatically.

Always ensure that you store the oval skin electrodes on the plastic shields provided with the electrodes in a sealed bag. This will prevent the electrodes drying out prematurely. You can extend the electrode life by dropping a drop of clean water onto its gelled surface prior to storage.

VeinOPlus Arterial is battery powered. It uses 9 V alkaline batteries or rechargeable 9V batteries type 6LR61. You can easily obtain the batteries from supermarkets, electric retailers or online. Please do not use the lithium batteries as these could negatively affect functioning of the VeinOPlus.

VeinOPlus Arterial carries 12 months warranty from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects, excluding battery, skin electrodes and cables. The warranty does not include normal wear & tear, misuse, abuse, wilful or accidental damage and tampering/removing internal parts and components.      

VeinOPlus Arterial technical specifications

  • Technologically advanced muscle stimulator for improvement of circulation
  • CE 0086 Medical Device
  • Low frequency and low voltage stimulator
  • Input power: lower than 0.5 W
  • Output power: lower than 0.05 W
  • Voltage waveform: rectangular monopolar and balanced with ZERO net D.C. component
  • Duration of output impulses: 25 – 240 microseconds
  • Output voltage: peak value of 50 Vp ±5%, when loaded with impedance from 250 – 10 000 Ω   
  • Current intensity: peak value of 100 mA ±5%, when loaded with 500 Ω
  • Modulated waveform in a special pattern resulting in muscle contractions from 2 – 120 per minute
  • Electrical impulses delivered via intact skin with maximum output voltage of 50 Vp ± 5%, maximum impulse time duration 240 microseconds and maximum charge per impulse no greater than 25 µC   
  • Battery powered – 9V alkaline battery or rechargeable 9 V type 6LR61 battery
  • Operation/storage/transportation conditions:  + 5 to + 27° C; RH  0 – 50%; pressure 850 – 1060 hPa; altitude equivalent to < 3000 m   
  • Dimensions: 150 x 55 x 20 mm
  • Weight: 96 g (excl. battery)
  • Skin electrodes: 2 reusable self-adhesive 80 x 130 mm oval electrodes with pig tail (female) connectors
  • Connective leads with male connectors for 2 skin electrodes
  • 12 months warranty 

Contraindications, warnings, precautions

  • Not to be used by people with implanted cardiac pacemaker or defibrillator 
  • Always read, understand, and follow all recommendations, precautions and warnings listed in user manual
  • Consult a doctor if suffering with tendency to bleed induced by anti-clotting medication
  • If you suffer with venous thrombosis, consult your doctor prior to using the device
  • Do not apply skin electrodes over any skin lesions, cancerous lesions, inflammation, infection, or varicose veins
  • Do not apply skin electrodes over the thorax as it may increase the risk of cardiac fibrillation

VeinOPlus Arterial – an effective way to improve blood flow to the legs, reduce leg pain and swelling!   

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Dimensions: 150 x 55 x 20 mm / Weight: 96 g (excl. battery)


  • VeinOPlus Arterial kit includes the VeinOPlus Arterial unit, 1 x 9V alkaline battery, set of 2 oval skin electrodes, connective lead with 2 male plug connectors, lanyard, soft carry pouch and user manual. CE0086 and 12 months warranty.  + 1 pack of 2 oval skin electrodes extra (i.e. current Special Offer) 
  • VeinOPlus Electrodes Pack consists of 2 x oval self-adhesive skin electrodes (size 80 x 130 mm).

VAT exemption available to people with relevant chronic problems. VAT exemption declaration must be completed at the time of purchase.   


SPECIAL OFFER: 20% OFF till stocks last: Reduced from £114.00 + VAT to £91.20 + VAT / £136.80 including VAT to £109.44 including VAT  

SPECIAL OFFER: 1 pack of 2 self-adhesive oval skin electrodes EXTRA (i.e. in addition to the pack included with the device)