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VeinOPlus DVT EMS for DVT Prevention

VeinOPlus DVT utilises patented electro-muscular stimulation technology to deliver effective, safe and comfortable calf muscle stimulation to contract the muscles and activate the ‘calf muscle pump’, frequently referred to as ‘the second heart or peripheral heart’.  Repeated calf muscles contractions increase venous volume flow and speed up venous return in the lower legs. The use of VeinOPlus DVT is recommended in all situations, where reduced venous return and prolonged venous stasis are present and there is a risk of blood clotting to arise in the lower legs.

VeinOPlus DVT can help to prevent DVT. VeinOPlus DVT is usable as a standalone therapy or alongside other preventive prescribed DVT therapies. VeinOPlus DVT is a medical device that has been designed for effective and safe home use.

VeinOPlus DVT indications

  1. Increase local blood flow in the lower legs
  2. Increase venous return
  3. Reduce effects of venous stasis
  4. Help to prevent Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT)

Examples of people who can benefit from the use of VeinOPlus DVT include people post-surgery, people with reduced mobility and when during prolonged immobilisation or prolonged sitting (i.e. during long travel by air). In such situations, passive calf muscles contractions improve local blood flow in the legs, increasing venous return and pushing blood upwards towards the heart.

More about the VeinOPlus DVT   

VeinOPlus DVT is a battery powered electric muscle stimulator (EMS) that delivers gentle electric stimuli (low frequency and low voltage) via self-adhesive oval skin electrodes attached to the back of the calves on both legs. The electrical stimulation contracts the calf muscles passively and effortlessly. Passive muscular contractions have the same effects as the natural muscle contractions occurring during walking, running or jogging.

Using VeinOPlus DVT is effective and safe. The more you use your VeinOPlus, the more effective it becomes, delivering more lasting beneficial effects. VeinOPlus DVT is designed for home use!      

VeinOPlus DVT is simple and easy to use. Simply attach the self-adhesive oval electrodes to the calves at the back of your lower legs (i.e. one self-adhesive oval electrode per leg) and commence the stimulation. If required, you can also use the device on one leg one by placing 2 oval electrodes on the calf of one leg, as illustrated in the user manual (cover page). You can adjust the level of the electric currents up or down to your personal preference. The stimulation must be felt, but must not be painful or uncomfortable.

VeinOPlus DVT user manual is concise (i.e. 7 pages), clear and easy to follow. Single treatment session takes 180 minutes to complete, but you can switch off the device at any time and recommence the treatment later. It is recommended that you use the VeinOPlus DVT device during periods of immobility and during long travel, especially on long haul flights and for few days after the flight. Please note that the VeinOPlus device must not be used during take-offs or landings! 

For best outcomes, you should perform the VeinOPlus DVT EMS stimulation sessions in sitting or semi-recumbent position.

VeinOPlus DVT is battery powered. It uses 9 V alkaline batteries or rechargeable 9V batteries type 6LR61. You can easily obtain the batteries from supermarkets, electric retailers or online. Please do not use the lithium batteries as these could negatively affect functioning of the VeinOPlus.

VeinOPlus DVT is easy to use and maintain and it does not require maintenance or calibration. 

VeinOPlus V.I. carries 24 months warranty from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects, excluding battery, skin electrodes and cables. The warranty does not include normal wear & tear, misuse, abuse, wilful or accidental damage and tampering/removing internal parts and components.      

VeinOPlus technical specifications

  1. Technologically advanced muscle stimulator
  2. CE 2797 Medical Device
  3. Low frequency and low voltage stimulator
  4. Input power: lower than 0.5 W
  5. Output power: lower than 0.05 W
  6. Voltage waveform: rectangular monopolar and balanced with ZERO net D.C. component
  7. Duration of output impulses: 25 – 240 microseconds
  8. Output voltage: peak value of 50 Vp ±5%, when loaded with impedance from 250 – 10 000 Ω  
  9. Current intensity: peak value of 100 mA ±5%, when loaded with 500 Ω
  10. Modulated waveform in a special pattern resulting in muscle contractions from 2 – 120 per minute
  11. Electrical impulses delivered via intact skin with maximum output voltage of 50 Vp ± 5%, maximum impulse time duration 240 microseconds and maximum charge per impulse no greater than 25 µC.   
  12. Battery powered – 9V alkaline battery or rechargeable 9 V type 6LR61 battery
  13. Operation/storage/transportation conditions:  + 5 to + 27° C; RH  0 – 50%; pressure 850 – 1060 hPa; altitude equivalent to < 3000 m   
  14. Dimensions: 150 x 55 x 20 mm
  15. Weight: 96 g (excl. battery)
  16. Skin electrodes: 2 reusable self-adhesive 80 x 130 mm oval electrodes with pig tail (female) connectors
  17. Connective leads with male connectors for 2 skin electrodes
  18. 24 months warranty 

Contraindications, warnings, precautions

Please note that this list of contraindications, warnings and precautions is not complete. You will find the full list of contraindications, warnings and precautions in the user manual enclosed with this device (VeinOPlus DVT).    

  • Always read and understand all contraindications, warnings and precautions listed in the user manual! Read the manual carefully before using the VeinOPlus device!     
  • If you have any doubts as to your suitability to use the VeinOPlus, consult your doctor! 
  • If you are under the care of a medical professional due to your personal risk of DVT/ phlebitis, you MUST consult the doctor BEFORE using VeinOPlus DVT!   
  • You must not discontinue any interventions prescribed by your doctor (i.e. anticoagulants, compression socks or devices, etc.)! You must discuss your therapy with your doctor and carry out all recommendations issued by the doctor!
  • VeinOPlus DVT is not a replacement for consultations with your doctor and it does not replace any interventions prescribed by your doctor. VeinOPlus DVT combined with these interventions on your doctor’s recommendations.
  • Consult your doctor before using VeinOPlus DVT, if you had 1): surgical procedure or a treatment involving local or general anaesthetics; 2): you are or had been hospitalised; 3): you cannot apply stimulation on both legs (i.e. due to i.e. leg in plaster).
  • Do not use VeinOPlus DVT if you Deep Vein Thrombosis or tendency to bleed induced by anticoagulants therapy.  
  • VeinOPlus DVT is not to be used by people with implanted cardiac pacemaker or defibrillator. 
  • Always read, understand, and follow all recommendations, precautions and warnings listed in user manual.
  • If you suffer with venous thrombosis, consult your doctor prior to using the device.
  • Do not apply skin electrodes over any skin lesions, cancerous lesions, inflammation, infection, or varicose veins.
  • Do not apply skin electrodes over the thorax as it may increase the risk of cardiac fibrillation.
  • Keep VeinOPlus device away from children – it is not a toy!
  • Refer to user manual before first use for a full list of contraindications, warnings and precautions! Retain user manual for future reference!   

VeinOPlus DVT - perfect companion for long haul flights, times of reduced mobility or immobilisation!        

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Dimensions: 150 x 55 x 20 mm / Weight: 96 g (excl. battery)


  • VeinOPlus DVT kit includes the VeinOPlus DVT unit, 1 x 9V alkaline battery, set of 2 self-adhesive oval skin electrodes, connective lead and user manual. CE2797 and 24 months warranty.  + 1 pack of 2 oval skin electrodes extra (i.e. current Special Offer) 
  • VeinOPlus Electrodes Pack consists of 2 x oval self-adhesive skin electrodes (size 80 x 130 mm).

VAT exemption available to people with relevant chronic problems. VAT exemption declaration must be completed at the time of purchase online.   


SPECIAL OFFER: 20% OFF till stocks last: Reduced from £113.00 + VAT to £90.40 + VAT / £135.60 including VAT to £108.48 including VAT  

SPECIAL OFFER: 1 pack of 2 self-adhesive oval skin electrodes EXTRA (i.e. in addition to the pack included with the device)