VeinOPlus Stimulators

VeinOPlus Specialist Stimulation Devices 

VeinOPlus Devices are a range of specialist stimulators that combine TENS and NMES (EMS) technology to deliver specialist therapies designed to address a number of common conditions, including back pain, vascular problems associated with poor venous return, arterial conditions characterised by impaired blood flow into lower limbs and in sports for issues associated with post-effort recovery. VeinOPlus Devices are CE marked Medical Devices appropriately tested, clinically trialled and accredited.  

The range of the VeinOPlus devices

  1. VeinOPlus V.I.for Venous Insufficiency 
  2. VeinOPlus Arterial for Peripheral Artery Disease
  3. VeinOPlus DVT for Prevention of DVT
  4. VeinOPlus Back for Back Pain Relief
  5. VeinOPlus Sport for Whole Body and Local Muscle Recoveries

VeinOPlus devices feature one single program for simplicity and ease of use. VeinOPlus devices do not present risks of overuse or treatment tolerance build-up over time. The more you use the VeinOPlus devices, the better are the outcomes in the management of relevant conditions that each individual VeinOPlus device treats.  

Visit relevant pages of the VeinOPlus range of stimulators to find the one that can help you combat your condition!

VeinOPlus Device - unique range of medical devices that utilises patented technology to treat common conditions effectively, safely and easily at home!   

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