Venowave Model 10 for PVD

Venowave VW5-10 Mobile Compression Device for PA​​D and PVD

Venowave V​W5-10 Mobile Compression Device for Peripheral Artery Disease and Peripheral Vascular Disease Management  - Venowave VW5-10 for the Management of Peripheral Artery Disease and Peripheral Vascular Disease  

  1. Venowave VW5-10 is sold in kits containing 2 units of the Venowave (TWIN PACK) as well as a battery charger and batteries. Battery life is 20-24 hours per charge to reduce battery charging to once daily with a spare set of batteries provided, enabling one set of the batteries to be in use and another on charge for effective and convenient peristaltic wave mobile compression therapy. For best therapeutic effects, the Venowave VW5-10 should be applied to calves on both legs at the same time.
  2. Venowave VW5-10 is also available as a single Circulation Booster unit (SINGLE PACK). This is for people with less severe corculation problems, where wearing of the device on both legs for simulataneous treatment is not essential. For best treatment outcomes, the user must swap the device from one calf to the other calf on hourly basis to ensure balanced circulation treatment.   

Venowave VW5-10 Mobile Compression Device is a medical device statistically proven​ to improve circulation in the legs. Medical studies and clinical experience demonstrate reduction of pain and discomfort cased by intermittent claudication alongside significant increase in walking distance in people suffering PAD and PVDBy increasing circulation in leg arteries and supporting venous return, the Venowave VW5-10 increases the quantity of oxygen rich blood reaching tissues, thus preventing disabling ischemia and painful muscle cramps, whilst increasing the distance the sufferers are able to walk.  

Easy to apply and simple to use, the Venowave VW5-10 Mobile Compression Device delivers a safe and effective solution to problems associated with poor blood flow, helping you to regain your mobility and independence.

Venowave is FDA cleared, Health Canada certified and holds CE mark Medical Device accreditation (CE 0086 – MDD 93/42/EEC).

*Venowave can be purchased VAT free by people suffering relevant chronic problems.

Peripheral Artery Disease also known as Peripheral Vascular Disease is characterised by narrowing of peripheral arteries and occurs mostly in the legs and the pelvic area.  PAD/PVD is a common condition, during which fatty deposits build up in the lower leg arteries and restrict or block blood flow reaching the leg muscles. Many people suffering peripheral artery disease (PAD/PVD) have aching leg muscles caused by walking and exercise. Upon rest, the cramps, pain and discomfort frequently disappear. Some PAD/PVD sufferers do not experience any symptoms.      

Peripheral artery disease is a cardiovascular condition caused by build up of arteroma (i.e. fatty deposits made of waste materials and cholesterol) in the peripheral arteries. The fatty deposits narrow the vessels and restrict the blood supply to the muscles – artherosclerosis occurs.  In severe cases of PAD/OVD, a total loss of circulation to the legs and feet could lead to gangrene and amputation.

The PAD/PVD is diagnosed by taking blood pressure in the leg at the ankle. The risk of PAD/PVD increases with age, but is also seriously exacerbated by smoking, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, family history, diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.  If untreated, the PAD / PVD can lead to further complications, including arterial leg ulcers and sores, difficulties with walking, loss of mobility, coronary heart disease and stroke.

Traditional treatments for PAD/PVD include healthy lifestyle (i.e. exercise and walking, stopping smoking, healthy diet, weight loss, cholesterol management, diabetes management), surgical procedures (i.e. angioplasty, bypass, stents, etc.) and medication.

Venowave VW5-10 Mobile Compression Device is a medical device statistically proven to enhance circulation in the legs. Medical studies and clinical experience demonstrate reduction of pain and discomfort cased by intermittent claudication and significant increase in walking distance. By improving blood flow in leg arteries and supporting venous return, the Venowave VW5-10 ensures greater volume of oxygenated blood reaching muscles, thus preventing disabling ischemia and painful muscle cramps. When Venowave is applied to the back of the calf, it mimics the body’s natural venous blood flow and increases circulation in both the veins and arteries of the lower legs and combats PAD / PVD.

The Venowave VW5-10 offers the advantage of total portability that enables the users to move freely, whilst peristaltic wave compression is applied. There are no wires, tubes or sleeves and the power is provided by AA batteries, which provide circa 12 hours of continuous circulatory support. The device can be easily worn under normal clothing (i.e. long skirts or long loose trousers). 

The Venowave VW5-10 Mobile Compression Device enables active lifestyle, whilst delivering impressive clinical efficacy across circulatory conditions.  

Venowave delivers the following benefits: 

  • Therapeutic compression
  • Treats leg swelling arising from vascular insufficiency
  • Relieves pain and discomfort of intermittent claudication
  • Enhances circulation
  • Improves tissue oxygenation and waste removal
  • Improves mobility

Venowave VW5-10 Mobile Compression Device can be used as a standalone therapy modality or alongside traditional interv​entions, such compression stockings, exercise and walking. Venowave VW5 is suitable for use in hospitals prior to discharge or during home care after leaving hospital. Venowave VW5-10 is also perfect for home use as a long term circulatory support in people with chronic circulatory problems.

Venowave VW5-10 Mobile Compression Device is safe to use and there are no limitations on how many hours per day you can use your Venowave VW5-10 Mobile Compression Device.  Upon being switched on, Venowave VW5-10 works immediately to improve your venous blood flow and reduce the risks associated with poor circulation. For best outcomes, especially when using Venowave in chronic venous insufficiency or when condition treated affects both lower limbs, it is recommended that you use the Venowave VW5-10 on both legs.

Venowave does not require calibration or special maintenance.  Ensure that you always use fully charged batteries in the unit. 2 fully charge batteries produce up to 24 hours of Venowave operation. Batteries recommended for use with the Venowave are rechargeable NiMH batteries (2000 mAh or higher).


  • You must not apply the Venowave VW5-10 over open leg wounds or unhealed ulcers.
  • If you have a current Deep Vein Thrombosis, consult your doctor prior to using Venowave.

Venowave VW-10 Mobile Compression Device specifications

  • Description: Mobile peristaltic wave compression calf pump
  • Power: battery powered (2 x NiMH rechargeable AA batteries)
  • Size: 190 x 100 x 48 mm (unit without wrap and packaging)
  • Maximum calf circumference: 58 cm
  • Wavelength: 140 mm
  • Weight: 240 g
  • Operation: 2 speeds
  • CE mark Medical Device
  • 3 months warranty

Venowave VW5-10 is your perfect companion in the quest for active healthier life! 

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One adjustable size for legs with calf circumference of up to 58 cm 


Venowave VW5-10 Mobile Compression Device kit TWIN PACK consists of 2 units with cuffs and velcro straps, 2 sets of 4 rechargeable batteries, charger, user guide and quick user guide on the inside of the packaging. CE mark Medical Device and 3 months warranty.  - currently out of stock   

Venowave Circulation Booster kit SINGLE PACK consists of the single VW5-10 unit with breathable velcro strap, user guide, quick guide and 2 x AA batteries. CE mark and 3 months warranty.   

VAT exemption is available, when purchased for personal use by people with relevant chronic conditions. VAT relief declaration must be completed online at the time of purchase.