Wi-TENS Wireless

Wi-TENS Wireless TENS Machine for Pain Relief

Wi-TENS is a wireless TENS machine for effective and convenient pain relief and a relief of discomfort caused by muscular and joint soreness due to strain, exercise and overwork.

Wi-TENS controls pain non-invasively and without drugs. Wi-TENS generates gentle and soothing electrical currents and sends them through the skin to the nerves to stop the pain signal from reaching the bran, thus effectively reducing perception of pain. TENS therapy also stimulates production of body’s own pain killers (i.e. endorphins), enhancing body’s own ability to reduce and heal its own pain. Furthermore, TENS electrical currents improve blood flow and enhance circulation in the treated area, delivering more oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to cells and tissues. 

Conditions that respond well to TENS pain relief therapy include Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Post-Operative Pain, Post Amputation Pain, Back Pain, Lumbago, Sciatica, Whiplash, Sports Injuries, Neuralgia, Skeletal Pains, Muscle Aches, General Pain, Cancer Pain, Period Pain, Labour Pain, Muscle Tension.

Similarly to other TENS machines, the Wi-TENS does not cure the physiological or physical causes of pain, but it eliminates or reduces perception of pain, making you feel less discomfort and painful soreness and helping you to live enjoyable life.      

Wi-TENS Wireless TENS Machine overview

  • Natural and fast drug free pain relief
  • Wireless transmission
  • Light and discreet
  • Conveniently battery powered for anytime anywhere use
  • Simple to use and easy to operate even when applied to difficult to reach body areas
  • 30 minutes pre-set program with 3 therapeutic phases, lasting 5 – 20 – 5 minutes respectively
  • 25 adjustable intensity levels
  • Medical Device CE0197
  • 2 years warranty

Using the Wi-TENS

The Wi-TENS is simple to use.

The Wi-TENS kit consists of the 2 wireless TENS units (TENS A and TENS B) with self-adhesive skin electrodes and a remote control unit. You can use the Wi-TENS as a single TENS or as a pair of TENS machines.

Intensity on each of the wireless TENS (TENS A and TENS B) can be adjusted by pressing buttons + or – on the TENS machines or by using the remote controller. When using the remote controller, you can control the intensity of each machine individually or together. This means that you can receive a different intensity TENS on each machine or adjust them both to the same intensity level with one button.         

Firstly instal 2 x 1.5 V AAA batteries in each of the wireless TENS units and in the remote control unit. Clip on the self-adhesive skin electrodes to the wireless TENS units. Each wireless TENS unit clips on to a single self-adhesive skin electrode, forming butterfly-like wireless TENS device.  

You can use a single Wi-TENS with control unit or both Wi-TENS at the same time – depending on your needs. Each Wi-TENS unit has an independent intensity control (i.e. + and – buttons) or can be controlled directly from the remote control unit. The remote control unit is especially useful, when performing TENS treatment in difficult to reach body area or when moving is painful or restricted. 

When using 2 mini Wi-TENS, it is possible to control the intensity levels separately on each machine – for instance in cases of treating pain in 2 entirely different body areas with different needs or control the intensity level on both mini TENS machines simultaneously to keep the same level of intensity on both. Intensity can be controlled by pressing the plus/minus buttons directly on the machines or using remote controller.

The Wi-TENS features one universal pre-set program of 30 minute duration.

The pre-set program is tri-phasic:

  1. Phase 1:  80/125 Hz frequency at 130 µs pulse width – 5 minutes duration  
  2. Phase 2:  5 – 10 Hz frequency at 250 µs pulse width – 20 minutes duration 
  3. Phase 3:  80/125 Hz frequency at 130 µs pulse width – 5 minutes duration 

After completion of the 30 minutes treatment cycle, the Wi-TENS automatically turns off. Alternatively, you can turn the device off by continual pressing of the minus button on the Wi-TENS unit or pressing the ON/OFF button on the remote control.

TENS therapy is effective and safe. 30 minutes treatment session is normally sufficient to provide pain relief, however, you can repeat the treatment as frequently as you need.

To ensure longer life of the self-adhesive skin electrodes, ensure that the skin on the area to be treated is clean, free of natural oils and residues of moisturisers and dry. Simply wash the skin with mild soap and water, rinse and dry thoroughly.      

Wi-TENS Wireless TENS specifications

  • Type: Wireless TENS (Wi-TENS)
  • Power supply: 2 x 1.5 V AAA batteries
  • Waveform: Bi-phasic square pulsed wave
  • Frequency: 5 - 125 Hz
  • Pulse width: 130 - 250 µs
  • Output voltage: 0 - 35 V (at 500 Ω load)
  • Output intensity level:  0 – 20 levels
  • Treatment time: 30 minutes
  • Operating conditions: 10° C - 40° C, 30% RH – 80% RH
  • Storage conditions: - 10° C to 50° C, 10% RH – 80% RH
  • Dimensions: Remote control unit: 103 x 55.8 x 25.2 mm / Wireless TENS (A & B): 60 x 53 x 17.7 mm
  • Weight: Remote control unit: 42.5 g (excluding batteries) / Wireless TENS (A & B): 44.4 g (excluding batteries)

Contraindications, warnings and precautions

  • All contraindications, warning and precautions are listed in user manual.
  • Read user manual prior to first use and follow all recommendations.
  • Retain user manual for future reference.   
  • If in any doubt, consult your doctor for advice.
  • Do not use, if fitted with pacemaker or on electronic life support machine or attached to electronic devices, such ECG machines
  • Do not use over broken skin, rashes, infected areas, phlebitis, thrombophlebitis, varicose veins and near cancerous lesions or over desensitised skin.
  • Do not use in pregnancy or on children.
  • Do not use if suffering with undiagnosed pain.
  • Consult your doctor, if you suffer from serious illness for advice on the use of TENS.
  • Do not use on the head or face, on the front of the neck or throat or over your heart.
  • Never share the self-adhesive skin electrodes with another person. 

Wi-TENS Wireless TENS Machine is perfect for fast and discreet pain relief anytime and anywhere!

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Dimensions: Remote control unit: 103 x 55.8 x 25.2 mm / Wireless TENS (A & B): 60 x 53 x 17.7 mm

Weight: Remote control unit: 42.5 g (excluding batteries) / Wireless TENS (A & B): 44.4 g (excluding batteries)

Self-adhesive Skin Electrodes: 90 x 60 mm with snap-on connectors


Wi-Tens kit comprises of the 2 x independent mini TENS units (TENS A & TENS B), 1 x remote control unit, 2 x self-adhesive skin electrodes (90 x 60 mm) with snap ons, 6 x AAA batteries, electrode positioning guide and user manual. CE0197 and 2 years warranty.  

Wi-TENS Replacement Pack of self-adhesive skin electrodes contains 2 x skin electrodes (90 x 60 mm) with snap-on connectors.