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Wireless Body Thermometer

Wireless Body Thermometer

Wireless Therm​omet​er

Wireless Tempe​ratu​re Monitor - Wireless Body Temperature Mo​nitor

Wireless Body Temperature Monitor (wireless thermometer) is a technologically advanced medical device intended for remote monitoring of body temperature for up to 100 hours of continuous use. It is intended for adults and children age 3 and above.

The wireless thermometer consists of 2 independent parts working together:

1.    Transmitter
2.    Receiver

The transmitter monitors body temperature using an underarm sensor and transmits the measurement automatically to the remote receiver.

Reliable, accurate, remotely controlled and enabling continual temperature monitoring without disturbing an ailing person or an ill child, the Wireless Temperature Monitor represents a perfect temperature monitoring solution for all families.

Wireless Temperature Monitor overview

  • Clinically accurate: meets and exceeds ASTM and CE accuracy standards
  • Accuracy Assurance Function - temperature reading transmits every 15 seconds
  • Fever Alarm & Fever Receding points setting - high & low
  • Memory Function - tracks previous readings every 30 minutes
  • Alarm Function - alarm sounds when temperature deviates from personalised pre-set parameters
  • Additional Alarm Function - alarm sounds, when sensor becomes disconnected
  • Clock Function
  • Room Temperature Function - scans and reads ambient temperature
  • Backlit for easy night reading - light up when any button on the control panel is touched
  • FCC approved transmission frequency - 433.92 MHz
  • Measures in C (Centigrade) and F (Fahrenheit)
  • Trademark and patent pending
  • CE0434
  • 2 years warranty

Using the Wireless Temperature Monitor

First of all - decide on the measurements parameters, such as º C or º F, fever alarm points (i.e. high & low), sound or mute mode, clock, etc. You will find a step by step easy to follow setting guide in the user instructions.   

Affix the self adhesive sensor pad in the arm pit of the child or adult person you wish to monitor the temperature. Then you are ready to activate both the transmitter and the receiver to commence temperature monitoring. When the receiver sounds the alarm, it will continue to ring unless it is switched off manually. At this point you should as a matter of priority check on your patient and take appropriate care action. Then reset or turn off the receiver as necessary.  

When not in use, store the wireless thermometer safely in a dry place away from heat, direct sunlight and damp areas. To preserve battery life, it is recommended to store the device with batteries removed.

Wireless Temperature Monitor Specifications

  • Size: Transmitter: 57 x 41 x 18 mm; Receiver: 72 x 72 x 23 mm
  • Weight: Transmitter: approximately 36 g without battery
  • Receiver: approximately 44.2g without battery
  • Product Material: Transmitter: ABS; Receiver: ABS
  • Type of Batteries: Transmitter: 3V x 1 (CR2032); Receiver: AAA / 1.5V x 2
  • Life of Batteries: Transmitter: Approximately > 500 hrs; Receiver: Approximately > 200 hrs
  • Backlight: Backlight will be ON for 5 sec. when you press any button
  • Effective Distance for Transmission and Reception: 160 feet distance (approximately 50 m) in an open space. If there are objects/obstacles in that space, the transmission distance will be affected / reduced.
  • Range of Temperature Settings: 10 - 43 ºC
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±0.1º C between 32 - 43º C; ±0.5º C beyond above range
  • Storage environment: Transmitter & Receiver: Ambient temperature -10º C to + 60º C; Humidity: 30% -80% RH
  • Temperature Measurement Interval: Transmitter measures body temperature once every 15 seconds.
  • Transmitting Signal: When transmitter detects body temperatures exceeding the High-Low range three (3) times in a row, it transmits a signal to the receiver to sound an alarm.
  • Sound of Receiver Alarm: Low: Long BiBiBi; High: Short BiBiBi
  • Frequency of Transmission: 433.92 MHz
  • Memory Function: 200 sets
  • CE0434
  • 2 years warranty

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Wireless Temperature Monitor kit comprises of the receiver unit, transmitter unit with attached sensor band and arm band, set of 3 self adhesive sensor pads, 2 x 1.5 AAA batteries for the receiver, 1 x 3V battery (CR2032) for the transmitter, receiver cradle, quick start instructions and user manual. CE0434. 2 years warranty.