Win Health Ltd - Healthcare Products and Self Care

Our Portfolio

We offer diverse portfolio of innovative devices and products for health, beauty and wellness for professional and home use.

Our Priority

We help people with health problems to lead better lives. We value all our customers - your satisfaction is our priority.

Our Mission

We aim to provide all our customers with quality, choice and value products, backed by long term customer support.

Win Health - Supplier of Healthcare Products

Win Health - Quality, Choice, Service & Value in Healthcare    

Win Health Ltd is a healthcare company supplying a wide range of medical devices and healthcare products to the NHS, independent healthcare providers, care homes, social services, charities, councils, schools, police force and general public.

We seek to identify and stock a wide variety of pioneering healthcare products and medical devices for hospitals, clinics and care homes as well as self-care products for home use.

We aim to help people understand and manage personal health issues, improve wellbeing and enjoy comfortable lifestyle.

We aim to support professionals in their quest for greater standards of care.     

Our principal goals are to deliver and excel in the five key areas:

  • Innovative high quality products
  • Diverse portfolio for choice and value
  • Long term product support
  • Unsurpassed customer service
  • Speedy and discreet deliveries

Our portfolio is innovative, extensive and diverse. It includes soft hip protectors, head protectors, positioning pillows, pelvic floor stimulators, rehabilitation devices, pain relief devices, soft lasers, bladder scanners, uroflowmeters, circulation aids, wound healing aids, tonometers for IOP measurements, moist heat compresses, incontinence products, personal hygiene products, health monitors and much more.

We offer portfolio of quality, choice and value aimed at supporting care and wellbeing!    

Medical Industry AccreditedMedical Industry Accredited

We at Win Health Ltd work closely with medical professionals across the NHS and private healthcare.

We observe ABHI Code of Practice and all our employees, who have direct contact with members of the health service (i.e. when visiting the NHS Hospitals and Clinics or private healthcare premises to demonstrate our medical devices and/or to train medical professionals in the use of medical devices) are appropriately trained, qualified and accredited to do so.  

Welcome to Win Health - Your Healthcare Products Provider of Choice