• AvantSonic Z5

    AvantSonic Z5 Bladder Scanner is a real-time 3D automatic scanner that measures bladder volume and PVR in men, women and children. AvantSonic Z5 delivers accurate measurements quickly, displaying results on 8” colour touch screen. Simple to use, handheld and light, the AvantSonic Z5 is perfect for scanning on the go, whilst secure mounting on a wheeled trolley makes it ideal for hospital environment. Advanced ultrasound image processing technique and sophisticated algorithm work together to measure urine volume accurately, displaying measurements automatically on the screen. Smart probe positioning system aids easy and precise bladder location in the pre-scan stage.

  • Nu-Tek Levator Mini

    Nu-Tek Levator Mini is the solution to pelvic floor weakness for women of all ages. Safe, easy to use and perfect for self-treatment, the Nu-Tek Levator Mini strengthens pelvic floor muscles and treats incontinence conveniently at home. You can use the Nu-Tek Levator Mini at any stage of your life from young to mature, from childbirth to menopause and thereafter. 20 pre-set programs allow you to address many common pelvic floor conditions as well as make your daily Kegel workout effortless and effective. The Nu-Tek Levator Mini delivers results and fulfils expectations, making positive contribution to pelvic floor health!

  • HipSaver Soft Hip Protectors

    HipSaver Soft Hip Protectors are effective, comfortable and user-friendly hip protectors designed to prevent fall-related hip fractures in frail elderly people. Based on clinical evidence, tested for impact and proven in use, HipSaver Soft Hip Protectors are the leaders in hip protection in the UK and globally. Used in the NHS and care homes nationwide since 2002, HipSavers offer advantages of different garment styles that address age-related problems of the elderly people. Highly effective and always comfortable, HipSavers are designed for day and night wear. Affordable, practical and durable, HipSavers are the first choice amongst hip protectors.

  • Mowoot II

    Mowoot II Intestinal Transit Management System is a natural solution to chronic slow transit constipation. Non-invasive and non-pharmacological, the MOWOOT II combats slow transit constipation effectively, gently and without side-effects associated with other types of constipation treatments. Just 10 to 20 minutes per day of MOWOOT II abdominal exo-peristaltic massage produces constipation relief. Significant results are achieved in just 3 to 7 days after the first MOWOOT II treatment. Positive health benefits and greater quality of life are achieved with long-term use. Clinically proven effective, safe and simple to apply, the MOWOOT II is designed for home and clinic use.

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Win Health Medical - Medical Equipment Supplier  

Win Health Medical Ltd is a UK based healthcare company, specialising in medical devices, medical equipment and healthcare products for a range of health-related problems. We are proud nationwide suppliers of medical equipment to the NHS, private health care, care homes and directly to general public since 2001.
At Win Health Medical, we provide an excellent customer service along with high quality products at affordable prices, long term product care and speedy deliveries.   
We specialise in elderly care products, which are designed to help older and elderly people to live healthy and happy lives. Our leading elderly care products, HipSaver Soft Hip Protectors are considered to be amongst the best in the world.  
Our vast portfolio includes medical equipment and health-related products for urology and continence, such as uroflowmeters for home and hospital use, ultrasound bladder scanners, intestinal transit management system for chronic constipation and pelvic floor rehabilitation devices. 
Our interests also encompass electrotherapy for pain relief, health monitoring at home, general wellbeing, comfort and natural skincare.
For more information, get in touch today. Call us on 01835 864866 or e-mail us using the Contact Us form above and we will be delighted to help.

News and Press Releases

Automated Bladder Diary for Home Use

21st July 2024

Minze Bladder Diary Consumer for Home Use

Automated Bladder Diary with Flow App for Home Use

Minze Diary Pod Consumer, paired with the Minze Flow App, is an advanced, user-friendly device designed to automate the process of maintaining a bladder diary. Minze Diary Pod Consumer captures urinary data precisely, eliminating inaccuracies associated with traditional paper-based bladder diaries.

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6th February 2022

Next Generation Uroflowmetry and Reinvented Digital Bladder Diaries arrive in the UK 

Minze Uroflow System with Bluetooth is the world’s first uroflowmeter usable on any normal toilet.

Developed by Minze Health in Antwerp, Belgium, the Minze Uroflow System aims to improve health and wellbeing of adults and children suffering with low urinary tract symptoms, commonly referred to as LUTS. Minze Health is a digital health innovator company with key interests in urology, pelvic health and continence care. 

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20th September 2018

MOWOOT II Chronic Constipation Therapy System

MOWOOT II treats and manages chronic constipation in people with spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease patients and when constipation is caused by medication. MOWOOT II helps people combat chronic constipation and in clinical studies MOWOOT was found to increase evacuation, soften stools, improve regularity, reduce gasses, bloating and abdominal discomfort.

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