Win Health Ltd is a supplier of continence care, elderly care and professional medical devices

  • Palm Bladder Scanner

    Palm Bladder Scanner PBS V 4.1 is a real time handheld non-invasive ultrasound bladder scanner with technologically advanced 3-D Ultrasonic Technology and colour Touch Screen. It is perfect for scanning male, female and paediatric patients in real time. Offering 3 years warranty, self-calibration, no servicing or maintenance required, the Palm Bladder Scanner PBS V 4.1 is perfect for hospitals and clinics and for use as a portable and light bladder scanner with built-in printer for home visits and use at different clinical locations. Transparent pricing, affordability and cost-effectiveness make the Palm Bladder Scanner PBS V 4.1 the perfect choice for the NHS and Private Health Providers.

  • Nu-Tek Levator Mini

    Nu-Tek Levator Mini is a dual channel pelvic floor stimulator designed for rehabilitation of pelvic floor, continence therapy and treatment of other pelvic floor related problems. It features 20 pre-set programs, 2 custom programs and Lock Mode function. Nu-Tek Levator Mini Continence Stimulator is suitable for women and men and can be used with vaginal and anal stimulation probes as well as with self-adhesive surface skin electrodes. Easy to use, effective, safe and suitable for clinics and home use, the Nu-Tek Levator Mini is perfect for therapeutic applications as well as performing routine Kegel exercises without efforts for long term pelvic floor health and continence.

  • Nu-Tek Levator Elite

    Nu-Tek Levator Elite combines advanced Electromyography with Neuromuscular Stimulation and Electromyography Triggered Stimulation in a portable, compact handheld device. User friendly and perfect for continence therapy and pelvic floor rehabilitation at hospitals and clinics, the Nu-Tek Levator Elite can be used as a stand alone EMG ETS STIM device or with the Nu-Tek System Software for data storage and analysis of results of many thousands of patients. Affordable and cost-effective, whilst accurate and easy to use, the Nu-Tek Levator Elite represents a great value to all continence and pelvic floor clinicians and for home users under the guidance of clinicians.

  • HipSaver Soft Hip Protector

    HipSaver Soft Hip Protectors are effective, comfortable and user friendly soft hip protectors designed to prevent fall related hip fractures in frail elderly people. Evidence based and proven in practice, HipSaver Soft Hip Protector is the leader in hip protection in the UK and globally. Used in the NHS since 2002, HipSaver is made in many different garment styles that address common health issues of the elderly people without compromise to effectiveness and comfort during 'day and night' wear for 24-hour hip protection. Affordable, practical and long term durable, HipSaver Soft Hip Protectors are the best choice for all frail elderly people at risk of falls leading to hip fractures.

  • Snug Positioning Pillows

    Snug Positioning Pillows are versatile positioning pillows that facilitate patients' safety and comfort in bed and armchair. Enabling a variety of safe, secure and comfortable positions, the Snug Positioning Pillows are perfect for chronically ill, frail and disabled people of all ages, including children and the elderly. Made in several different styles for different user needs, the Snug Positioning Pillows are suitable for care facilities, such as hospitals, hospices and care homes and for use by people receiving care at home. Effective in helping patients and improving standards of care, the Snug Positioning Pillows are washable and durable as well as flame retardant for additional safety.

  • PowerShocker LGT-2500S

    PowerShocker LGT-2500S is a Portable Radial Shockwave Therapy Device for hospitals, physiotherapy clinics, sports medicine clinics and rehabilitation clinics. PowerShocker is indicated for the treatment of tendon conditions and targeting specific damaged tissues within abnormal tendons. PowerShocker LGT-2500S uses the latest technology to deliver radial shockwave therapy effectively, precisely and safely. Advanced user friendly technology guides the professional therapists through numerous pre-set therapeutic applications, enabling the therapists to achieve the very best outcomes for their patients. Affordable and cost-effective, the PowerShocker LGT-2500S is the Radial Shockwave Therapy Device of choice!

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News and Press Releases

Diaton Transpalpebral Tonometer in use

Diaton Tonometer Press Release

21st January 2016

Diaton Transpalpebral Tonometer - Update

In the recent clinical study, Berg et al compared IOP values between different methods of tonometry, the traditional Tono-Pen® transcorneal tonometer and the Diaton® transpalpebral tonometer and found that the difference between the techniques was not statistically significant and found no significant difference between transpalpebral tonometry and transcorneal tonometry pressures, which supports the validity of the novel transpalpebral technique.         

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Snug Positioning Pillows

Positioning Pillows PRESS RELEASE

18th November 2014

Positioning Pillows for Better Standards of Care and Enhanced Quality of Life

Snug Positioning Pillows are uniquely shaped cushions designed to ensure stable, secure and comfortable body positioning during long stays in bed or armchair during illness and convalescence or when permanently frail or disabled.   

Snug Positioning Pillows have been designed to comfort long term bedridden and chair-bound people, enhancing their quality of life day and night.  

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Thermedic ProWrap '3 in 1' Therapy Devices


6th July 2014

Pain Relief with TherMedic ‘3 in 1’ Therapy Sys​tems

TherMedic Therapy Systems with FAR Infrared

Everyone knows someone with aching or painful joints.  Back pain is the most common problem affecting people at different stages of their lives but there are also 8 million arthritis sufferers in the UK alone, with knee pain from osteoarthritis a leading cause of disability.

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DermaSaver Shin and Knee Protectors

DermaSaver Skin Protectors

22nd January 2013

DermaSaver Skin Protectors Protect Fragile Skin from Damage

DermaSavers are perfect for the elderly and disabled people with fragile skin.

DermaSavers protect fragile skin by reducing conditions leading to skin breakdowns. DermaSavers are made from revolutionary MicroSpring textile that offers breathability, moisture transfer and anti- microbial protection that is not possible to achieve with gels, foams, fleece, bandages or protective cotton sleeves.  

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HipSaver Soft Hip Protectors

HipSaver Soft Hip Protectors

20th May 2012

HipSaver Soft Hip Protectors Combat Fall-Relat​ed Hip Fractures

As the name HipSaver suggests - wearing HipSaver Soft Hip Protector helps to save hips of frail elderly people at risk of falling from fall related hip fractures and hip injuries.

Since its launch in the United Kingdom in 2002, HipSaver Soft Hip Protector plays an increasingly important role in the prevention of fall related hip fractures and hip injuries.

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