Nu-Tek System Software

Nu-Tek Softwar​e

The Nu-Tek System Software maximises the potential and usability of the Nu-Tek EMG ETS STIM devices – Nu-Tek Maxi Plus1, Nu-Tek Levator Elite and Nu-Tek Maxi Plus2 - in a wide range of physiotherapy applications, including muscle rehabilitation and incontinence therapy.

Nu-Tek System Software aids functionality and usability of the Nu-Tek EMG ETS STIM Devices. Nu-Tek System Software is a ‘must have‘ analytical tool for the owners of the Nu-Tek EMG ETS STIM Devices!

The Nu-Tek System Software enables PC data storage, detailed data analyses and progress reports and is therefore particularly useful to clinicians as an assessment and training tool. Nu-Tek System Software is capable of storing and analysing an UNLIMITED number of patients’ records. The software is updatable and new programs will be added. The software will enable you to transfer the newly developed programs to your Nu-Tek Muscle Assessment and Rehabilitation device (i.e. Nu-Tek Levator Elite, Nu-Tek Maxi Plus1 and Nu-Tek Maxi Plus2). Nu-Tek System Software is easily installed on a PC or a laptop. Detailed user manual with colour illustrations and quick start instructions guide you through the installation and step by step practical use. Nu-Tek Software comes with license for 5 activations (i.e. for software installation on 5 PCs).

Nu-Tek EMG ETS STIM Devices have been designed by late Jim Oliver, formerly of Verity Medical - the makers of NeuroTrac brand of electrotherapy devices - and an expert in EMG and neuromuscular stimulation and all the applications of EMG and neuromuscular stimulation in continence therapy, pelvic floor assessment, pelvic floor rehabilitation, general muscle rehabilitation and pain relief. The aim of the Nu-Tek range is to provide clinicians with an advanced and reliable alternative brand of devices for clinics and for home use, thus, delivering quality, choice and affordability.

Nu-Tek System Software overview

  • Easy to instal and operate on PC or Laptop
  • Data download from the Nu-Tek devices via secure USB connection
  • Enables detailed data storage and detailed analysis
  • Creates PC Database for unlimited number of patient records
  • Designed for a wide range of physiotherapy and continence applications
  • Structured protocols for consistent patient evaluation
  • Creates comprehensive treatment progress reports (printable)
  • Enables download of home reports data from Nu-Tek devices   
  • Displays stimulation time and EMG between STIM Work periods, which is particularly useful for using correct stimulation or for setting up appropriate stimulation parameters 
  • Individual structured patient EMG template design
  • Displays EMG as low as 0.2µV up to 2000µV
  • Enables data analyses, printing or e-mailing of comprehensive clinical reports, such as work/rest averages, onset muscle contraction and release time, peak value, work/rest standard deviations, work/rest deviation percentages, average current used and stimulation time  
  • Enables periodic updates and download of newly developed programs for Muscle Stimulation, EMG Biofeedback and ETS based on latest clinical developments to the user’s PC with subsequent transmission of the programs directly to the Nu-Tek device  (i.e. Nu-Tek Levator Elite, Nu-Tek Maxi Plus1 and Nu-Tek Maxi Plus2) to enhance the treatments   

Nu-Tek Software is easy to instal and to use. User manual is illustrated in colour and provides clear and quick step by step guidance. The Nu-Tek Software comes with license for 5 activations (i.e. on 5 PCs).

Nu-Tek System Requirements

  • Pentium 4, 1GB memory, 100 MB Hard Drive space free
  • 1 free USB port for USB cable
  • PC Monitor 1280 x 768 pixels or wider
  • Windows / 98 / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 operating systems

Accessories provided with the Nu-Tek System Software

  • 1 Nu-Tek System Software disc (version 1.0 or above)
  • 1 USB cable - connects Nu-Tek EMG ETS STIM device to the desktop or laptop computer  

Nu-Tek System Software capabil​ities overview

The Patient Database stores Patients records with the histories of the sessions. The database is searchable and you can freely add or delete records as required.    

Nu-Tek Software features 5 therapy protocols:

  1. Open Display – perfect as a quick diagnostic tool for assessment of the patients at the first visit.   
  2. Work / Rest Training – designed for Patient’s daily training prescribed by the Clinicians.
  3. Work / Rest Assessment – enables Clinicians to perform periodic assessments of the treatment progress.
  4. Nu-Tek Control – for use with EMG, ETS or STIM programs controlled by individual Nu-Tek devices to analyse the EMG performance, Threshold volume, and Work/Rest prompts in greater detail than on the LCD screen of the small hand held devices. It is also perfect during training sessions with patients as a motivational tool, encouraging patients to work consistently better and to aim for higher targets.
  5. Template Training – perfect training template for a wide range of EMG training, such as incontinence treatment and general muscle rehabilitation.

Nu-Tek Software Clinical Progress Reports

  1. Nu-Tek Software Clinical Progress Reports are based on the saved Work/Rest Assessment sessions reviewing different aspects of the EMG statistics.
  2. Home Report – this report is downloadable to the PC from the Nu-Tek devices, which are compatible with the software (Nu-Tek Levator Elite, Nu-Tek Maxi Plus1 and Nu-Tek Maxi Plus2).
  3. Home Report and Control Report Review – records are downloaded to the PC from the Nu-Tek device to the specific patient records on the Database and Home Training Reports and/or Nu-Tek Control Reports can be displayed on the PC and analysed.


Nu-Tek devices as well as PC Software calculate the EMG / STIM / ETS and Time statistics.  The statistics can be downloaded from the Nu-Tek devices to the PC database for further analysis or to be printed in hard copies.   

Adding New Programs

Periodically, new Muscle Stimulation, EMG Biofeedback and ETS programs based on the latest research will be added. The new programs designed to enhance treatments will be downloadable directly to the PC to be subsequently transferred to the Nu-Tek devices. Nu-Tek Software enables the clinicians to Add, Delete or Search the program.

Nu-Tek System Software aids functionality and usability of the Nu-Tek EMG ETS STIM Devices. Nu-Tek System Software is a ‘must have‘ tool for the owners of the Nu-Tek EMG ETS STIM Devices!

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  • Nu-Tek System Software kit is supplied complete with the software installation disc and license for 5 activations (i.e. use on 5 PCs), USB cable, User Manual with Quick Start instructions illustrated in colour. CE mark.

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