Minimising Injuries Associated with Falling Out of Bed 

FallSmart Bedside Fallout Crash Mat     

FallSmart Bedside Fallout Crash Mats are bedside crash mats designed to minimise the risk of injuries caused by accidental and sleep related rolling out or falling out of bed.

Falling Out of Bed - background  

Dangerous consequences of falls in frail elderly and disabled people at risk of falling are well recognised and subjected to an array of different falls prevention initiatives. In addition to accidental falls sustained during moving about (i.e. walking, gardening, shopping, socialising, etc.), it is worth to consider the dangers faced by the elderly, chronically ill and disabled people that are associated with accidental falling out of bed – when getting in to bed, trying to get out of bed or sleep-related falling or rolling out of bed.   

Statistics released by the National Health Service Information System in the United Kingdom in 2011 show that falls and fall related injuries currently account for about 460 000 annual hospital admissions. Out of these, as many as 20 000 injuries are associated with falling out of bed.

Accidental falling out of bed as well as sleep related falling out of bed have considerable potential to cause significant injuries, which vary in severity from slight to permanently disabling to fatal. The injuries sustained due to falling out of bed include lacerations, bruising, dislocations and fractures.

Amongst common reasons for falling out of bed are disorientation or dizziness caused by medication, rolling over during restless sleep, disorientation or distress caused by dreams, tiredness and restlessness caused by poor sleep, aches and stiffness affecting abilities of getting in and out of bed, issues with balance, blood pressure related dizziness and light-headedness, dementia and other mental issues, improper bed or untidy surroundings and much more.             

Interventions designed to prevent falling out of bed, reduce risk of falling out of beds and reduce injuries or severity of injuries caused by falling out of beds include bedside crash mats, bed rails, bed exit alarms, low height beds and bedside alert mats.

FallSmart Bedside Fallout Mats help to prevent injuries caused by accidental falling out of bed.  Placed on a bedside, FallSmart mats provide a ‘force attenuating’ surface that absorbs impact, helping to reduce the risk and severity of injuries.

Learn more about the FallSmart Bedside Fallout Crash Mat and how it can help to protect you or your loved one from sustaining injuries caused by falling out of bed. Visit FallSmart Mat page for details of the FallSmart Bedside Crash Mats and prices and to buy FallSmart Bedside Crash Mat.   

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