EVB Sport Pelvic Support Shorts

Pelvic Support Shorts by EVB Sport

EVB Sport Pelvic Support Shorts for Women

The EVB Sport Support Shorts are perfect for indoor and outdoor exercising, routine workouts, sports training, running and jogging during mild and hot weather. The EVB Sport Shorts reduce stress exerted on pelvic floor and protect it from activity-related impact. Additionally, the EVB Sport Support Shorts improve pelvic alignment and help to reduce lower back pain.   

Made in 7 sizes for perfect fit, the Shorts can be worn comfortably under all types of outer sports kits, club wear, triathlon suits and cycling shorts. The Support Shorts are made from antibacterial and moisture wicking fabric for hygiene, freshness, dryness and comfort.  A small zipped pocket at the back of the Shorts allows you keep small items safe (i.e. car keys, coins, membership cards, etc.).   

When worn, the EVB Sport Shorts feel snug, uplifting and comfortable, whilst significantly supporting your pelvic floor and core muscles and keeping your pelvis and abdomen well aligned.

EVB Sport Pelvic Support Shorts overview

  • Perfect for all sports and activities
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor
  • Can be worn alone or under another sportswear or clothing
  • Provide support to pelvic floor muscles
  • Contribute to core muscles stability
  • Envelope and hold you up and in
  • Squat proof garment
  • Significantly reduce activity-related impact on pelvic floor
  • Perfect for women with continence problems
  • Excellent support for women with prolapse
  • Suitable for post-natal wear
  • Suitable for post-surgery wear
  • Made from antibacterial fabric for hygiene
  • Fabric is moisture wicking for dryness and comfort
  • Improve pelvic alignment & alleviates back pain
  • Perfect for weightlifting
  • Comfortable to wear with silky feel and small discreet zipped back pocket
  • Discreet crotch pouch for panty liners
  • Available in 7 sizes for best fit – UK size 6 to 18
  • Made in black and nude colour
  • Made from 90% polyamide with 10% elastine fabric
  • Washable up to 30° C
  • Medical grade support garment

Like a really good sports bra…for your core (Review from Female Fitness Matters)

Your core and pelvic floor muscles are typically something that you only learn about and focus on when they let you down. And if you’ve experienced this first-hand, you’ll know just how big an impact this can have on your life.

This is certainly true of Yvonne Brady, the Founder of EVB Sport. In a well-intentioned attempt to get fit and feel good after baby number 3, Yvonne took up running and trained for a marathon (which she achieved!), but at the cost of her continence. The high impact and repetitive nature of her training was more than her core could handle at that point in time and wetting herself whilst running was a real low.

Yvonne’s story has the happiest of endings though. Not only did she seek help from a women’s health physiotherapist to strengthen her core, but she also put her engineering skills to the test and developed stylish supportive sportswear to help other women protect their cores and prevent irreversible damage.

Whilst EVB Sport shorts obviously don’t magic away any weakness in the core (and you ABSOLUTELY should seek support in strengthening it still), they do provide invaluable support to the pelvic area* & a lift to the pelvic floor that helps to:

  • reduce stress incontinence in the short term
  • prevent pelvic organ prolapse
  • ease certain types of back and pelvic pain caused by instability (as they encourage the correct positioning of the pelvis)
So next time you put on your sports bra or invest in a new one, ladies, think about the potential benefits of supporting your core too! 
(* More specifically, to the pelvic girdle, lower abdomen and lower back with a lifting up effect to the perineum and pelvic floor. The effect of this support optimises pelvic floor, lower abdominal and back muscle activation and increases proprioception of the muscles and compression of the pelvic girdle joints.)

EVB Sport Support Shorts - perfect pelvic support garment for all active sports women striving to maintain a healthy pelvic floor! 

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EVB Sport Support Shorts are available black and nude in 7 UK sizes – from size 6 to size 18. 

Sizing (UK) - size measurements ± 5%:

  • Size 6:  62 - 68 cm waist / 81 - 88 cm hips - out of stock in black
  • Size 8:  69 – 77 cm waist / 89 – 95 cm hips  - currently out of stock in black and nude 
  • Size 10: 78 – 84 cm waist / 96 – 102 cm hips  - currently out of stock in black and nude
  • Size 12:  85 – 90 cm waist / 103 – 109 cm hips  - currently out of stock in black and nude
  • Size 14:  91 – 99 cm waist / 110 – 115 cm hips  - currently out of stock in black and nude
  • Size 16: 100 – 106 cm waist / 116 – 125 cm hips - currently out of stock in black and nude 
  • Size 18:  107 – 114 cm waist / 126 – 136 cm hips - currently out of stock in black and nude

Please note: If your measurements are borderline on both the waist and the hips size, please select a larger garment size.

Try the support garment over a clean pair of tights or clean pants for size. You can exchange a non-worn-garment with its original packaging that has only been tried for fit and is not in any way soiled.   

Helpful hints on pulling the EVB garment on. Please be reassured that the EVB garments are made well and you will not damage or rip them by wriggling into them. Tight fit is essential for the garments to perform their pelvic floor supporting role, while worn. Having certain body shape makes pulling the EVB garments trickier, but will become easier with practise.  

  1. Hourglass figure: You may find it a bit difficult to pull your EVB garment on over your thighs and bum as your waist is smaller than your thighs and bum. Wriggle and persevere. Once on, the garment will be comfortable and supportive and moulding to your small waist.
  2. Rectangle figure: Your hips and thighs measurements are similar to your waist measurement. Pull the waistband up and above the navel. Once on the waist, the garment should feel secure, supportive and not too tight. 
  3. Apple and Pear figures: You will find that the EVB garment pulls up fine to the upper thighs level, but will require some determined work pulling up higher. The hips and the bum will need serious wriggling and garment pulling to get over the tighs and the hips. Once the waistband is secure on the waist, the garment moulds into the body shape, becoming comfortable and supporting.                  




1 pack contains single EVB Sport Support Short in selected size.

VAT exemption is available for women suffering with incontinence and prolapse and relevant disabilities or conditions. VAT exemption declaration must be completed at the time of purchase.       

Please note: If your measurements are borderline on waist, hips or both, opt for a larger size.

Try the support garment over a clean pair of tights or clean pants for size. You can exchange a non-worn-garment with its original packaging that has only been tried for fit and is not in any way soiled.