Beurer EM 28 Wrist TENS

Beurer EM 28 Wearable Wrist TENS for Wrist and Forearm Pain Relief

Beurer EM 28 is a TENS machine especially designed to wrap around the wrist and forearm area to combat pain. Beurer EM 28 utilises TENS technology – transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, which is a proven effective method of pain relief.

TENS therapy is effective and very safe. When administered correctly, the TENS therapy has no side effects and can reduce pain without medication. TENS therapy has been used for many decades and has been thoroughly clinically tested. TENS therapy works by inhibiting pain signals and preventing them from reaching pain centre in the brain. TENS therapy also stimulates secretion of endorphins, body’s own natural peptides with analgesic effects that help to reduce sensation of pain.

Beurer EM 28 Wrist TENS is intended for pain relief at the wrist or around the forearm. The TENS electrodes are incorporated in a cuff that wraps and straps around the wrist or forearm. The cuff is designed to fit on both wrists/forearms – left and/or right.  Convenient and easy to use, the Beurer EM 28 can help to relieve discomfort of painful wrist or forearm.  

Beurer EM 28 Wearable Wrist and Forearm TENS overview

  • Wearable single channel TENS machine for wrist and forearm pain
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Features 4 pre-set programs designed for pain relief at the wrist or forearm
  • 20 selectable intensity levels
  • Lock function to prevent unintentional increase in intensity during use
  • Easy switch off
  • Battery powered – uses 3 x AAA batteries (supplied)
  • Battery status indicator
  • Memory function – saves/remembers the last program used
  • Cuff-shaped with 2 integrated wear-free water contact skin electrodes
  • Integrated skin electrodes are wear-free and do not need to be replaced
  • Water contact skin electrodes do not require conductive gels
  • Ergonomically shaped cuff to universally fit the wrist and/or forearm
  • Flexible for snug fit around the wrist or forearm
  • Adjustable to individual size with straps
  • Fits wrist circumference from circa 14 cm
  • Remote non-wireless controller features belt clip for convenience during use

Beurer EM 28 pre-set programs

  1. Program A: 4 Hz – 110 Hz (3 phases); 30 minutes duration
  2. Program B: 4 Hz; 25 minutes duration
  3. Program C: 2 Hz (burst); 25 minutes duration
  4. Program D: 100 Hz; 25 minutes duration

Using the Beurer EM 28 Wrist and Forearm TENS

The wearable Beurer EM 28 is simple to prepare and easy to use. Simply follow user instructions.

  1. Fit the batteries into the battery compartment.
  2. Connect the controller with the cuff, using the connection cable.
  3. Ensure that the area to be treated is clean and wet/moist with water.
  4. Moisten the integral skin electrodes with water.
  5. Fit the cuff on to your wrist or elbow selected for the TENS treatment and fasten the 2 straps. The cuff - when worn - should not be too tight, but the moist integral skin electrodes must maintain contact with the skin to enable TENS treatment.
  6. Ensure the controller is connected to the cuff and switch the TENS on.
  7. Select your treatment program.
  8. Choose the intensity level - treatment must be felt but must not be uncomfortable.
  9. Relax and enjoy the soothing pain-relieving treatment of your wrist or forearm!

Beurer EM 28 Wrist or Forearm TENS specifications

  • TENS machine with flexible cuff for wrist and/or forearm pain
  • Pulse length: 60 – 220 µs per phase
  • Waveform: symmetric biphasic rectangular pulse
  • Output voltage: max 50 Vpp / 5.5 V rms at 500 ohm load
  • Output current: max 100 mApp / 11 mArms at 500 ohm load
  • Output frequency: 2 – 110 Hz
  • Voltage supply: 4.5 V (3 x  1.5 AAA, type LR03)
  • Operating conditions:  0° to 40° C, 20 – 65% RH
  • Storage conditions:  0° to 55° C, 10 – 90 % RH
  • Cuff circumference: from circa 14 cm (universal size adjustable with 2 straps)
  • Weight: Device with batteries: circa 90 g/ Device, cuff and cable: circa 155 g with batteries
  • CE 0483 Medical Device
  • 5 years warranty


Please read the user manual prior to first use and follow all recommendations and contraindications listed. Retain user manual for future reference.

  • For hygiene reason, the cuff may only be used by one person
  • Do not use if you have implanted electrical devices (i.e. pacemaker)
  • Do not use, if you have metal implants
  • During high fever
  • If you use insulin pump
  • If suffering from heart problems and arrhythmia
  • If suffering with epilepsy
  • When pregnant
  • If suffering with cancer
  • Immediately post-surgery
  • If you suffer with acute of chronic diseases
  • On diseased or inflamed skin and on open wounds, rashes, burns, bruises, swelling or unhealed surgical scars
  • At the same time as surgical high frequency devices
  • When in high humidity areas (i.e. bathroom or shower)
  • Please refer to full list of contraindications, precautions and warnings in user manual

Beurer EM 28 Wrist and Forearm TENS – perfect pain relief TENS machine for your wrist and forearm pain!  

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Cuff circumference: from circa 14 cm (universal size adjustable with 2 straps) / Weight: Device with batteries: circa 90 g/ Device, cuff and cable: circa 155 g with batteries


Beurer EM 28 Wrist and Forearm TENS kit contains the TENS cuff with cable and controller, 3 x AAA batteries and multilingual user instructions. CE 0483 and 5-years warranty.

VAT relief available for personal use by people suffering relevant chronic problems.