Pjama Bedwetting Treatment Pants

Pjama® Bedwetting Treatment Pants with Pjama®  Bedwetting Alarm and Pjama® App for Children

Pjama® Bedwetting Treatment Pants for Children

Grey in colour Pjama® Bedwetting Treatment Pants work together with Pjama® Bedwetting Alarm that is placed near child’s bed. Pjama® Bedwetting Alarm has an independent sensor that detects moisture. When the moisture sensor is placed in the Pjama® Treatment Pants, it triggers an alarm as soon as it detects wetness in the pants. Pjama® Bedwetting Alarm that is placed somewhere close to the child’s bed sounds an audible alarm that wakes the child and alerts parents. 

About Pjama® Bedwetting Alarm and Pjama® App

Pjama® Bedwetting Alarm is usable with the Pjama® Bedwetting Treatment Pants. It can also be used to monitor the progress of bedwetting treatment with a FREE Pjama® App available from Apple Store and Google Play. 

Pjama® App logs bedwetting incidents and keeps track of the treatment progress. It can take the information to a doctor and provide treatment insights as well as useful tips and further information. Pjama® App can facilitate a silent vibration function instead of audible alarm for privacy and discretion.  

Pjama® Bedwetting Alarm comes with independent moisture sensor that is clipped with stud buttons into the little pocket on the inside of the garment . The alarm unit is rechargeable via USB lead (supplied) from a PC or via AC Adapter 5V 1.0A (i.e. plug with USB socket) from mains. The moisture sensor does not require charging. The alarm unit carries 12 months warranty. 

Pjama® Bedwetting Alarm is easy to use. An easy to follow multilingual user manual lists step by step instructions: 

  • Charge the alarm fully
  • Attach the sensor to the buttons in an inner holding pocked on the inside of the Pjama® Treatment Pants (i.e. grey Pjama® pants)
  • Place the Pjama®  Alarm unit close to your child’s bed (i.e. within 10 m from the bed)
  • Activate the alarm unit by pressing a button
  • Select a preferred alarm sound from a choice of 7 different sounds available
  • Get your child to put the grey Pjama® pants on and jump into bed
  • After use, press the button to turn off the alarm unit
  • Remove the moisture sensor from the Pjama® pants for washing or for storage
  • Wipe the sensor with cloth, if wet  

The alarm sounds as soon as the sensor detects moisture in the Pjama® pants and wakes the child up to use a bathroom. The alarm also alerts parents to the bedwetting incident. If the bedwetting treatment routine continues over several weeks, it is highly likely that within 12 weeks the child will wake up naturally before wetting the bed or will learn to hold the urine till the morning. If bedwetting reoccurs again at a late date, the bedwetting training process with bedwetting alarm can be repeated until the child no longer wets the bed.  

Pjama® Bedwetting Treatment Pants for Children – purchasing options

  1. Pjama® Bedwetting Pants - individual garments in selected sizes
  2. Pjama®  Pants Treatment Kit that contains 2 x treatment pants in selected size, a Pjama®  Bedwetting Alarm with Moisture Sensor, USB lead and multilingual User manual and a waterproof Pjama®  Bag
  3. Pjama®  Bedwetting Alarm with Moisture Sensor, USB lead and multilingual user manual - Pjama® App is free from Apple Store and Google Play

Pjama® Bedwetting Treatment Pants sizes

  1. Age 3 - 4:  98 – 104 cm height / 51 - 67 waist 
  2. Age 5 - 6: 110 - 116 cm height / 52 - 71 cm waist
  3. Age 6 - 8: 122 - 128 cm height / 54 - 75 cm waist
  4. Age 8 - 10: 134 - 140 cm height / 57 - 85 cm waist
  5. Age 10 – 12: 146 - 152 cm height / 60 - 89 cm waist
  6. Age 12 +: 158 - 164 cm height / 64 - 91 cm waist  

More about Pjama® Bedwetting Treatment Pants 

  • Pjama® pants are made of skin-friendly soft materials with breathable waterproof membrane on the outside. Pjama® Treatment Pants are made in grey colour.   
  • The inner of the Pjama® Treatment Pants is made of superabsorbent materials that contains the urine in the garment. The fabric composition of Pjama® Treatment Garments is 90% Tencel, 5% Polypropylene, 4% Elastane, 1% Polyurethane. All fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified.  
  • Pjama® Treatment Pants are simple and discreet solution to bedwetting as they absorb and contain liquid (i.e. urine). There is no need to sleep on absorbent or waterproof bed sheets or mattress protectors, because the Pjama® protect the bed from wetness. There is no need to wear underpants as the Pjama® garments are most effective and comfortable worn directly on the body.
  • After wetting accident occurs, the Pjama® continues to be dry on the outside, but becomes moist inside. The wetness alerts the wearer to the wetting and the need to change the worn wet Pjama® for a dry garment. Wet Pjamas® should be stored in a the waterproof Pjama® bag for hygiene until washing.

Caring for the Pjama® Treatment Pants

Caring for the Pjama® garments is easy. Simply turn the garment inside out and machine wash at maximum 60° C and high spin. If possible, hang the garment to air dry on a clothes rack or tumble dry on low heat below 60° C. Use gentle quality detergents without fabric softeners or conditioners. Do not iron or dry clean.

Pjama® Bedwetting Treatment Pants with Bedwetting Alarm – make bedwetting treatment effective, safe and child-friendly!

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Pjama® Bedwetting Treatment Pants sizes

  • Age 3 - 4:  98 – 104 cm height / 51 - 67 waist 
  • Age 5 - 6: 110 - 116 cm height / 52 - 71 cm waist
  • Age 6 - 8: 122 - 128 cm height / 54 - 75 cm waist 
  • Age 8 - 10: 134 - 140 cm height / 57 - 85 cm waist 
  • Age 10 – 12: 146 - 152 cm height / 60 - 89 cm waist 
  • Age 12 + (small adult size): 158 - 164 cm height / 64 - 91 cm waist  


  1. Pjama® Bedwetting Treatment Pants:  Pack includes a single garment (a pant in grey) in a selected size. 
  2. Pjama®  Pants Treatment Kit contains 2 treatment pants in selected size, a Pjama®  Bedwetting Alarm with Moisture Sensor, USB cable and multilingual user manual and a waterproof Pjama®  Bag. CE mark and 12 months warranty on the Pjama Bedwetting Alarm. 
  3. Pjama®  Bedwetting Alarm with Moisture Sensor Kit: Alarm unit, moisture sensor, USB cable and multilingual user manual. CE Mark and 12 months warranty.