Beurer Mobile Heating Pads

Beurer GmbH is a world-renowned manufacturer of healthcare products and medical devices.  

Beurer Heat Pads, Heated Blankets and Under Blankets and Body Shaped Heated Pads are the key Beurer speciality products. Made from quality textiles, tested and with safety protection that always guarantees user safety, the Beurer Heated Products are quality benchmarks for products that keep people warm and cosy during the coldest winter months and other spells of low temperature weather at any time.

More recently, Beurer focus on development and production of product in the category of ‘heat to go’ – mobile heat products that do not require mains power to deliver warming and soothing heat. Powered by battery packs and powerbanks, Beurer Heat To Go product range continues to grow with many new designs arriving soon.   

Convenient to use, whenever you need them, the Beurer Heat To Go products can warm you up effective, efficiently and safely on the go.  You can select a heated seat pad, heated belt that warms your back, a heated neck wrap or a scarf. Now you can enjoy outdoors without feeling cold!

Beurer Heat To Go – keeping you warm and cosy, whilst enjoying outdoor pursuits.     

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