Vulpes Smart Heated Garments

Vulpes Smart Heated Garments with Cutting Edge Graphene Technology

Vulpes Smart Heated Garments have been designed to keep you warm and cosy during cold weather or in harsh cold environments, preventing dangerous hypothermia from arising. Prolonged exposure to cold can be very detrimental to wellbeing, because it can lead to exacerbation of underlying conditions (i.e. asthma, bronchitis, colds and coughs) or result in painful frostbite, fatigue and a feeling of exhaustion.     

Vulpes Smart Heated Garments overview

  • Cutting edge Graphene Technology for efficient and even heat distribution
  • Excellent heating performance
  • Outdoor and indoor use in leisure, sports, work and home
  • Elegant and fashionable designs
  • Windproof and water resistant
  • Heat insulating and breathable
  • Smartphone controlled via Vulpes app (iOS and Android OS)
  • Controlled with voice command (iOS devices only)  
  • Built-in embedded electronics  
  • Power supply from rechargeable Vulpes Powerbank (8000 mAh)
  • Compatible with other brands of quality powerbanks  

Vulpes Heated Garments utilise smart technology that allows you to easily control your heated garments, vary the temperature with changing needs or turn the heating off and on again effortlessly, seamlessly and at a touch of your fingers or at a sound of your voice.

High performance Vulpes Smart Heated Garments ensure your cosy comfort during outdoor sports, open air activities, working outdoors or when going about your daily business. Warming, elegant and full of novel features hidden inside the clothing, the Vulpes Heated Garments combine high end smart technology with stylish trendy fashion.

Quality breathable materials and high quality components guarantee your comfort, warmth and the best experience both outdoors and indoors. Cutting-edge Graphene technology ensures efficient, safe and even heat distribution across the heated areas of the Vulpes Smart Heated Garments. Embedded electronics and battery modules are safely protected from shocks caused by movements. Water resistant softshell materials protect the electronics from damaging effects of exposure to elements like moisture, rain, snow and piercing winds.

Vulpes Mobile App links your Vulpes Smart Heated Garments with your Smartphone for easy and intelligent use and to support of your individual needs for warmth and comfort. Vulpes heated wearables are controlled effectively from a Smartphone by a free Vulpes app featuring an intuitive user interface that allows each user to create own heating profile for maximum personal benefits of warmth. Vulpes Smart Heated Garments are powered by an elegant and efficient Vulpes Powerbank (optional) or by another high quality powerbank.

User safety is the key aspect of the Vulpes products design, development and testing. Vulpes products comply with all legal requirements of the European market and have been tested by external independent certification bodies as well as underwent rigorous in-house testing.    

Vulpes Smart Heated Garments are the perfect, efficient and convenient heated wear for use during leisure and sports, at work outdoors and indoors and for gentle warmth and comfort at home!   

Vulpes Smart Heated Garments

Vulpes Smart Heated Products – smart wearable clothing for warmth and comfort everywhere!

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