BEACMED PERISPHERA-A Nickel F​ree Anal Probe

BEACMED PERISPHERA -A Nickel Free Anal Probe with Gold Plated Electrodes

BEACMED PERISPHERA- A Anal Probe is nickel free and features 4 gold plated electrodes. PERISPHERA-A is made in Italy by BEACMED.

PERISPHERA-A is primarily designed for rehabilitation of pelvic floor muscles with EMG Biofeedback and pelvic floor stimulation via anal route in men. However, it can also be used to treat women with pelvic floor related disorders, when anal route is essential or preferable.  

BEACMED PERISPHERA-A is a dual channel anal probe indicated for men with post-prostatectomy urinary incontinence, benign prostatic hypertrophy (i.e. enlarged prostate) or when treating men with defecation disorders.

The PERISPHERA-A Anal Probe has a thin body of only 11 mm in diameter with 4 electrodes arranged in pairs at the top front end of the probe and the bottom rear end of the probe.     

BEACMED PERISPHERA-A can stimulate as a dual channel anal probe with the front top end electrodes and the bottom rear end electrodes connected to 2 separate stimulation channels. Alternatively, PERISPHERA-A can be used as a single channel probe, using special ‘Y’ Convertor Leads to connect the electrodes to a single stimulation channel. 

At the bottom rear end of its narrow body, the PERISPHERA-A features an adjustable flange for adjusting the depth of insertion between 40 to 55 mm in 4 different steps as well as for determining the orientation of the probe insertion.     

PERISPHERA-A Anal Probe is 11 mm in diameter and 120 mm in length. The probe features 4 gold plated nickel free electrodes arranged in 2 pairs at the top and the bottom of the narrow body. The top end of the probe is designed to reach beyond the internal anal sphincter - it is spheroidal in shape and appropriately flattened to limit contact with enlarged prostate, when treating male patients with benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH).

Made of transparent and white biodegradable plastic, PERISPHERA-A weighs 24 g. There are 4 connective leads each circa 20 cm in length with 2 mm female sockets for connection to the electric stimulator and/or EMG biofeedback device.

PERISPHERA-A anal probe can be used as dual channel anal probe or a single channel anal probe, w​hen fitted with ‘Y’ Convertor Leads. 

PERISPHERA-A is best used in lying down on the stomach in prone position.

PERISPHERA-A is intended for single user and comes supplied unsterilized in a single sealed plastic bag.  PERISPHERA-A anal probe must not be sterilised or autoclaved. It must be cleaned with mild soapy water after each use. 

PERISPHERA-A is 120 mm long with 11 mm diameter body and weighs 24g.

CE mark Medical Device Class 2a (CE 0051). See leaflet enclosed with product for warranty details.   

Made in Italy by BEACMED.  

PERISPHERA Line of Perineal Stimulation Probes from BEACMED - introduction

PERISPHERA perineal stimulation probes are made of biocompatible plastics and feature gold plated conductive electrodes. The probes are nickel free and suitable for use by people with nickel allergies.PERISPHERA perineal probes are manufactured in accordance with Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC (CE 0051). PERISPHERA perineal probes are manufactured in Italy with patent and design protection.

There are 6 PERISHERA perineal probes - 5 PERISHERA vaginal probes and 1 anal probe - in the new advanced PERISPHERA Line of Perineal Stimulation Probes. PERISPHERA probes are intended for use with EMG Biofeedback and Electric Stimulation Devices commonly used in pelvic floor rehabilitation and treatments of all types of incontinence in men and women. PERISPHERA probes are strictly for single user applications. PERISPHERA probe must not be sterilised or autoclaved. They must be cleaned with mild soapy water after each use. 

PERISPHERA Perineal Stimulation Probes should be used only with EMG ETS STIM devices complying with the following specifications:

  • Bi-phasic current, zero net DC average (galvanic free)
  • Assume impedance of 500 Ohms
  • Maximum current: 50 mA RMS
  • Maximum voltage: +/- 80 V (160 volts peak to peak)

PERISPHERA perineal stimulation probes are fitted with 2 or 4 lead with 2 mm female sockets. The PERISPHERA probes are suitable for use with all brands of EMG Biofeedback ETS and Stimulator devices using symmetric bi-phasic galvanic-free currents (with zero mean value).

BEACMED PERISPHERA probes are supplied unsterilized in single sealed plastic bags with one probe only. See packaging or leaflet enclosed with product for warranty details.  All PERISPHERA probes carry CE mark Medical Devices Class 2a (CE 0051). PERISPHERA Probes are designed and manufactured in Italy by BEACMED.

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PERISPHERA-A Anal Probe is 120 mm long with narrow 11 mm in diameter body. At its widest point, the probe is 19 mm in diameter. 


One PERISPHERA-A Anal Probe with user instructions. 

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