Spectra-H Laser

Spectra-H Super Pulsed Multi-Radiance Dual Purpose Laser

Spectra-H Super Pulsed Multi-Radiance Cold Laser for Human and Animal Applications

Spectra-H Laser is a dual purpose cold laser device that incorporates Spectra-H Vet Laser for animal treatments  

Spectra-H Laser is a cold soft laser that integrates low level pulsed infrared laser, visible red light and static magnetic field in a portable handheld healing device that produces fast therapeutic outcomes when treating people as well as animals, such as dogs, cats and horses.

Delivering benefits of multi-radiance therapy, the Spectra-H Laser utilises invisible laser light from a low level laser diode (905 nm), invisible infrared radiation from 4 infrared LEDs (875 nm) and visible red light from 4 red LEDs (635 nm) with added extra benefits of static magnetic field from a static magnet. Combined contribution from independent therapeutic modalities can achieve better outcomes faster in comparison to application of a single modality alone.

Spectra-H Laser can be used safely and effectively to treat family members at home.  Spectra-H Laser can also be used safely and effectively by pet owners, veterinarians and animal therapists to treat pets and other small and large animals, such as dogs, cats and horses, to reduce inflammation, manage pain, heal wounds and rehabilitate them back to health.       

Spectra-H can be used as a standalone therapeutic modality or alongside other therapeutic modalities. Regular use of Spectra-H reduces inflammation, pain and discomfort and can reduce consumption of analgesics and anti-inflammatory medication.

Please note: Cold lasers are commonly referred to as Soft lasers, LLLT devices and PBM devices (photobiomodulation devices) used for non-invasive tissue and wound healing, inflammation reduction and pain relief. 

Spectra-H Laser overview

  • Multi-radiance cold laser device for effectiveness and faster outcomes
  • Cold laser designed for safe use at home and in therapy clinics
  • Dual purpose cold laser therapy device for treating people as well as animals
  • Incorporates 3 different light wavelengths – 905 nm, 875 nm, 635 nm
  • Incorporates static magnetic field
  • Reduces acute and chronic pain
  • Stimulates and enhances micro-circulation
  • Helps to minimise inflammation
  • Suitable for laser acupuncture
  • Improves mobility, reduces stiffness and increases quality of life
  • Treatments are non-invasive and painless
  • Cold laser beam does not heat, burn or traumatise the skin or underlying tissues
  • Therapeutic applications are safe and free of side-effects  
  • By reducing pain and inflammation, cold laser therapy can contribute to reduction in consumption of pain killers and anti-inflammatory medication
  • Conveniently usable at home and during travel due to its compact design and portability with rechargeable battery
  • Usable as a standalone therapeutic modality or alongside conservative treatments, such as medication, physiotherapy, massage, hydrotherapy, etc.
  • Integral rechargeable lithium battery for convenient and economical use
  • Affordable and cost-effective solution to pain relief and healing at home for all the family
  • Lifespan 25000 hours of effective use (twenty five thousand hours) - certified by OSRAM (the manufacturer of the diodes)
  • 24 months warranty
  • Class 1M Laser
  • Class 2a Medical Device (CE1023)

Using Spectra-H Laser    

Spectra-H Laser is a simple to use cold laser that has been especially developed for home use, safely and effectively addressing pain and inflammation in people and pets. Handheld during use, the Spectra-H Laser is equipped with a special plastic holder and Velcro strap that enables fixing of the laser to a body part (i.e. knee, upper arm, wrist, ankle) for the duration of application. The purpose of the holder is to improve user comfort and convenience during laser applications. Safety glasses are also included in the Spectra-H Laser kit to ensure that your eyes are well protected during treatments.   

User manual enclosed with the Spectra-H is comprehensive, but easy to follow and understand. It includes treatment indications, body areas and treatment durations for treating people as well as separate instructions for treating pets (i.e. dogs and cats) and larger animals (i.e. horses).     

Spectra-H Laser is especially effective in addressing cellular inflammation arising from compromised micro-circulation that is characterised by poor or reduced blood supply to the cells, thus leading to or resulting in ischemic tissue injuries. Use of Spectra-H Cold Laser stimulates blood flow in treated areas and minimises duration of ischaemic episodes, reducing pain and discomfort caused by ischemia.

Spectra-H is compact, effective and easy to use. Treatment with Spectra-H is non-invasive, safe, painless and without side-effects. Therapy with Spectra-H Laser fights pain, reduces inflammation and speeds up wound healing.

Spectra-H can be used as a standalone therapeutic modality or alongside other therapeutic modalities. Regular use of Spectra-H reduces inflammation, pain and discomfort and can reduce consumption of analgesics and anti-inflammatory medication. For best outcomes, treatments should be delivered by moving the device over the skin in the treatment area.  

  • Examples of Spectra-H Laser human indications: Arthritis, pain relief, chronic pain relief, ligament and tendon injuries, cartilage abrasions, chronic pain, including muscle pain, joint pain, tendon pain, injuries, lower back pain, spinal osteochondrosis, shin pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, migraines and headaches, etc.
  • Examples of Spectra-H Laser equine indications: Muscle pain and inflammation, soft tissue injuries, tendon and ligament injuries, suspensory injuries (i.e. tears, tendinitis, etc.), synovitis and tenosynovitis, bursitis, osteoarthritis (including navicular syndrome), back disorders, rehabilitation, healing of common lameness disorders, splints, wound healing, etc.
  • Examples of Spectra-H Laser pet indications: Osteoarthritis, soft tissue injuries, (i.e. sprains, strains, tendonitis), wound healing, inflammation, back pain, hip dysplasia, neck problems, ligament problems, elbow arthrosis, chronic otitis, post-operative pain and discomfort, tissue repair, anal sacks and fistulas, dental inflammation, facial nerve paralysis, etc.

Caring for the Spectra-H Laser is simple – just clean the laser with a damp cloth and wipe dry.     

Performing laser therapy treatments with Spectra-H Laser

Treatment with Spectra-H Laser is easy and takes only 5 minutes per individual session. To complete the full treatment course takes 3 weeks (i.e. 21 days) and can be repeated as needed. Spectra-H features only 3 pre-set programs to treat different painful conditions. Each program utilises different pulse frequencies that achieve different laser light tissue penetration.

Spectra-H programs are:  

  1. Variable (Initial) program: 1000 – 2500 Hz per Second for 5 minutes – used during first week of treatment as initiation treatment for all indications.  
  2. 50 Hz program for Acute Pain conditions: 50 Hz per Second for 5 minutes – this program is used in weeks 2 and 3 for acute pain conditions
  3. 5 Hz program for Chronic Pain conditions: 5 Hz per second for 5 minutes – this program is used in weeks 2 and 3 for chronic pain conditions

User manual provides advice on optimum number of sessions per day you should aim to perform for specified named conditions. General rule is that 2 x 5 minute laser therapy sessions per day are performed in chronic painful conditions.                 

During the week 1, you should use the Variable program and in the weeks 2 and 3 you should select 50 Hz program for acute pain and 5 Hz for chronic pain. Most people experience a relief after the first 2 weeks, but it is recommended to complete the full 3 weeks of laser treatment. After completing 3 weeks of treatment, you can cease the laser therapy of to continue with another 3 weeks course, you must take a 3–day break before recommencing another 3-week treatment cycle again.

Treatment guide table in the user manual suggests best treatment programs, number of treatments per area per day and therapy duration in weeks 1- 2- 3 for named conditions. Simply follow this guidance. If your painful condition or injury is not mentioned in the guide, perform 2 treatments per area per day for 2 weeks or longer using the Variable program.

Spectra-H Laser technical specifications

Average power

  • Total radiation: 60 – 90 mW
  • Laser radiation: 0.4 – 6.25 mW
  • Infrared radiation: 30 – 90 mW
  • Red LEDs radiation: 2 – 10 mW

Permanent magnet induction

  • 25 – 45 mT


  • Infrared laser radiation: 905 nm (invisible radiation)
  • Infrared radiation: 875 nm (invisible radiation)
  • Red radiation: 635 nm (visible radiation)

Maximum pulsating laser power

  • 25 W

Laser beam parameters

  • Wavelength: 905 nm
  • Pulse energy: 3 W
  • Pulse width: 100 ns
  • Average power: Max 15 mW
  • Beam diameter: 1.3 x 3.1 mm
  • Beam divergence: > 100 mR

Equipment type

  • Class 2 equipment, Applied Part Type BF
  • Laser Class 1 (IEC 60825-1)

Power input: 100 – 240 V ~ 50/60 Hz

Power output: 5V

Supply ratings: 5 VDC, max. 1.8A

AC/DC battery charger-in: 100 - 240Vac, 50/60 Hz

Contraindications and Precautions
  • Prior to first use, read and review the user manual and strictly follow its recommendations, warnings and precautions
  • Use the Spectra-H Laser in strict compliance with all safety precautions and operating instructions presented in user manual
  • Pay close attention to battery safety instructions
  • Follow handling, storage and disposal instructions   
  • Retain user manual for reference and future use
  • If pregnant, do not apply over the pregnant uterus
  • Do not use in the vicinity of a pacemaker.
  • Do not use if suffering with cancer.
  • Do not shine directly to the eyes
  • Use protective safety glasses, especially if treating the face or close to the eyes
  • Keep away from children
  • Children and teenagers under the age of 18 must be supervised during treatments with Spectra-H Laser
  • If you are unsure of your suitability to use soft/cold laser, consult your doctor prior to first use of the Spectra-H Laser
  • Spectra-H Laser use and laser therapy applications do not replace consultations with your medical practitioner  

Spectra-H Laser – versatile dual-purpose cold laser for human and animal soft laser treatments.

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Compact and light handheld laser


Spectra-H Laser kit comprises of Spectra-H device, mains charger with 3-pin UK plug, storage case with zip, blue plastic holder and Velcro strip, protective glasses, laser acupuncture nozzle and user manual. CE1023 and 2 years warranty.