Pressure Balloon Probes for Pressure Biofeedback and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

Pressure Balloon Probes from BeacMed

BeacMed Pressure Balloon Probes have been developed for use with pressure biofeedback devices equipped with standard connections (ISO 594). Examples of such devices are TOTEM-UG or evoStim P. Pressure biofeedback devices are used to assess pelvic floor muscles as well for pelvic floor rehabilitation and continence therapy.

Pressure probes developed by BeacMed feature pre-inflated silicone balloons. The pre-inflated silicon balloons are pre-filled with a standard amount of air, which remains constant for the life-tie of the balloon probes. The BeacMed balloon probes present an advancement in comparison to other brands of pressure probes that require inflation after insertion of the probe, which means that the amount of air normally varies from inflation to inflation. If the amount of the air in the balloon probe is not a constant, but a variable, the measurements are not easily reproducible and are also less precise.

BeacMed Balloon Probes are made from food grade ABS material and feature silicon pre-inflated balloons. 

BeacMed Pressure Balloon Probes

BeacMed Med Pressure Balloon Probes - perfect for pelvic floor rehabilitation and continence therapy with pressure biofeedback.