Beurer IH 26 Compressor Nebuliser

Beurer IH 26 Compressor Nebuliser with Nasal Douche Irrigator

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Beurer IH 26 Compressor Nebuliser with 5 years warranty

Beurer IH 26 is a high-performance compressor nebuliser with an extra attachment – a nasal irrigator (i.e. nasal douche), which is indicated for cleaning of nasal cavities, treating respiratory tract problems and for moistening of nasal mucous membranes.  

The Beurer IH 26 Compressor Nebuliser is designed for domestic use by adults and children. It utilises advanced compressed air technology to deliver fast nebulisation that shortens inhalation time without loss of nebulisation efficacy. It also offers the nasal douche irrigator that is useful in addressing a number of nasal related issues, including pollen allergies. 

The Nasal Douche Irrigator is an attachment that should be used only with isotonic saline solutions. It creates a fine jet of liquid that can clean nasal cavities, moisten nasal membranes or treat respiratory problems, such as colds, nasal dryness, pollen allergies, chronic inflammation of the sinuses or flush out dust accumulated in nasal cavities.  If you are unsure of indication for nasal douche or how to dilute saline solution, you should ask your doctor or your practice nurse for assistance.          

Beurer IH 26 Compressor Nebuliser nebulises liquids and aerosols (i.e. liquid medication) for the treatment of both the upper and the lower respiratory tract. It should always be used with prescribed drugs or non-prescription preparations recommended by your doctor, nurse or healthcare therapists. Nebulisation applications include acute treatments, preventive treatments, acceleration of healing processes or reduction of medication side effects.  

Respiratory problems known to respond well to inhalation therapy include asthma, cystic fibrosis, chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (i.e. COPD), pulmonary hypertension, common colds and flu.  

Beurer IH 26 Compressor Nebuliser with Nasal Douche Irrigator is affordable, easy to use, efficient and represents a great value for money with a bonus of nasal douche irrigator.  

Beurer IH 26 Compressor Nebuliser with Nasal Douche Irrigator overview

Beurer IH 26 Nebuliser is perfect for home use. It is suitable for adults and children. In addition of being an effective nebuliser, it can be used in combination with isotonic saline solutions (i.e. available from high street pharmacies) as a nasal irrigator to clean nasal passages, deliver moisture to nasal membranes, flush out dust and dirt from nasal cavities, remove accumulated pollen, ease of colds and help to reduce inflammation in sinuses.    

Please ensure that you are not using your nebuliser in very dusty environment and always protect it from dust, dirt and moisture. Prior to use, prepare your nebuliser for use by ensuring all parts are assembled correctly and disinfected with a standard disinfectant. It is simple and you will find all easy to follow directions in the illustrated user manual.   

Beurer IH 26 Nebuliser is simple to use. Before inhalation of nebulised medicine, ensure that you are relaxed and calm and in comfortable position. You should inhale slowly and deeply to ensure that the nebulised liquid medicine reaches deeply into the longs and into the small bronchi. Exhale normally.       

Beurer IH 26 Compressor Nebuliser offers high nebulisation capacity with short inhalation time. It generates compressed air (approximately 0.8 – 1.45 bar) and passes it through the air hose and nozzles of the atomiser to the liquid medication for nebulisation. The stream of compressed air blows particles out of the liquid medication and mixes them with air in the atomizer. The mixture of the medication and air travels from the atomiser through a nebuliser mask or a mouthpiece directly into the airways of the user. 

Beurer IH 26 Compressor Nebuliser with Nasal Douche Irrigator specifications

  • Pressure: approximately 0.8 – 1.45 bar
  • Atomiser fill volume: minimum 2 ml; maximum 8 ml
  • Medicine flow rate: circa 0.3 ml/minute
  • Nasal douche irrigator flow rate: minimum 2 ml; maximum 10 ml 
  • Sound pressure: < 52 dBA
  • Aerosol properties: Flow: 5.3 l/minute; Aerosol delivery: 0.326 ml; Aerosol delivery rate: 0.132 ml/minute; Particle size (MMAD): 3.07 µm
  • Mains operated with mains power input: 230 – 240 V ~ 50 Hz
  • Operating conditions: Temperature 10°C to 40°C/ RH: 10% - 95%
  • Storage conditions: Temperature 0°C to 60°C/ RH: 10% - 95%; Atmospheric pressure 700 – 1060 hPa
  • Expected service life: 1000 hours
  • Dimensions: 166 x 141 x 148 mm
  • Weight: 1.4 kg
  • CE mark: Medical Device (CE 0483)
  • Warranty: 5 years

For more info about compressor nebulisers refer to Compressor Nebulisers page. 

Beurer IH 26 Compressor Nebuliser with Nasal Douche Irrigator – your perfect affordable and effective nebuliser and nasal cleaner for home use!

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