Far Infrared Heating Pads

UTK Far Infrared Heating Pads

Heat and warmth are long recognised for their effective warming, soothing and comforting properties. The first natural pain killer known to mankind, heat has been used for thousands of years to reduce pain and discomfort effectively and naturally. Soothingly warming muscles, joints and sore tendons, deep and penetrating heat comforts the body, reduces aches and discomfort and stimulates healing by increasing blood flow to the areas exposed to the comforting effects of heat.   

Traditional methods of applying heat therapy include stoneware or ceramic water bottles, hot water bottles made of thick rubber, aluminium and copper water bottles, microwavable gel filled discs, wheaty bags and rectangular or body shaped electric heating pads. More recently, the infrared heat therapy has gained popularity due to its greater and deeper penetration of the heat and warmth into muscles and joints.  

Painful conditions that respond well to applied heat and warmth and direct natural heat include general aches and pains, stiff and frozen joints, muscular strains, tension and fatigue, over stretched and pulled muscles, arthritis and rheumatism, neuralgia, lumbago, period pains and aches and discomfort caused by sports and activity-related injuries. Applying heat also helps to improve local circulation and metabolic functions. Increased blood flow brings more oxygen and nutrients to the area and stimulates natural healing.       

Here we introduce UTK Far Infrared Heating Pads that incorporate natural stones and carbon fibre in the heating areas. Natural stones, such as jade and tourmaline are known for holding heat for longer, allowing it to penetrate deeply into underlying tissues. The gentle infrared heat is deeply penetrating and comforting and helps to heal tired aching body naturally and safely. Deep far infrared heat restores and revitalises tissues and alleviates tiredness. The soothing and penetrating infrared heat improves mobility and functionality of stiff joints and loosens up tense muscles without drugs and drug-related side effects.       

UTK Far Infrared Heat Pads are powered directly from the mains power outlets and are controlled by a handheld smart controller with memories. UTK Far Infrared Heat Pads generate powerful and penetrating gentle heat that can be adjusted and controlled. Easy to use, effective and safe UTK Far Infrared Heat Pads are a great choice and an example of modern infrared heat pads for warmth, comfort and natural soothing.    

UTK Far Infrared Heat Pads

UTK Far Infrared Heat Pads – the first choice of infrared heated pads for warmth, comfort and wellbeing!   

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