Minze Diary Pod Automated Bladder Diary

Minze Diary Pod Automated Digital Bladder Diary with Bluetooth and Minze app

  • Minze Diary Pod - Fully Automated Digital Bladder Diary Consumable for Men, Women and Children
  • Minze Diary Pod - Revolutionary Practical and Educational Solution for Patients with OAB, Nocturia and Stress Incontinence
  • Minze Diary Pod -  Invaluable Tool for Clinicians and Medical Researchers

Bladder diaries are an invaluable tool to obtain objective information for the diagnostic and treatment follow-up purposes. Bladder diaries that are accurate and representative of real symptoms constitute a simple and easy screening of incontinence and nocturia symptoms.      

Minze Diary Pod Automated Digital Bladder Diary and AI-assisted Minze app help clinicians to educate and motivate their patients with personalised insights to their lower urinary tract conditions, provide helpful lifestyle advice on how to cope with their condition-related problems and minimise negative effects of the condition on their lives. Patients receive personalised education and lifestyle recommendations that are directly based on data collected with the Diary Pod. Minze Diary Pod and AI-assisted Minze app also aid clinicians in making accurate diagnoses, selection of optimum treatments and provision of long term patient support for the best patient outcomes. Minze Diary Pod with Minze app add value with tailored and scientifically validated advice on fluid intake management, nocturia and bladder training exercises.      

Minze Diary Pod is a portable ergonomically designed reusable single user consumable with Bluetooth that automatically registers time and volume of voided urine. Suitable for use by men, women and children, the Minze Diary Pod together with AI-assisted Minze app help patients to keep accurate 3-day bladder diaries. Minze Diary Pod is easy to use and can be used anytime as required – at home, at work, at school or when out and about, provided that an access to a restroom, a bathroom or a toilet is available. 

Minze Diary Pod with AI-assisted Minze app provide accurate 24-hour ‘day and night’ insights to patients’ daily liquid intake and voiding habits, thus helping clinicians to correctly identify and diagnose problems, select appropriate treatments and monitor treatment effectiveness over time. Clinicians can select required parameters and set baseline values. Multiple data points allow for evaluation of post-intervention outcomes and effectiveness of the therapy.

Arificial Intelligence in the Minze app assists patients in entering the data into the Minze app correctly and encourages patients to complete full 3-day cycle of the bladder diary. Diligently completed automated digital bladder diaries are more accurate, representative and reflect more closely patients lifestyles and carry valuable information for use by clinicians for diagnostic and treatment monitoring processes. Further more, tutorials and educational videos can motivate patients to follow prescribed treatments and helps to manage patients expectations. Valuable lifestyle advice can help patients to cope better with their conditions.        

Minze Diary Pod connects via Bluetooth with AI-assisted Minze app that automatically transmits the captured data (i.e. urine volume and time of voiding) to the cloud-based Minze Clinician Portal. AI-assisted Minze app also tracks voided volume trends, liquid intakes and leakage episodes over 24-hour bladder diary cycles. The bladder diary data is automatically processed, measurements are colour coded in accordance with collected data compaired with normal values. Processed data is subsequently presented on the Minze Clinician Portal, ready for use by clinicians.  

Clinicians can follow patients' progress over multiple bladder diaries and if required, export data reports PDFs to EHR (electronic health records). Incorporated ePROMs questionnaires collect valuable patient feedback. Clinician Portal can be accessed by clinicians in real-time as well as conveniently 24/7.

Minze app is available for the iOS and Android devices (i.e. smartphones and tablets) from the Apple Store and Google Play respectively. 

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Please note that Minze Diary Pod does not diagnose or recommend treatments. It is a tool that captures data required and used by clinicians for diagnostic, treatment and monitoring purposes.  

Minze Diary Pod is available from the NHS Shared Business Services and directly from Win Health Medical.   

Minze Diary Pod cannot be sold online. Please contact us for further information and pricing.

Minze Diary Pod summary

  • Portable automated bladder diary device with Bluetooth and permanently integrated measuring unit, internal memory and battery
  • Reusable single-patient ergonomically shaped consumable device
  • Suitable for men, women and toiled-trained children
  • Designed for home use and on the go
  • Patient-friendly device that reduces patient inconvenience and stress   
  • Ergonomic design makes it easier to pee in standing and/or sitting positions, whichever more comfortable
  • Easy to use, light to carry, simple to clean and store
  • Designed to provide urologists and other clinicians focusing on patients with LUTS with information required for diagnostic, treatment and monitoring purposes and a valuable aid for treatment effectiveness evaluation 
  • Helpful aid for clinicians in different medical specialties (i.e. cardiology, surgery, gynaecology, physiotherapy, paediatrics, etc.) to detect and monitor issues, such as fluid retention, post-operative urinary retention, assess hydration status and more 
  • Valuable real-time tool for clinicians and researchers   
  • Assists patients with keeping accurate 3-day bladder diaries
  • Automatically registers voided volume and time without patient’s input
  • Easy to use and far more objective and representative, comprehensive and accurate than manually compiled bladder diaries
  • Connects with AI-assisted Minze app that runs on both the iOS and Android devices
  • Minze app transmits captured void data automatically to cloud-based Minze Clinician Portal
  • Minze app prompts patients to provide additional information (i.e. liquid intake, leakage or urge)
  • Minze app tracks voided volume trends during bladder diary cycles over 24 hour periods (i.e. first morning void to next day’s first morning void) 
  • Minze Diary Pod can measure up to 500 ml of urine per void and registers up to 1000 measurements
  • Accuracy within circa 15 ml or greater for lower volumes
  • Collected and transmitted data is automatically processed and presented on the cloud-based Minze Clinician Portal and includes visualisation of voiding diary
  • Clinicians can access data on Clinician Portal in real-time and conveniently 24/7
  • Reports in PDF documents are easy to store and can be exported to EHR
  • Incorporates ePROMs questionnaires that collect valuable patient feedback
  • All collected data is encrypted for data transfer and storage
  • Personal data and personal health data (i.e. medical data) are stored separately on different secure servers for added security 
  • Minze Diary Pod is permanently factory calibrated for the duration of expected lifespan (i.e. does not require calibration for the duration of expected lifespan)  
  • Battery is permanently fitted and non-replaceable for the duration of lifespan
  • Expected service lifespan of 1000 voids
  • Class 1 m Medical Device, FDA cleared

Minze Diary Pod – a perfect patient-friendly automated bladder diary device that provides clinicians with comprehensive objective information for diagnostic, treatment and monitoring purposes.       

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