Beurer EM 39 EMS Belt

Beurer EM 39 Abdomen and Back EMS Belt

Beurer EM 39 ‘2 in 1’ Abdomen and Back EMS Belt

Beurer EM 39 Abdomen and Back EMS Belt utilises EMS (i.e. electrical muscle stimulation) to strengthen inactive muscle, prevent muscular atrophy associated with immobility or illness related inactivity, rehabilitate tendons and muscles and maintain muscle mobility during and after illness. The Beurer EM 39 EMS Belt rehabilitates muscles, tendons and joints with gentle and well tolerated minimum stress exercises and can significantly reduce rehabilitation time.     

Beurer EM 39 is an electrical muscle stimulator (i.e. EMS). EMS stands for electrical muscle stimulation. EMS is frequently used for muscle rehabilitation and prevention of muscular atrophy caused by immobility. EMS is also commonly used to supplement sports training, prepare and warm up muscles prior to activity, relax and reduce muscle fatigue muscles after strenuous activity and tone, shape and improve muscle definition. During EMS, gentle electrical pulses repeatedly contract and relax muscle fibres, mimicking natural muscle exercises and having a similar effect on muscles as exercise, but carried out effortlessly.

Beurer EM 39 Abdomen and Back EMS Belt helps to strengthen and tone abdominal and back muscles for shapely slim and firm body alongside physical activities, such as muscle training, sports and daily exercise.   

Beurer EM 39 ‘2 in 1’ Abdomen and Back EMS Belt overview

  • Belt shaped EMS for abdominal and back muscles stimulation
  • Simultaneously stimulates abdominal and back muscles
  • 4 integrated water contact skin electrodes (2 x abdominal & 2 x back electrodes)
  • Skin electrodes do not require to be replaced for the life of the product
  • Skin electrodes do not require conductive gels, just water to moist prior to use
  • Ergonomic and flexible belt for best fit
  • Suitable for waist size 75 - 130 cm
  • Battery powered by 3 x AAA batteries (supplied)
  • Removable front control panel with LCD for both abdominal and back stimulation
  • 5 training programs
  • Program duration between 22 – 31 minutes
  • Adjustable intensity levels from 0 – 40
  • Each training session consists of 3 phases with different frequency (i.e. warm up at 30 Hz for 2 minutes, training at different frequencies from 45 – 80 Hz for between 18 - 27 minutes, relaxation at 30 Hz for 2 minutes)    
  • Countdown timer with remaining time shown
  • Training memory function for monitoring of training progression
  • Pause function
  • Safety switch-off
  • Key lock
  • Automatic switch off after 5 minutes of no use
  • Belt washable by hand
  • Battery change indicator
  • Can also connect 2 additional self-adhesive skin electrodes for stimulation of individual muscles
  • CE mark (MDD 93/42/EEC)
  • 5 years warranty

Using Beurer EM 39 Abdomen and Back EMS Belt

Beurer EM 39 is easy to use – simply follow the recommendations in the user manual to achieve the best outcomes.

Beurer EM 39 features 5 pre-set programs

  1. Program A: Training at 45/60 HZ frequency, 4 repetitions, 22 minutes duration  
  2. Program B: Training at 60/80 HZ frequency, 4 repetitions, 22 minutes duration  
  3. Program C: Training at 45 HZ frequency, 4 repetitions, 22 minutes duration  
  4. Program D: Training at 60 HZ frequency, 16 repetitions, 31 minutes duration
  5. Program E: Training at 80 HZ frequency, continuous operation, 31 minutes duration  

Preparing for use

  • Attach the belt to your body, ensuring that your skin is clean and free of oils.
  • Moisten your skin in the treatment areas and the skin electrodes on the belt with clean water.
  • Place the belt around your waist, ensuring good contact of the skin on your tummy and the back with the skin electrodes.
  • Adjust the belt to your waist size and tighten with straps.
  • Ensure that the abdominal and back skin electrodes are positioned in the centre, with your navel covered by the middle of the belt.
  • Beurer EM 39 is pre-set with the optimum training schedule and will work through the programs A to E and then repeat each program a given number of times. However, you can overrule the pre-set and select our chosen program, should you wish.
  • To allow the muscles to get used to training, ensure that you do not use the belt more than once a day during the first week. Thereafter, you can use the belt more frequently.
  • You can adjust the intensity of stimulation, but for best results, you should follow the pre-set training schedule that the device performs step by step.   
  • You can monitor your progress by following the number of the training sessions completed on the LCD display. The device stores this data until the battery change. If you wish to keep a long term records of your training efforts, ensure you transfer the training data to your note book or your diary prior to battery change.

Beurer EM 39 Abdomen and Back EMS Belt specifications

  • Power supply: 3 x 1.5 V AAA
  • Skin electrode size: circa 11 x 12 cm
  • Parameters at 500 Ohm load: Output voltage maximum 70 V p-p/ Output current maximum 140 mA p-p / Output frequency 30 – 80 Hz
  • Pulse duration: 200 µs per phase
  • Waveform: symmetrical, dual-phase square
  • Weight: circa 350 g without batteries  
  • Belt size for waist measurement: from 75 cm to circa 130 cm
  • Operating conditions: 10° C to 45° C, 20 – 65 % RH           
  • Storage conditions: 0° C to 55° C, 10 – 90 % RH           


  • Follow recommendations, contraindications and warnings listed in the user manual.
  • Read user manual prior to use and retain for future use.
  • Do not use if fitted with medical implants (i.e. cardiac pacemaker) or metal implants
  • Do not use, if suffering with cardiac arrhythmias, acute illness, epilepsy, malignant diseases
  • Do not use during pregnancy
  • Do not use on injured or lacerated skin, after acute injury or fracture or after surgical procedure
  • Do not use if suffering low or high blood pressure or during high fevers
  • Refer to user manual for all instructions
  • Consult the doctor, if in any doubt of your suitability to use the EMS belt

Beurer EM 39 ‘2 in 1’ Abdominal and Back EMS Belt – the perfect companion in your strive for strong abdominal and back muscles or for shapely body!    

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Belt size for waist measurement: from 75 cm to circa 130 cm / Weight: circa 350 g without batteries  


Beurer EM 39 EMS Belt kit consists of the flexible belt with integral abdominal and back skin electrodes, control unit, 3 x AAA batteries and multilingual user manual. CE mark under MDD 93/42/EEC and 5 years warranty.  

VAT exemption available for personal use by persons suffering chronic muscle weakening /muscle atrophy due to relevant disability or long-term immobility due to chronic health condition or illness.