Beurer LR 500 Air Purifier

Beurer LR 500 Air Purifier App–Controlled Air Purifier

Beurer LR 500 Air Purifier cleans and purifies the ambient air we breathe indoors and improves its quality for our long-term health and wellbeing. Designed for indoor use, the high performance air purifier Beurer LR 500 filters and cleans the air of allergens (i.e. pollen), airborne bacteria and viruses, unpleasant odours (i.e. cooking, tobacco, pets and household smells), harmful gases and other potentially harmful substances that float in the indoor air, such as dust, mites, particles of dirt and dander up to 2.5 µm in size.  

Incredibly quiet when operating and with built-in selectable UV light to kill germs, the Beurer LR 500 Air Purifier features include 4 output levels, turbo mode, auto function, automatic switch off function for safety and extremely quiet night mode with dimmed display to prevent disturbance of sleep. Perfect for use in rooms up to 106 m², the Beurer LR 500 Air Purifier sucks the air in with a powerful fan to purify and clean it with highly effective three-layered filter system that can work night and day to improve ambient air quality in a home.  

As we spend most of our lives indoors, the quality of ambient air is of paramount importance to our health and long term wellness. Importantly, the indoor air can harbour many more allergens and all kinds of other harmful air pollutants than the outdoor air. This is especially important for people unable to spend much time outdoors in a fresh air away from highly polluted areas for a variety of different reasons (i.e. housebound, disabilities and illnesses, lack of resources, lack of time, personal circumstances, etc.). Effective air purifiers, such as the Beurer LR 500 Air Purifier can help to make the air indoors better, cleaner and healthier to breathe in.  

Beurer LR 500 Air Purifier is at its best, when connected with a smart phone via WiFi, using the free “beurer FreshHome” app. The “beurer FreshHome” app is available from the Apple Store for iOS and from Google Pay for Androids. The “beurer FreshHome” app monitors and evaluates air quality, provides long term analysis of air quality, notifies you of the air quality deteriorating below acceptable defined target range and provides tips on how to improve your environment for your comfort and health. All you need to take advantage of the free “beurer FreshHome” app is to use iOS 10.0 or higher, Android 5.0 or higher and Bluetooth 4 or higher.     

Beurer LR 500 Air Purifier overview

  • Powerful and effective indoor air purifier
  • Displays time, temperature and relative humidity of air
  • Suitable for rooms between 34 m² - 106 m²
  • Controlled by free app “beurer FreshHome” – free download from Apple Store or Google Play
  • Configuration via Bluetooth
  • Effective air cleaning with 3-layered filter system comprising of prefilter, activated carbon filter and HEPA filter filters out up to 95% of particles ≥0.02 µm in size and eliminates 99.95% of particles 0.3 µm in size (i.e. German Federal Centre for Health Education states that viruses are in general 0.02 – 0.3 µm in size)
  • Effective against domestic dust, animal hair and dander, smells and odours, pollen, array of airborne bacteria and viruses and harmful gasses
  • Optionally selectable built-in UV (ultraviolet) light for additional removal of airborne germs from the air
  • PM 2.5 Sensor – recognises dust particles up to 2.5 µm size
  • Settings: 4 levels fan speed and a turbo mode (i.e. 4 level blower)
  • Timer: Integrated manual timer function from 1 – 24 hours
  • Auto function – the fan speed automatically adapts to ambient air quality (i.e. the fan speed automatically grows with poorer air quality and slows down with better air quality – control automatically adjusted to the current ambient air quality
  • Night mode – extra quiet operation and dimmed operating panel
  • Filter change indicator – the three-layered filter should be replaced after 4320 operating hours  
  • Automatic switch off
  • Filter performance 99.95%
  • Air flow rate: up to 380 m3 per hour
  • Output: 75 watts
  • CE mark
  • 3 years warranty

Beurer LR 500 Air Purifier is an advanced high performance indoor air purifier that performs best, when connected with smart phone via Bluetooth, using downloadable free app “beurer FreshHome”. The Beurer LR 500 is highly effective in improving quality of the indoor air. It can help you attain the best quality of air in your home for comfort and wellness.   

Beurer LR 500 technical specifications

  • Air purifier LR 500
  • Voltage: 220 – 240 V ~ 50 - 60 Hz  
  • Output: 75 W
  • Dimensions: 21 x 35 x 62 cm
  • Weight: 5.9 kg
  • Operating conditions: 5°C to 40°C; RH up to 90%  (non-condensing)  

Contraindications and warnings

  • If you suffer from respiratory condition or lung disease, consult your doctor before using air purifier
  • Please read and understand user manual and follow its recommendations and precautions
  • Retain user manual for future use
  • Non-observance of information included in user manual may lead to personal injury or material damage
  • Keep packaging materials from children to avoid danger of suffocation
  • Do not tamper with the device
  • Extensive list of warnings, recommendations and other important information (i.e. how to operate the device, cleaning, disposal, filter change, etc) is included in user manual supplied with the device    

Beurer LR 500 Air Purifier – an effective way to quality air in every home!  

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Dimensions: 21 x 35 x 62 cm / Weight: 5.9 kg


Pack includes air purifier, combi filter (activated carbon/HEPA filter class H13), pre-filter, mains power cable with 3 pin plug, instructions for use and brief quick start instructions. CE mark and 3 years warranty.