Pjama® Bedwetting Treatment Garments for Children

Pjama® Bedwetting Treatment Garments with Pjama®  Bedwetting Alarm and Pjama® DryGuardians App

Grey in colour Pjama® Bedwetting Treatment Garments work in conjunction with Pjama® Bedwetting Alarm placed in a proximity of the child’s bed.  

Pjama® Bedwetting Treatment Garment communicates the bedwetting incident detected by a moisture sensor to the Pjama® Bedwetting Alarm - moisture detected inside the Pjama® Treatment Garment triggers a loud sound of the bedwetting alarm placed in a close to the sleeping child’s bed. The sound of Pjama® Bedwetting Alarm wakes the child up and alerts the parents.

Pjama® Bedwetting Alarm is usable standalone with the Pjama® Bedwetting Treatment Garments. It can also be used to monitor the bedwetting treatment process via a smartphone with a FREE Pjama® DryGuardians Bedwetting App available from Apple Store and Google Play.   

DryGuardians App

DryGuardians App complements the Pjama® Bedwetting Treatment Garments and the Pjama® Bedwetting Alarm. 

  • DryGuardians App was developed in collaboration with renowned bedwetting experts and the Swedish Healthcare to provide a transformative bedwetting solution that works and helps the users to achieve dry nights and confidence in perseverance with treatment.

  • When used with the Pjama® Bedwetting Alarm, the DryGuardians App offers and facilitates a comprehensive personalised pathway to managing bedwetting. DryGuardians App helps the users unlock a new level of success in their bedwetting treatment journey.

  • DryGuardians App is designed to analyse bedwetting data on a daily basis, providing expert insights and tailored advice that leads the users through the bedwetting treatment process. During treatment, the users receive daily advice and instructions, whilst progress made is analysed for personalised guidance.   

DryGuardians App is FREE from App Store for the iOS and from Google play for Android phones.

Bedwetting Alarms are regarded by professionals and by parents as very safe and effective way to treat bedwetting. Bedwetting alarms utilise moisture sensors placed in the pyjama garments. Detected moisture triggers audible buzzing that wakes the child to get up and go to a bathroom to complete passing urine. The alarm also alerts parents to the fact of bedwetting. If a routine of using bedwetting alarm continues over a number of weeks, it is highly likely within circa 12 weeks that the child will eventually begin to wake up independently before bedwetting to go to the bathroom or will even learn to hold the urine till the morning. If bedwetting reoccurs again at a late date, the bedwetting training process with bedwetting alarm can be repeated until the child no longer wets the bed.  

About Pjama® Bedwetting Treatment Garments

Pjama® Bedwetting Garments for Children can be purchased as individual garments and as Pjama®  Treatment Kits that contain 2 treatment pants or shorts, a Pjama®  Bedwetting Alarm with Moisture Sensor and a Pjama®  Bag. Pjama®  Bedwetting Alarm with Moisture Sensor can also be purchased separately.

  1. Pjama®  Treatment Pants – this page includes 3 purchasing options: a) individual treatment pants / b) bedwetting alarm with sensor / c) complete kits of 2 pants in selected size with bedwetting alarm & sensor in a waterproof Pjama®  Bag
  2. Pjama®  Treatment Shorts – this page includes 3 purchasing options: a) individual treatment shorts / b) bedwetting alarm with sensor / c) complete kits of 2 shorts in selected size with bedwetting alarm & sensor in a waterproof Pjama®  Bag

Pjama® Connect Bedwetting Alarm - this page features Pjama® Connect Bedwetting Enuresis Alarm that is a standalone sensor with free Pjama® application DryGuardians Bedwetting App for effective and convenient bedwetting training, using any pyjama pants or favourite underwear. Pjama® Connect Bedwetting Alarm is discreet and affordable and its use is not dependent on Pjama® Garment ownership. Follow this link to view Pjama® Connect Alarm page.   

Background to Pjama® Bedwetting Garments 

Pjama® Bedwetting Garments for Children are available in a standard range of blue garments, whilst the Pjama®  Bedwetting Treatment Garments usable with Pjama® Bedwetting Alarm are made in grey colour.   

Points to note: 

  1. Pjama®  Treatment Garments are reusable and washable long pants and shorts for use at bedtime in place of pyjamas. Unique and patented, the Pjama® Treatment Garments have been designed for children of all ages. Effective garments for bedwetting children, discreet, convenient and comfortable for use at night or during bed rest, the Pjama® Treatment Pants and Shorts are washable and environmentally friendly.
  2. Pjama® Treatment Garments are simple and discreet solutions to bedwetting as they absorb and contain liquid (i.e. urine), hence the Pjama® make coping with bedwetting and urinary incontinence simple and easy. There is no need to sleep on absorbent or waterproof bed sheets or mattress protectors, because the Pjama® protect the bed from wetness. There is no need to wear underpants as the Pjama® garments are most effective and comfortable worn directly on the body.
  3. Pjama® Garments are made of skin-friendly soft materials with breathable waterproof membrane on the outside. The inner of the Pjama® is made of superabsorbent materials that contains the urine in the garment. The fabric composition of Pjama® Treatment Garments is 90% Tencel, 5% Polypropylene, 4% Elastane, 1% Polyurethane. All fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified.  
  4. After wetting accident occurs, the Pjama® continues to be dry on the outside, but becomes moist inside. The wetness alerts the wearer to the wetting and the need to change the worn wet Pjama® for a dry garment. Wet Pjamas® should be stored in a the waterproof Pjama® bag for hygiene until washing.

Pjama® Treatment Pants and Shorts for Children: When it comes to bedwetting children, waking up by an bedwetting alarm upon wetting themselves when wearing the Pjama®  Treatment Pants or Shorts at night plays an important role in bedwetting training. Becoming aware of the wetting accident helps the children to eventually overcome the bedwetting problem, thus positively contributing to bedwetting training. Taking Pjama® Treatment Pants or Pjama® Treatment Shorts to sleepovers with friends can prevent accidental bedwetting and associated embarrassment for children as well as their parents.          

Caring for the Pjama® Treatment Garments: Caring for the Pjama® garments is easy. Simply turn the garment inside out and machine wash at maximum 60° C and high spin. If possible, hang the garment to air dry on a clothes rack or tumble dry on very low heat below 60° C. Use gentle quality detergents without fabric softeners or conditioners. Do not iron or dry clean.

Pjama® Bedwetting Treatment Garments for Children:

Pjama® range of Garments is developed by Pjama AB in Sweden. Pjama® Garments are CE marked as Class 1 Medical Devices. 

Pjama® Bedwetting Treatment Garments – a new way to teach children to use bathroom at night and ease the burden of bedwetting.  

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