Washable Incontinence Bed and Chair Pads - Waterproof Bedding -  Waterproof Breathable Mattress Protectors

Incontinence Protection range of washable and reusable bed and chair protectors includes Incontinence Bed Pads, Incontinence Chair Pads, Incontinence Bedside Mats, Waterproof Breathable Bedding (i.e. waterproof pillows, waterproof pillow cases, waterproof duvet covers) and Waterproof Breathable Mattress Protectors.

Bed and Chair Protectors protect beds and chairs from fluids (i.e.urine) and all other accidentally spilled liquids (i.e. water, coffee, tea, etc). Incontinence Protection Products can be used as a stand alone incontinence protectors or with body worn personal incontinence garments.

All incontinence protection products offer excellent absorbency and durability, whilst the waterproof bedding and mattress protectors are breathable as well as waterproof. You can wash the incontinence protection products many times over (200 +) without loss of characteristics, such as absorbency, breathability, waterproofness, lasting softness or comfort. 

Incontinence Bedside Mats protect bedsides from urine and other liquid spillages. The are made from the same materials as the bed and chair pads and are fully washable and reusable. 

*Absorbent Incontinence Protectors are VAT exempt to independently living people purchasing them for personal use. VAT declaration is not required, when purchasing absorbent incontinence protection items.  

Problems with Continence 

Incontinence manifests itself through distressing symptoms and can happen to people of any age and any gender. Sufferers often hide their incontinence problems from families, friends and even from medical professionals. However, there are many embarrassing tell-tales, such as wet sheets, chairs and eventually the inevitable specific urine odour. Additionally, many people who suffer incontinence also suffer skin problems that develop as a result of skin exposure to naturally acidic body fluids (i.e. urine) and prolonged skin wetness and moisture. For many people a social isolation and depression follow. In the elderly people, incontinence features very high amongst the key reasons for admission to full time elderly care institutions and permanent loss of independence.  

Incontinence has many negative implications on the sufferers, their families and the society. Many people suffer in silence for years without asking for help. Many people leave the condition to go untreated for far too long and jeopardise their chances of regaining continence. Incontinence is treatable, curable and preventable. So - remember to seek help and contact your doctor for advice.   

For customers based in France, we recommend company Sphere-Sante providing excellent service in supplying the major incontinence brands, such as TENA, Ontex, Hartmann, Abena, etc. and can deliver to your door discreetly in 24 hours.

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