Pjama® Bedwetting Absorbent Garments for Children and Adults

Pjama® Bedwetting Absorbent Garments for Children and Adults

Pjama® Bedwetting and Incontinence Absorbent Garments are waterproof, super-absorbent pants and shorts that ensure leak-free nights and keep the beds dry! Regardless if at home or away, the discreet Pjama® Bedwetting Absorbent Garments provide ultimate comfort, discreet effortless protection and worry-free sleep. Now you can experience reassuring dryness with the Pjama® Bedwetting and Incontinence Absorbent Garments!     

Pjama® are reusable and washable incontinence and bedwetting pyjama long pants and shorts. Unique and patented, the Pjama® are suitable for adults and children. Effective incontinence garments, discreet, convenient and comfortable for use at night or during bed rest, the Pjama® are washable and environmentally friendly. 

Pjama® Absorbent Garments are simple and discreet solution to wetting as they absorb and contain liquid (i.e. urine), hence the Pjama® Absorbent Garments make coping with bedwetting and urinary incontinence simple and easy. There is no need to sleep on absorbent or waterproof bed sheets or mattress protectors, because the Pjama® Absorbent Garments protect the bed from wetness. There is no need to wear underpants as the Pjama® Absorbent Garments are most effective and comfortable worn directly on the body.

Pjama® Absorbent Garments are made of skin-friendly soft materials with breathable waterproof membrane on the outside.  The inner of the Pjama® Absorbent Garments is made of superabsorbent materials that contains the urine in the garment. All fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified.  

After wetting accident occurs, the Pjama® absorbent pants or shorts continue to be dry on the outside, but become moist inside. The wetness alerts the wearers to the wetting accident and the need to change the worn wet Pjama® pants for a dry garment. Wet Pjamas® garment should be stored in a the waterproof Pjama® bag for hygiene until washing.

Pjama® Absorbent Garments for Adults: Wearing Pjama® Absorbent Pants or Pjama® Absorbent Shorts instead of normal nightwear can be beneficial to adults suffering with occasional episodes of urine leakage especially at night. As the Pjama® Absorbent Garments provide total bed protection from the urine wetness, there is no need to use other bed protection, such as absorbent bed pads or waterproof mattress protectors. After an episode of urine leak, simply change the wet Pjama® garment for a dry Pjama® garment and go back to sleep. Wearing Pjama® Absorbent Garments during nights away from home is especially beneficial as it prevents any embarrassments caused by accidental leaks. Soiled Pjamas® garments can be stored in the Pjama® bag and brought back home for washing.       

Pjama® Absorbent Garments for Children: When it comes to bedwetting children, the waking up upon wetting themselves when wearing the Pjama® pants or shorts at night plays an important role in bedwetting training. Becoming aware of the wetting accident helps the children to eventually overcome the bedwetting problem, thus positively contributing to bedwetting training. Taking Pjama® Absorbent Pants or Pjama® Absorbent Shorts to sleepovers with friends can prevent accidental bedwetting and associated child and parental embarrassment.         

Caring for the Pjama® Incontinence Garments: Caring for the Pjama® Absorbent Garments is easy. Simply turn the garment inside out, machine wash at maximum 60° C and spin on high setting. If possible, hang the garment to air dry on a clothes rack or tumble dry on very low heat that does not exceed 60° C. Use gentle quality detergents without fabric softeners or conditioners. Do not iron or dry clean.

Pjama® Bedwetting Absorbent Garments are available for adults and children.

Pjama® Connect Bedwetting Alarm - this page features Pjama® Connect Bedwetting Enuresis Alarm that is a standalone sensor with free Pjama© application DryGuardians Bedwetting App for effective and convenient bedwetting training, when used with any Pjama® Absorbent Bedwetting and Incontinence Garments, such as Pjama® Pants & Pjama® Shorts for adults and cildren, Pjama® Absorbent Hipster Briefs and Pjama® Absorbent Boxers. Pjama® Connect Alarm is also perfect for use with any favourite pyjama pants or underwear of your child's choice. Pjama® Connect Alarm is discreet and affordable and its use is not dependent on any Pjama® Garment ownership. 

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Pjama® range of Incontinence Garments is developed by Pjama AB in Sweden. Pjama® Garments are CE marked as Class 1 Medical Devices. 

Pjama® Incontinence and Bedwetting Garments – a new way to ease the burden of bedwetting and incontinence.    

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