Beauty-Tox Skin Care Products for Prevention & Treatment of Lines and Elasticity Loss

Beauty-Tox Skin Care Products – designed to combat signs of skin ageing!

Beauty-Tox Skin Care Products focus on prevention and treatment of first signs of aging, such as crow’s feet in the eye area, frown lines on the forehead and lines forming around the mouths and lip contours. Beauty-Tox Skin Care Products can prevent and soften the early expression lines without painful injections and without side effects!

Beauty-Tox Skin Care Products are light moisturising formulations that act as natural alternatives to muscle relaxant injections. Beauty-Tox Skin Care Products diminish lines and stimulate production of natural skin’s own collagen and hyaluronic acid. Beauty-Tox Skin Care Products can be applied to the skin as a part of daily skin care routine as well as propelled into the deeper epidermal skin layers with pulsed oxygen pressure delivered by the OXYJET GO.    

Beauty-Tox Skin Care Products reduce the depth of the expression lines and prevent formation of new lines that are caused by re-occurring facial movements. Additionally, Beauty-Tox Skin Care Products tighten and plump up the skin by increasing the volume of collagen and hyaluronic acid the skin.     

Beauty-Tox Skin Care Products provide effective and safe natural solutions to the signs of skin aging!

Beauty-Tox Skin Care Products are made in Germany by Nora Bode Kosmetik, the manufacturers of the OXYJET GO. Nora Bode Kosmetik was founded in 1994 by Jutta and Lothar Bode, a naturopath and a pharmacist, respectively. The initial key focus was on helping to provide safe and effective anti-inflammatory skincare for people and children with eczema and neurodermatitis. Over many years, the work of Jutta and Lothar Bode lead to the development of a new exclusive skincare that reduces inflammation, removes impurities and improves skin smoothness and firmness.

Nora Bode Kosmetik skincare products are effective and safe, free from parabens and mineral oils. Nora Bode Kosmetik exclusive skincare products are made from select raw ingredients sourced worldwide from verified sources.                      

Nora Bode exclusive skincare products address different signs of skin ageing, such as loss of volume, sagging facial contours, pigmentation irregularities accumulation of impurities and much more. Nora Bode skincare products are designed to suit different skin types and address different kinds of skin problems.  

Beauty-Tox Skin Care Products are an integral part of the exclusive Nora Bode skincare range. We offer 3 products from the Beauty-Tox range:

You can find more detailed information on the relevant product pages.

Beauty-Tox Skin Care Products – designed to combat first signs of skin aging affectively and safely without painful injections and side effects!    

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