Pjama® Absorbent Underwear – Pjama® Absorbent Hipster Briefs

Pjama® Absorbent Hipster Briefs with Pjama® Connect Alarm and Pjama® DryGuardians Bedwetting App

Pjama® Absorbent HipSters for Children – Unisex Absorbent Brief Underwear for Day and Night Wetting Protection 

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Pjama® Absorbent Hipster Briefs are unisex underwear for use with Pjama® Connect Alarm, Smartphone and free Pjama® DryGuardians Bedwetting App. As unisex absorbent underwear garments, the Pjama® Absorbent Briefs are suitable for boys and girls. 

Pjama® Absorbent Hipsters have been designed to manage leaks occurring both at night and during daytime. Comfortable to wear and conveniently washable Pjama® Absorbent Hipster Briefs feature a discreet built-in layer of absorbent material that keeps children protected if leaks occur both day and night. Pjama® Absorbent Briefs feature a sawn-in small pocket that accommodates the Pjama® Connect Alarm Sensor during use. 

Using discreet Pjama® Absorbent Hipsters with the Pjama® Connect Alarm and DryGuardians Bedwetting App on a smartphone represents discreet continuation of bedwetting treatment for children progressing through their bedwetting treatment journey. Treating nighttime bedwetting and daytime leakages together is recommended by the latest bedwetting and incontinence treatment guidelines.     

About Pjama® Connect Alarm and Pjama® DryGuardians Bedwetting App

Pjama® Absorbent Hipsters should be used with a smartphone and the Pjama® DryGuardians App. DryGuardians App records bedwetting incidents in a calendar log, giving the parents an in-depth insight into the patterns of bedwetting events. And if the child experiences daytime wetting episodes, the Pjama® DryGuardians App facilitates alarms that prompt the child to use a toilet before a leakage occurs. Pjama® DryGuardians App can be set to silent vibration alarm function for discreet alert and privacy.

DryGuardians App is available free from Apple Store for iPhones and from Google Play for Android phones. 

Point to note: Pjama® Connect Bedwetting Alarm Sensor pairs easily with the Pjama® Bedwetting Alarm Speaker that can be placed near the child's bed or on a bedside cabinet during nighttime bedwetting treatment. Upon detection of moisture by the Pjama® Connect Alarm Sensor, the Pjama® Alarm Speaker emits an audible alarm that wakes the child up. Pjama® Bedwetting Alarm Speaker is rechargeable and can be purchased optionally to further aid children's Pjama® bedwetting treatment program.  

Pjama® Absorbent Hipster Briefs purchasing options
  1. Pjama® Absorbent Hipster Brief - individual Absorbent Brief in selected size
  2. Pjama® Absorbent Briefs Kit that contains 2 x absorbent Briefs in selected size, a Pjama® Connect Alarm Sensor and User Instructions
  3. Pjama® Connect Bedwetting Alarm and User Instructions
  4. Pjama® Alarm Speaker Unit (rechargeable) - Optional Purchase for use during nighttime bedwetting treatment - contains Pjama® Alarm Speaker unit, USB charging cable and user instructions 

DryGuardians App is free from Apple Store for iOS and Google Play for Androids phones.

Pjama® Absorbent Hipster Briefs sizes and absorption capacities

There are 6 sizes of Pjama® Absorbent Briefs available, based on waist circumference with size-based maximum absorption capacities:      

  1. 50 – 71 cm waist circumference     maximum absorption 130 ml
  2. 54 – 82 cm waist circumference     maximum absorption 140 ml
  3. 56 – 85 cm waist circumference     maximum absorption 150 ml
  4. 58 – 88 cm waist circumference     maximum absorption 160 ml
  5. 62 – 95 cm waist circumference     maximum absorption 175 ml
  6. 66 –100 cm waist circumference    maximum absorption 185 ml

Please note:  Pjama® Absorbent Briefs kits are available up to the waist circumference of 58 – 88 cm only. 

Point to note: Pjama® Absorbent Briefs have a relatively small absorption capacity; hence, it is prudent to protect the mattress with an absorbent waterproof bed pad placed over the top sheet.         

Pjama® Absorbent Briefs materials

Pjama® Absorbent Briefs are made from a skin-friendly soft material in an attractive unisex navy colour.

Fabric composition: 90% Tensel, 5% Polypropene, 4% Elastane, 1% Polyurethane.  

All Pjama® fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified.

Caring for the Pjama® Absorbent Briefs

Caring for the Pjama® Absorbent Hipsters Briefs is simple. Absorbent Briefs are machine washable at up to 60° C and should be hanged to air dry or can be tumble dried. Absorbent Briefs should not be bleached, ironed or dry cleaned. You should wash the Briefs with products of similar dark colours. As the Absorbent Briefs have only a limited capacity to store urine, you should protect the child’s bed with absorbent bed pad in case that a bedwetting accident occurs.        

Pjama® Absorbent Hipsters Briefs – perfect absorbent underwear for boys and girls for day and night use!  

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