Minze Diary Pod Consumer

Minze Diary Pod Consumer Automated Bladder Diary with Minze Flow App for Home Use

Minze Diary Pod Consumer Automated Bladder Diary with Flow App for People struggling with Bladder Health and Urination Issues

Minze Diary Pod Consumer with Minze Flow App introduction

Minze Diary Pod is an ergonomically-shaped single user device that has been designed to perform the crucial role of an innovative automated bladder diary, a precise diagnostic and treatment follow-up tool for people with lower urinary tract problems, urination issues and concerns about bladder health.

In its unique role of the automated bladder diary, the Minze Diary Pod replaces the need for compiling of largely inaccurate paper-based bladder diary manually, using measuring cups to capture voided urine, pen and paper to record the voiding events as well as note other important facts, such as fluid consumption, urine leakages and more.      

Used with the user-friendly Minze Flow App, the easy to use handheld Minze Diary Pod collects real-time accurate voiding data, whilst the Minze Flow App gathers information on all relevant parameters, such as fluid intake, urinary frequency, urge or urine loss over a period of time. Precisely collected data are important for identifying the true cause of urinary symptoms, crucial for more accurate diagnosis as well as for appropriate treatment selection and monitoring of treatment effectiveness and/or symptoms regression.        

The user of the Minze Diary Pod receives objective insights into the bladder and urinary symptoms for greater understanding and personalised lifestyle advice with recommendations for corrective actions to be taken. Progression of symptoms can be monitored over time and when treated, the progress of the treatment can be monitored and compared to objective data. Additionally, results can be easily shared with medical professionals and other healthcare providers if/when the user chooses to do so.   

Who can benefit from the Minze Diary Pod with Minze Flow App? 

Minze Diary Pod is a single user device that has been designed to perform the crucial role of an automated bladder diary, a tool for the diagnostic and treatment follow-up purposes in people with lower urinary tract problems, including urination issues and concerns about bladder health. Minze Diary Pod Consumer with Minze Flow App can help people who wish to monitor their bladder health and urinary symptoms or monitor their treatment progress at home.

You should consider using Minze Diary Pod Consumer if you have the following symptoms:    

  • sudden urgent needs to pass urine during day time
  • frequently wake up at night with a need to pee
  • suffer with unintentional urine leakages
  • find it difficult to pass urine
  • observe weak, slow or interrupted urine stream
  • feel sensation of incompletely emptied bladder after urination
  • experience post-micturition dribble

You should also consider using Minze Diary Pod Consumer in following circumstances:

  • you have been tasked by your doctor with keeping a paper-based bladder diary, but you would prefer to consider an easy to use automated bladder diary that fits better to your daily schedule as well as produces more accurate representation of your bladder health, urinary symptoms and your lifestyle
  • you are undergoing a treatment related to your bladder health and/or urinary problems (i.e. medication, pelvic floor rehabilitation, etc.) and you wish to monitor progression of your symptoms over time, compare therapy effects with objective data or follow the progress you are making
  • you have an appointment with a medical professional to explore your lower urinary tract condition and you are eager to present the most complete and accurate information to ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment recommendations      
  • you want to become more aware of your bladder and urinary health, you wish to screen your bladder health, you seek self-management strategies or you wish to directly receive personalised insights into understanding of your condition and your symptoms with relevant tailored lifestyle recommendations to guide you towards a healthier bladder      

Using Minze Diary Pod Consumer with Minze Flow App

Minze Diary Pod is a wireless and easy to use automated bladder diary device designed to help you collect voided urine and urine volume measurements that form the essential basis of a bladder diary. Keeping a bladder diary is the first step in looking at and addressing urological problems and related issues. Minze Diary Pod replaces traditional ‘pen and paper’ diaries, and importantly, it overcomes paper diary limitations, namely misleading inaccuracies, incorrect estimations and omissions.         

  1. Diary Pod Consumer is an ergonomically-shaped collection and measuring device for easy voiding of urine by men, women and toilet-trained children. Voiding into the Diary Pod can be performed in natural voiding positions – standing, squatting or sitting. Diary Pod is light and portable and ideal for compiling of voiding data for automated bladder diary that is reliable, accurate and representative, thus, making it perfect for diagnostic and monitoring purposes.        
  2. Diary Pod is usable with the Minze Flow App. Minze Flow App connects the Diary Pod with the analytical Platform that processes, analyses and presents collected data. Importantly, the Flow App guides through the process of using the Diary Pod easily and effectively.  
  • Please note: Detailed illustrated user instructions are supplied with the Diary Pod Consumer and cover the use of the Diary Pod and the Flow App. 
  • Minze Flow App is available free from the App Store for iOS smartphones and from Google Play for the Android smartphones.
  • Please ensure that you have downloaded the app to your smartphone before embarking on the first use of the Diary Pod Consumer. Thereafter, refer to the step by step user instructions provided with the device. Diary Pod Consumer user instructions are simple, but thorough and easy to understand and simple to follow.

Compiling the Automated Bladder Diary using the Diary Pod Consumer and Flow App

You will be required to collect data for your bladder diary for 2 days and 2 nights – from the first morning void on the day 1 to the last urine void collected with the Diary Pod first thing in the morning of the day 3 over the total bladder diary collection period of circa 48 hours. In other words, you will commence your bladder diary void collections with a morning void on day 1 and complete the bladder dairy with a morning void on the day 3, thus collecting 3 x morning voids.

Additionally, over the period of the 48 hours of bladder diary void collection, you will be required to log every urination, urine loss and fluid intake to compile an accurate and representative picture of your normal urine voiding pattern with corresponding fluid intake.   

It is therefore crucially important that you use the Diary Pod diligently to capture all urinations during each day and each night. You must also answer all questions presented in the Flow App as well as diligently declare all fluid intakes and answer all questions received in the Flow App.  

After 2 days & 2 nights of recording your urinary voids and fluid intakes in the Flow App, you can view your results on Minze Analytical Portal at results.minzehealth.com. You can do this conveniently on a desktop PC, a laptop or a tablet as you prefer. Your results will be presented as easy to understand colour coded charts of symptoms with personalised suggestions on how to improve your self-care and reduce your symptoms. Colour coding will allow you to understand your values and recognise if they are within or outside the normal range. Advice on how to improve your bladder health is personalised and always based on your actual results. You will be able to create multiple voiding bladder diaries to monitor and track your progress going forward.

You will also be able to easily share the results with your clinician if you choose to do so. Sharing the results with your doctor could lead to a more thorough diagnosis based on actual and representative measurements and other information collected by the automated bladder diary (i.e. Diary Pod and Flow App).          

Minze Diary Pod Consumer Automated Bladder Diary and Minze Flow App summary

  • Diary Pod Consumer enables users to collect objective, accurate and representative voiding data for automated bladder diaries that eliminate limitations of inaccurate ‘pen to paper’ bladder diaries
  • User-friendly ergonomically-shaped reusable single user device to facilitate data collection for automated bladder diary   
  • Ergonomic design makes it easier to pee in standing, squatting and sitting positions, whichever more comfortable
  • Suitable for men, women and toiled-trained children
  • Easy to use, light to carry, simple to clean and store
  • Designed for home use and on the go
  • Portable urine collection device with permanently integrated measuring unit, internal memory, integrated battery and Bluetooth
  • Automatically registers voided volume and time without user’s input
  • Usable with Minze Flow App for iOS and Android mobile devices available free from Apple Store and Google play respectively
  • Minze Flow app guides users through the process of automated bladder diaries and prompts them to provide required essential information, such as liquid intake, urine leakages or feeling urges to void
  • Minze Flow app tracks voided volume trends during multiple bladder diary cycles over 48 hour periods (i.e. first morning void to third day’s first morning void) 
  • Minze Diary Pod Consumer can measure up to 500 ml of urine per void and registers up to 1000 measurements
  • Accuracy within circa 15 ml or greater for lower volumes
  • All collected data is encrypted for data transfer and storage
  • Collected and transmitted data is automatically processed, analysed and presented on the Minze Analytical Portal and includes colour coded visualisation of bladder diary
  • Minze Diary Pod Consumer and Minze App are fully GDPR and HIPAA compliant
  • Minze Diary Pod Consumer is permanently factory calibrated for the duration of expected lifespan (i.e. does not require calibration for the duration of expected lifespan) 
  • Battery is permanently fitted and non-replaceable for the duration of lifespan
  • Expected service lifespan of 1000 voids
  • CE Class 1m Medical Device, FDA cleared       

Minze Diary Pod Consumer with Minze Flow App – the perfect automated bladder diary for better understanding of your urinary issues and improved bladder health!   

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Small hand-held device  


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  2. Minze Flow app is available free from Apple Store for iOS and from Google Play for Androids.  

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