Beurer Infrared Massagers

Electric Infrared Massagers with Infrared Heat Function

Known and performed for thousands of years, massage is recognised for its positive effects on wellbeing, fitness and relaxation. Massage can warm up and boost energy levels or calm and induce relaxation. Massage can help to tone and firm muscles or soothe tired arms, shoulders and legs. Well performed massage can promote the feeling of satisfying wellbeing.

Electric massagers mimic manual massage by delivering different types of massage, ranging from tapping, kneading, pushing, pinching or rolling movements or vibrations. When aided with infrared light heat, electric massagers can pleasantly warm up tired muscles, reducing tiredness and muscular tension in arms, shoulders, legs and back. Warming infrared function can be activated to generate infrared heat to be delivered to massaged areas of the body during a massage session for exceptionally positive and pleasant massage experience.     

Electric infrared massagers are effective, safe, convenient, easy to use and cost-effective for home use. With your own infrared massager, you can enjoy warming self-massage in the privacy of your own home any time you need. Regular self-massage can help you relax, reduce tiredness, invigorate and feel good every day!  

Infrared massagers from Beurer are advanced electric massagers that incorporate integrated infrared light, delivering penetrating and warming infrared heat. Infrared massagers enable you to perform soothing, warming and relaxing massage or invigorating and stimulating massage on yourself or on another person.    

Beurer Infrared Massagers 

  1. Beurer MG 40 Infrared Vibrational Massager
  2. Beurer MG 70 Infrared Percussion Massager
  3. Beurer MG 100 Infrared Tapping Massager
  4. Beurer MG 510 To Go Tapping Massager with Infrared Heat

Beurer Infrared Massagers – enjoy a warming self-massage in the privacy of your own home!  

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