Adaptive Clothing and Accessories for People with Disabilities and Older People

Adaptive clothing and accessories make it easier for people with disabilities and older people to get dressed without help and maintain their independence. Additionally, some innovative adaptive garments are especially designed to help the caregivers to provide faster and less stressful assisted dressing to people who require help.

Adaptive clothing can make a difference to both the disabled people and to their caregivers in terms of dignity and privacy, practicality and functionality, reduced stress during dressing, speed of dressing, comfort during wear, quality of materials and ready garments, versatility, style and elegance. Importantly, all these factors contribute to greater confidence, improved self-esteem, better health and better quality of life of the older and disabled people.

Our current small collection of adaptive clothing and accessories:

The original CareZips® Incontinence Dignity Trousers have been recently renamed CareZips® Classic and underwent a ‘make-over’ transformation at Joe & Bella, the new owners of the CareZips® brand and design. CareZips® Classic feature a new fabric for better fit, durability, functionality, comfort and style.                         

Adaptive Clothing and Accessories – perfect practical everyday products to improve quality of life! 

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