VibraCool® Cryovibration Massage Therapy for Pain Relief

VibraCool® Cryovibration Devices - Drug Free Pain Solutions   

VibraCool® Cryovibration Devices combat pain with a combination of focal muscle vibrations massage and cold therapy with frozen solid ice. Combination of vibration massage with traditional cold therapy stimulates and activates body’s own healing processes and pain killing responses to reduce or eliminate pain and inflammation, while calming down anxiety and stress frequently associated with painful events and suffering.          

VibraCool® devices have been developed from many years of pain relief research. VibraCool® Cryovibration devices utilise vibrational muscle massage at proprietary therapeutic frequency in combination with solid ice therapy and pressure to deliver effective and safe pain relief. Vibration massage increases blood flow to the treated tissues to trigger body’s own healing, whilst ice therapy works fast to reduce inflammation, pain and swelling. Additionally, a gentle compression with fixing/holding strap around the treated area further improves blood flow, whilst consolidating the effects of vibrations and cold delivery to the treated area.           

  1. Vibration massage increases blood flow to the treated area, improves muscle strength and helps to increase range of motion and mobility.
  2. Cold therapy - also called cryotherapy - is a traditional method of pain reduction. Cold reduces blood flow to the treated area, leading to reduced inflammation and swelling, which are the two most common causes of pain. 
  3. Compression - gentle compression boosts blood flow in the area - it is achieved by tightening a fixing/holding strap around the treated area, thus consolidating the effects of cryovibrations.   

Therapeutic vibration massage together with cold therapy and gentle compression provide fast, effective and safe pain and inflammation relief without drugs and associated drugs-related side-effects.       

VibraCool® Cryovibration devices

VibraCool® devices are clinically proven, pacemaker safe, drug-free wearable devices that provide pain relief. VibraCool® devices feature patented OSCILLISE™ Technology that helps to treat post-surgical pain, chronic pain, oversue injuries, sore muscles and post-surgical pain. VibraCool® devices combine unique high-frequency mechanical stimulation with vibration massage, cold therapy with frozen solid ice and compression achieved with fixing/holding straps. Combined action of these modalities blocks pain and reduces inflammation for instant relief and rapid recovery. VibraCool® devices are used by athletes, such as runners, in physiotherapy applications and generally for pain relief and swelling reduction around elbows, wrists, knees and ankles, including problems associated with repetitive strain injuries (i.e. Tennis Elbow, Golfers Elbow, wrist injuries, knee and ankle problems).                

VibraCool® Cryovibration devices have been developed and are manufactured by PainCareLabs based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. PainCareLabs design and develop drug-free pain relief devices that work naturally to relax muscles and reduce pain in many different areas of the body.

Now you can treat your pain rapidly with safe and effective VibraCool® Cryovibration devices at home and on the go! 

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