Infrared Therapy Lamps 

Heat is the oldest soother and comforter known to mankind. Heat provides cosy comfort, soothes sore and tired muscles and painful aching joints.   

A popular and effective method of body warming is to deliver healing infrared radiation. Infrared radiation delivers warmth and penetrating therapeutic heat to the human body. The warmth of the irradiation increases blood flow in the irradiated skin tissues. Increased temperature also improves local metabolism. Improved blood flow brings more oxygen and nutrients to the treated area and encourages the speed of healing. Warm, penetrating and soothing infrared light can be used alongside other therapies when treating ear, nose and throat problems and it can also assist with facial beauty care and speed up skin clarification, where impurities are present.

One of the more traditional ways of delivering therapeutic infrared radiation to human body is application of infrared irradiation with a lamp-like device. Infrared lamps are commonly used at therapy clinics as well as in many homes.  

In the Infrared Lamps section, we present a selection of Beurer infrared lamps that deliver soothing and healing infrared heat as you need in the comfort of your home.

Beurer Infrared Lamps for home use

Beurer Infrared Lamps - the affordable and effective way to bring infrared heat therapy to your home!

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