Beurer Classic Heat Pads

Beurer Classic Therapeutic Heat Pads

Beurer Classic Therapeutic Electric Heat Pads

Beurer Classic Therapeutic Heat Pads

Beurer GmbH are renowned European manufacturers of heat pads, electric heated underblankets and other devices relevant to health and comfort.

Beurer range of electric therapeutic heat pads is very comprehensive. The Beurer Therapeutic Heat Pads have many highly desirable features, such as generous sizing. softest breathable fabrics, fast turbo heating for quick warming up, range of heat setting to suit user needs, illuminated switch for ease of use, 90 minutes automatic switch off to prevent body overheating and washability for hygiene and convenience and more.     

All Beurer Heat Pads feature safety system - Beurer BSS overheat protection - that prevents overheating and ensures your safety during usage. 

Made from cosy comfortable materials in generous sizes and with fast heating, the Beurer Classic Heat Pads deliver soothing warmth and comfort when you need it - in bed or when relaxing.

Beurer Classic Heat Pads are effective, safe and affordable.

You can experience great comfort and soothing warmth, when using your Beurer Classic Heat Pad!

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Beurer Classic Heat Pads

Beurer Heat Pads presented on this page are listed below:Beurer logo.

  1. Beurer HK 115 Cosy Heat Pad @ £36.66 + VAT (£43.99)
  2. Beurer HK 125 XXL Cosy Heat Pad @ £41.65 + VAT (£49.98)
  3. Beurer HK 45 Breathable Micro-Fleece Cosy @ £31.31 + VAT (£37.57)
  4. Beurer HK 63 Rheumatherm Magnetic Heat Pad (Blue) @ £24.99 + VAT (£29.99)
  5. Beurer HK 63 Magnetic Heat Pad (White) @ £24.50 + VAT (£29.40)
  6. Beurer HK 35 Heat Pad with Turbo Heat @ £19.95 + VAT (£23.94)
  7. Beurer HK Comfort Cosy Heat Pad @ £20.82 + VAT(£24.98)
  8. Beurer HK 65 Aroma Heat Pad £35.82+ VAT (£42.98)

Heat has been used for pain relief and reduction of discomfort for thousands of years. Heat is well recognised for its comfort creating efficacy and overall general safety. Heat and warmth reach muscles, joints and sore tendons to soothe pain and to comfort.In the recent years, in addition to traditional methods of applying heat therapy (i.e. using hot water bottles or electric heat pads), the infrared heat therapy devices (i.e. infrared heat lamps and infrared heat radiators) are also gaining popularity as valuable devices for pain relief.    

Painful conditions that respond favourably to heat and warming are: Stiff neck - Frozen shoulder - Muscle sprains - Sports injuries - Muscle tension - Pulled muscles - Aches and strains - Neuralgia - Lumbago - Arthritis - Rheumatism - Period pains.

Beurer Classic Therapeutic Heat Pads - your guarantee of warmth, relaxation, comfort and wellbeing!

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Charlie napping with electric heat pad.


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