Beurer Shaped Heat Pads for Specific Body Areas

Beurer GmbH are renowned European manufacturers of therapeutic heat pads, electric heated overblankets, electric heated under blankets and other devices, including medical devices for home use that are relevant to health and comfort.

Beurer range of Special Heat Pads is very comprehensive. Beurer Special Heat Pads have many highly desirable features, such as generous sizing. softest breathable fabrics, fast turbo heating for quick warming up, range of heat setting to suit user needs, illuminated switch for ease of use, 90 minutes automatic switch off to prevent body overheating and washability for hygiene and convenience and more.     

All Beurer Heat Pads feature safety system - Beurer BSS overheat protection - that prevents overheating and ensures your safety during usage.

Beurer special therapeutic heat pads are especially designed and shaped to provide soothing warmth to specific areas of your body, such as neck, shoulders, back and abdomen. You can also apply aromatic heat therapy using special aromatic inserts with the Beurer Aroma Heat Pad. You can even warm your feet using specially designed heat pads foot warmers for cold feet - Foot Warmer

Beurer Special Heat Pads background

Heat is commonly used to soothe pain and reduce discomforts. Pain relief with heat is entirely natural, non invasive, non traumatic and proven by experience. Heat and warmth are the longest natural soothers and comforters known and applied for thousands of years. Heat and warmth are recognised for their soothing and relaxing properties and beneficial effects on wellbeing. 

Painful conditions that can respond favourably to heat and warmth are: Aches and strains – Muscle tension – Pulled muscles – Muscles sprains - Frozen shoulder - Stiff neck – Sports injuries – Period pains – Neuralgia – Lumbago – Arthritis - Rheumatism

Therapeutic heat pads from Beurer GmbH: Beurer are the manufacturers of electrical items important to health and wellbeing. The Beurer specialty heating pads have been designed to deliver soothing heat to body areas often prone to aches and discomfort, such as neck, back and abdomen.

Beurer Special Heat Pads - enjoy warmth and comfort every day with the Beurer Special Heat Pads! 

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