Youki the Wound Healer

Youki the Wound Healer System

Youki the Wound Healer accelerates tissue repair and speeds up natural healing of shallow and superficial open wounds, lacerations, minor burns as well as pressure sores, ulcerated wounds and diabetic ulcers. Youki is suitable for adults and children and serves well at home and during travel. Youki is a perfect First Aid for all families!   

Youki Open Wound Healing System comprises of 2 independent wound repair products working in synergy together to accelerate wound healing and repair the skin.

You can use the Youki Bio-Cell Spray and Youki Cream separately - independently of each other, however, for effective healing of wounds and stubborn ulcers they work best used together as the Wound Healing System: 

  1. Youki Wound Repair Complex Bio-Cell Spray 12 ml and 60 ml
  2. Youki Skin Repair Cream 12 ml and 50 ml

Youki the Wound Healer System works well on all types of shallow or superficial open wounds, including:                                   

  • Cuts - Grazes - Minor burns
  • Friction burns - Abrasions - Lacerations
  • Ulcerated wounds - Pressure sores - Diabetic ulcers

Youki the Wound Healer System is a perfect First Aid for every family! It is safe and effective and suitable for people and children of all ages.

Youki is also very effective on leg ulcers and non-healing open superficial wounds. It is very suitable for the elderly people and heals leg and foot ulcers effectively and safely.Youki the Wound Healer System is a Class 1 Medical Device. Youki the Wound Healer can heal your open wounds and painful ulcers effectively and fast and without side effects! 

Youki the Wound Healer System

Youki the Wound Healing System works best, when both the spray and the cream are used together to work in synergy. On open wounds, the Youki healing spray should be sprayed directly over the wound and the Youki skin repair cream spread over the edges of the wound.

  1. Youki Wound Repair Complex Bio-Cell Spray works by forming an inert film over the wound, creating optimum conditions for healing. Wound healing progresses by formation of a 'scab', enabling the skin to heal naturally from the extremities of the wound towards it's centre, progressively closing up the open wound.
  2. Youki Skin Repair Cream can also be used independently on stretch marks, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, recent keloid scars, sore or dehydrated skin and to help skin healing after cosmetic procedures, such as laser hair removal, laser resurfacing or thread vein removal.   

Youki Wound Repair Complex Bio-cell Spray

Youki Wound Repair Complex Bio-Cell Spray is a simple first aid solution - a simple user friendly spray-on dressing that compliments body's natural repair mechanism. Youki Spray works effectively on cuts, grazes, abrasions, lacerations and friction burns and can be used on any size of wounds, on awkwardly shaped injuries and on wounds in difficult to reach places. 

The Youki Repair Complex Bio-Cell Spray forms a breathable film over the wound, creating optimum healing environment at the body's own temperature, correct humidity and correct skin surface pH.

The Youki Repair Complex Bio-Cell Spray is water based and water soluble and has anti-microbial properties. The Youki spray contains proteins and amino acids of plant origin that rapidly accelerate natural healing of the damaged skin, contributing to a fast closure of the open wounds.

The Youki liquid can be sprayed directly on to the open wound or over the area of superficial injuries (i.e. grazes or lacerations). Youki Bio-Cell Spray has to be re-sprayed over the wounded area repeatedly 4 to 5 times per day until the wound or the injured area heal completely. Such repeated applications of the Youki spray maintain continual protection of the open wound and stimulate the wound healing processes.

Youki Bio-Cell Spray Ingredients: Aqua, Natural Proteins, Amino Acids, Cellular Extracts, Repair Complex, Anti-Microbial, Preservative.

The Youki Spray is designed to accelerate healing of open wounds of varying severity. The Youki spray is also perfect for the management of slow healing and stubborn wounds, such as diabetic ulcers, pressure sores and ulcerated wounds. It is also perfect for sufferers of Raynauds and Lupus.

Available in 12 ml and 60 ml. 

Youki Skin Repair Cream

Youki Skin Repair Cream reduces the trauma sustained by the skin around the wound, reducing potential for scarring and minimising changes in pigmentation.

The Youki Cream re-hydrates, soothes and conditions injured and damaged areas of the skin, making them more flexible, relaxed and comfortable during healing and recovery. The Youki Cream prevents painful tissue splits that often occur at the outer edges of the healing wound. For the best healing outcomes, the Youki Cream should be always used alongside the Youki Spray as an integral part of the Youki Wound Healing System treatment.

The Youki Cream positively aids the healing effects of the Youki Bio-Cell Spray by soothing the traumatised, stretched and fragmented raw skin tissues in the closest proximity of the open wound and around its out edges, where the process of healing is at its most intense. 

Youki Cream helps to manage ulcerated wounds. Youki cream is excellent in managing stoma sites as a part of overall stoma care. Youki cream helps to heal post surgical scars as well as reduce the symptoms of fragile, thin, flaky, inflamed, chafed or cracking dehydrated skin conditions. 

Youki Skin Repair Cream is designed and formulated to speed up healing of the skin around the wound.

Frequently, skin surrounding an open wound becomes dry and prone to splits and cracking, which slows down the healing. When moisturised with the Youki Skin Repair Cream, the skin feels more mobile, relaxed, re-hydrated and comfortable and does not impair the wound healing. When the wound has healed, the Youki Skin Repair Cream helps to condition the freshly healed skin and minimise the risks of scarring.

Additionally, the Youki Skin Repair Cream conditions and soothes fragile and damaged skin by forming a breathable barrier that is essential for optimum skin recovery.

Other uses of Youki Skin Repair Cream include the following applications:

  • Sore and inflamed skin
  • Fragile and dehydrated skin
  • Dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis
  • Stretch marks
  • Post surgical scars
  • Recent keloid scars
  • Following cosmetic procedures, such as laser hair removal, laser resurfacing, micro pigmentation reduction, tattoo removal, thread vein removal and skin tag removal

Youki Skin Repair Cream Ingredients: Aqua, Stearic Acid, Glycerin, Glyceryl  Stereate SE, Triethanolamine, Cetyl Alcohol, Cera Microcristallina, Paraffinum Liquidum, Persea Gratissima Oil Unsaponifiables, Rosa Aff. Rubiginosa L, Arnica Montana, Symphylum Officinale Leaf Extract, Methylsilanol Hydroxyproline Aspartate, Bifida Ferment Lysate, Propylene Glycol, Parabens (Methyl, Ethyl, Propyl, Butyl).

Youki Skin Repair Cream can help to restore natural health and beauty of the skin after skin trauma sustained due to skin injuries or due to surgical procedures.  

Available as 12 ml and 50 ml.

Youki the Wound Healer​ System overview

Youki the Wound Healer works best, when the Youki Spray and the Youki Cream are used together and work together.

  1. Step 1: Youki Bio-Cell Spray provides a safe environment for the healing of the wound
  2. Step 2: Youki Skin Repair Cream helps to minimise the trauma suffered by the skin surrounding the wound, thus enhancing healing and reducing the risk of scarring

Youki the Wound Healer System works well on all types of shallow or superficial open wounds, including the following skin injuries:                                       

  • Cuts
  • Grazes
  • Minor burns
  • Friction burns
  • Abrasions
  • Lacerations
  • Ulcerated wounds
  • Pressure sores
  • Diabetic ulcers  

People, who can benefit from Youki the Wound Healer System include those listed below:

  1. People of all ages, including children
  2. Those with open wounds, scratches or lacerations of any size anywhere on the body
  3. Those suffering with superficial injuries, ulcers and sores
  4. After cosmetic procedures
  5. People presenting with allergic reactions to adhesives in conventional dressings
  6. Those, who react badly to the trauma of repeated wound dressing
  7. Raynauds sufferers
  8. Lupus sufferers

Point to note:  In cases of complex wounds to deep muscle tissue, skeletal or inner organs, as well as wounds caused by animal bites, it is important to seek immediate medical advice.

Youki the Wound Healer products are registered Class 1 Medical Devices and are appropriately CE marked (MDD 93/42/EEC). Youki the Wound Healing System has been developed in United Kingdom by Dr Sujata Jolly of Clinogen Ltd.

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  1. Youki Bio-Cell Spray: 12 ml and 60 ml 
  2. Youki Skin Repair Cream: 12 ml and 50 ml


Pack contains 1 selected product with user instructions.