BEACMED Novatys Nickel Free Vaginal Probe

BEACMED Novatys Nickel Fre​e Vaginal Probe with Gold Plated Electrodes

Novatys Vaginal Probe Nickel Free with 2 Gold Plated Transversal Asymmetric Ring Electrodes from BEACMED

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Novatys Vaginal Probe (Periprobe VAG-2STW) is an ergonomically shaped reusable vaginal probe with 2 gold plated ‘ring-like’ transversal electrodes. Optima3 is made in Italy by BEACMED.

Designed for electrical intra-vaginal stimulation and for EMG biofeedback, the Novatys vaginal probe enables the treatments to be performed in prone position or when standing.    

Novatys is nickel free and made of bio-compatible plastics. Novatys features 2 gold plated highly conductive transversal electrodes. Novatys Vaginal Probe is suitable for women with nickel allergy or sensitivity.

Novatys Vaginal Probe is also latex free and suitable for women allergic to latex.

Offering ergonomic shape and high conductivity of gold plated transversal electrodes, Novatys Vaginal Probe is for use by single user only. Novatys probe is not suitable for sterilisation, but should be washed after each use with mild soap and water.

Novatys Vaginal Probe specifications

  • Description:  Ergonomically shaped hypoallergenic vaginal probe with 2 leads fitted with 2 mm female sockets
  • Electrodes: 2 gold plated asymmetric transverse ring electrodes
  • Reusable single user vaginal probe
  • Materials: bio-compatible plastic; nickel free; latex free  
  • Applications:  electrical stimulation; EMG biofeedback
  • Length:  110 mm
  • Weight:  33 g
  • Choice of white or pink
  • CE 0051 Medical Device
  • See leaflet enclosed with product for warranty details.   
  • Made in Italy

Novatys Vaginal Probe - ergnomically shaped probe with gold plated electrodes for everyday use.  

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