Magnetic Button Adaptors

Buttons2Button Magnetic Button Adaptors - the New Improved Magnetic Button Adaptors Dressing Aid

Designed specially to assist people with dexterity problems to overcome associated physical limitations, the Buttons2button Magnetic Button Adaptors New Improved Dressing Aid by Wareologie quickly convert shirt buttons into easy to open & close magnetic closures. Buttons2button Adaptors make simple tasks of independent daily living possible again (i.e. putting on a clean shirt, removing a shirt), thus promoting greater independence and helping to reduce limitations dictated by dexterity impairments.   

The new improved Buttons2Button Magnetic Button Adaptors are perfect Dressing Aids for people with dexterity problems, great or small! The new improved magnetic buttons adaptors are perfect dressing aids, when in use and easier and faster to install. You can attached the magneting button adaptors in minutes without sewing. You can even wash your shirt in a washing machine without detaching the adaptors. Buttons2Button Magnetic Buttons Adaptors are the perfect no-sew machine washable Dressing Aids!             

Buttons2Button Magnetic Button Adaptors New Improved Dressing Aid overview

  • Intended and designed for people with dexterity problems
  • Patent-pending innovative design - the latest new improved design dressing aid 
  • Designed to fit on average medium size buttons that are little less than 1.5 cm / half inch in diameter 
  • No sewing required - fast and easy to install and perfect in use
  • Convert standard buttons into easy to open & close magnetic closures
  • Convert standard shirts, tops and jumpers into adaptive wear
  • Make essential daily tasks possible without assistance (i.e. putting on/taking off a shirt)
  • Make dressing and undressing effortless and quick
  • Reduce dependence on other people 
  • Support self-sufficiency and independence
  • Support personal style of fashion
  • Increase confidence and self-esteem
  • Improve dignity and privacy
  • Improve quality of life
  • Suitable for average size buttons circa 10 – 12 mm in diameter
  • Conveniently machine washable with garments
  • Transferrable between garments
  • Pack contains 9 sets of complete magnetic button adaptors (i.e. sufficient for one standard shirt)  

Buttons2button Magnetic Button Adaptors convert standard shirts and tops into adaptive garments that enable you to dress easier and faster independently without help! Buttons2button adaptors can convert your entire existing wardrobe of shirts, tops and jumpers into adaptive wear without sacrificing your personal style of fashion and without the costs associated with buying costly new adaptive outfits. Buttons2button are practical and can be transferred from garment to garment, making adaptive fashion more personal, more affordable and more accessible to all in need.   

Installing Buttons2Button Magnetic Button Adaptors

Buttons2button adaptors easily attach to an average medium sized buttons (i.e. circa 10 – 12 mm diameter). Each adaptor has 4 parts: ‘New’ Button, Metal Disk, Cap, Ring Magnet.  

  1. Attach New Button to the Metal Disk. Insert tip of Metal Disk through the back of the buttonhole and into the centre of the New Button. Push firmly till it snaps in place. 
  2. Attach the Button Cap to the shirt's button. Insert edge of the button into Cap and squeeze until the lip covers the backside of the button. 
  3. Ensure that the Cap wraps completely around the button. This will help the adaptors to function well and safely withstand laundering.      

Enjoy the freedom of effortless and stressless self-dressing, whenever you wish or need! Enjoy your self-sufficiency and independence!                 

Points to note:  

  • Good dexterity is required to install the magnetic adaptors. Users with less dexterity may need to ask a friend or a relative or a carer for help with installation. 
  • The magnetic adaptors work best on loosely fitting shirts.  
  • After installation of the adapters on the clothing, the magnetic closures are easy to open & close.
  • Buttons2Button magnetic closure adaptors are designed to help overcome limitation in dexterity during normal day activities and when carrying simple daily tasks. They are not designed for use during sleeping or when exercising. 
  • Garments with installed Buttons2Button Magnetic Button Adaptors can be machine washed without dismantling the magnetic closures. However, use of mesh laundry bags is strongly recommended to prevent accidental loss of the magnetic adaptors during wash. Please take care, when separating magnetic closures after washing. Pull them gently apart without tugging at the fabric of the garment.      


  • Buttons2button are not toys - please keep away from children  - the buttons can present a choking hazard 
  • Not suitable or intended for children under the age of 14 
  • Do not eat the adaptors
  • Do not use magnetic adaptors if you have fitted pacemaker or heart monitor, implanted defibrillator or deep brain stimulator (DBS devices) 
  • If in doubt as to yur suitability of using magnetic buttons, consult your doctor for advice     

Buttons2button Magnetic Button Adaptors – perfect companions in your quest for independent life! 

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Set of 9 complete Buttons2button Magnetic Button Adaptors for average medium size buttons of circa 1.5 cm (15 mm) / half inch (1/2 inch) in diameter. 


Pack of 9 complete Buttons2button Magnetic Button Adaptors in a drawer-style box with easy to read and follow user instructions. 1 year warranty for any defects and damages. .   

Please consider retaining the box to keep the adaptors safe and easy to find, when not in use. Keep user instructions for future reference.     

VAT exemption available to people with relevant disabilities. VAT exemption self-declaration must be completed online at the time of purchase.