RENLIVE FLEXI Skin Care Products by Biotec Italia

RENLIVE is a line of cosmeceutical skin care products by Biotec Italia. RENLIVE FLEXI is a line of RENLIVE skin care products that endeavours to give the skin everything that the skin needs to renew and restore natural brightness and beauty of the skin. 

About the RENLIVE Cosmeceuticals for Facial and Body Beauty

RENLIVE cosmeceutical skin care products were created as a result of a long and costly scientific research and practical clinical experience. RENLIVE products aim to offer precise and effective solutions for common skin concerns. RENLIVE Cosmeceuticals are researched, designed and made in Italy by Biotec Italia.

Utilising high performance formulations of plant origins raw materials and high-tech actives, RENLIVE products are very effective in producing immediate effects. Hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and free of harmful and sensitizing ingredients, RENLIVE cosmeceutical products aim to improve the cells in the skin.

RENLIVE Skin Care Products for Wellbeing and Natural Beauty

Human skin varies from person to person. Everyone’s skin is different. In addition to genetic predisposition, the skin responds to daily stress and different environmental conditions. Carefully researched and developed skin care products can help us to overcome or minimise skin problems or even skin damage caused by external factors. RENLIVE skin care products are a result of cooperation between dermatologists and cosmetologists and utilise the latest research and developments in skin science.

RENLIVE Quality and Best Ingredients

RENLIVE products are produced in sterile environment in small batches to guarantee the freshness and safety of all ingredients. Finished products are presented in special soft containers, such as tubes, bottles and vacuum packs that naturally protect the formulations from contamination from external environment. Preservatives are kept to a very minimum. All RENLIVE products are researched, designed and manufactured to the strict UNI EN ISO 9001 standards.

RENLIVE – RENLIVE FLEXI - Quality Cosmeceutical Skin Care for Natural Beauty of All Skin Types     

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