Pressure Relief Cushions for Care Institutions and Home Use

Pressure Relief Cushions help people with decreased mobility, who spend many hours every day sitting, frequently unable to reposition themselves effectively or as often as it is required. Prolonged sitting in one position can result in reddening of the skin, skin irritations, breakdowns and erosions and progressively increasing discomfort. During prolonged sitting in one position, the skin and underlying tissues are continually compressed, impairing local blood circulation and causing decrease in oxygen and nutrients reaching tissues and cells. Prolonged sitting increases the risk of pressure ulcers developing on the buttocks, especially in the areas where weight bearing bones are close to the surface of the skin. Pressure ulcers are difficult to treat, can be painful and can even be life threatening, hence, effective prevention of pressure ulcers is of paramount importance. 

People at risk include:

  • people with decreased mobility, who are unable to change their sitting positions
  • thin people with insufficient subcutaneous fat layer and with too low muscle mass to provide natural padding over body prominences
  • people with continence problems, presenting with increased moisture and dampness on the buttocks and upper thighs that make the skin more vulnerable and prone to damage
  • people with sensory or neurological impairment, who do not feel or recognise increasing discomfort caused by constant pressure and do not reposition themselves or seek help  

When sitting for long time, it is important to ensure that pressure is alleviated from the buttocks and upper thighs regularly. This allows blood flow to normalise, restoring oxygen levels in the skin and tissues, reducing stress and pressure on the skin and bony areas. Additionally, the skin should be inspected regularly for prese​nce of pressure-related skin changes, such as redness, discolouration, skin texture changes, warmth, swelling, abrasions and blisters, especially keeping careful watch on people at increased risk of developing pressure ulcers. 

Pressure relief equipment, such as pressure relief cushions, can help to make sitting more comfortable and safer. Using gel or foam cushions can minimise pressure as well as aid correct body positioning during sitting.

Here we present several quality cushions designed for different needs for your consideration:

The above pressure relief cushions are suitable for use in care institutions (i.e. hospitals, care homes) as well as at home and in home care.  

Alerta Pressure Relief Cushions – quality cushions for comfortable and safe sitting!  

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