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Minze Homeflow with Automated Digital Voiding Diary 

Minze Homeflow with Bluetooth is a uroflowmeter with accessories designed for use by patients with lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) at home, when assessed, treated and managed remotely by the clinicians. Minze Homeflow fits on any toilet, collects multiple flows and conveniently integrates uroflowmetry with automated bladder diary in one test, thus providing comprehensive insights into patients’ health, including valuable information needed by clinicians for diagnostic and treatment purposes.     

Minze Homeflow offers user friendly and representative novel pathway to diagnosing and monitoring of men, women and children with LUTS and voiding disorders. Extensively tested in clinical environments, the Minze Homeflow drives clinical performance and helps to improve patient care.         

Minze Homeflow is an effective and safe solution for patient-focussed community care clinics, family doctors’ surgeries, pelvic floor clinics, physiotherapy clinics and hospitals that offer remote patient assessment and monitoring.  

Minze Homeflow is available from the NHS Shared Business Services and directly from Win Health Medical.   

Please note: Minze Homeflow cannot be sold online. Please contact us for pricing and further information.  

Minze Homeflow overview

  • Designed for use at home, when treated and managed remotely by a clinician
  • Fitted with Bluetooth
  • Fits on any normal home toilet
  • Patient friendly and easy to use
  • Clinician friendly and provides comprehensive data 
  • Performs automatic patient identification
  • Facilitates remote consultations and follow-up
  • Tracks patient progress over multiple flows and/or multiple assessments
  • Integrates uroflowmetry with automated bladder diaries  
  • Can be used in natural voiding positions for men, women and children - standing for men / sitting for women / a potty for children
  • Collects multiple flows in the comfort of patients’ homes
  • Collected data is more representative of the natural patterns of symptoms, including voiding at night 
  • Allows assessment of natural variability detected in multiple flow measurements 
  • Connects with Minze app that runs on both the iOS and Android devices
  • Conveniently integrates uroflowmetry with automated bladder diary in one test
  • Selectable choice to collect uroflowmetry data only or to include automated bladder diary together with the uroflowmetry data 
  • Collected data is processed automatically on Clinician’s Portal and includes visualisation of voiding diary (if voiding diary data is collected) 
  • Interactive Clinician Portal allows convenient 24/7 access to collected and processed data in real-time and/or any time
  • Interactive Clinician Portal provides comprehensive overview of all data collected by the Homeflow 
  • All collected data is encrypted for data transfer and storage
  • Personal data and personal health data (i.e. medical data) are stored separately on different secure servers for added security
  • Minze Homeflow and accessories are reusable
  • Minze Homeflow and accessories are Non-Critical Patient-Care Items that require a low-level to intermediate level disinfection  
  • Minze Uroflow System Homeflow is a Class 1m Medical Device (CE1639) 
  • 1 year warranty  

More about Minze Homeflow

Minze Homeflow is operated by Minze app, a mobile application on a smartphone. Minze app allows patients at home to interact with the uroflowmeter as well as keep a voiding diary, when necessary. Mobile application transmits the encrypted data to the cloud, where it is stored in the online clinician platform (i.e. Clinician Portal) for 24/7 access by the clinicians.     

  • Clinicians select accessories that are most appropriate for the individual patients’ needs. The accessories allow the Minze Homeflow system to collect data that are most relevant, informative and representative of the patients’ natural urinary symptoms. Uroflowmetry and bladder diary data collected by the Minze Homeflow is used by the clinicians for diagnostic and treatment purposes as well as for treatment progress reviews and long-term management.      
  • When a clinician deems it necessary for the patient to keep a voiding diary, the patient uses the Minze app to answer pre-set questions with every void. These questions provide important supplementary information about relevant factors and circumstances, such as presence of urge, reasons for voiding and liquid intake. Collected data is transmitted to the online portal, where the clinician can access it in real-time or conveniently anytime 24/7.           

Minze Homeflow uroflowmeter links with the Minze app via Bluetooth. The Minze app offers a selectable choice of 1) uroflowmetry only data collection or 2) collection of uroflowmetry data together with automated bladder diary data.

  1. When Homeflow is used for uroflowmetry only, the uroflowmeter automatically registers volume, time and flow. When void is registered, the app prompts the patient to answer basic questions, such as type of void or urge.  
  2. When Homeflow is used as a fully automated voiding diary, the uroflowmeter automatically registers volume and flow. The Minze app prompts the patient to add related information, such as liquid intake and leakage episodes.

Integrated ePROMs (Patient-Reported Outcome Measures) questionnaire captures valuable patient feedback.   

Data captured by the Minze Homeflow are stored securely on an interactive cloud portal on a certified webserver that is fully GDPR and HIPAA compliant.  All data is safely encrypted for both data transfer and data storage with confidential data (i.e. personal data, personal health data) stored separately on different servers for added security. Stored data can be accessed by clinicians on Clinician Portal anytime 24/7.  

Please note that the Minze Homeflow System itself is not a diagnostic system. Minze Homeflow collects, processes and presents patients’ flow data to clinicians for diagnostic and treatment purposes.

How does the Minze Homeflow work?

Minze Homeflow utilises Bluetooth Low Energy Technology and the Internet connection (i.e. Wi-Fi or mobile telecom, such as 3G, 4G, etc.) to transmit the collected and encrypted data from the uroflowmeter with Bluetooth to the Minze app and onwards to the online Clinician Portal via the internet connection. The Minze app runs on smart devices (i.e. smartphones or tablets), utilising iOS or Android operating systems.

Minze Homeflow uroflowmeter employs weight transducer (i.e. load cell) to measure volume and calculate flow rates over time. Integrated presence detection sensor enables the flowmeter to automatically move from stand-by mode to awake mode as soon as a user touches it or comes close to it. A built-in accelerometer sensor detects excessive movement or a drop during use.

Most importantly, the uroflowmeter utilises Near Field Communication (NFC) to automatically perform patient identification from an NFC tag on a cup. Patients use cups individually assigned to them; thus, each assigned NFC tag is unique to one patient only. The unique NFC tag is read by NFC reader inside the uroflowmeter. Data collected from one cup are therefore automatically identifiable to one specific patient. Homeflow cup is a reusable accessory for a single patient use only.    

Minze Homeflow is easy to use. It securely collects comprehensive and representative of natural symptoms data for diagnostic and treatment purposes. Minze Homeflow enables home-based uroflowmetry and bladder diary tests and facilitates remote patient assessment, treatment and monitoring.

Data can be exported from Clinician Portal to patient-centered real-time Electronic Health Records (EHR) for secure instant access by other authorised health professionals for a broader picture of patient’s medical and treatment history and care pathway.   

Minze Homeflow and accessories are classed as Non-Critical Patient-Care Items that require a low-level to intermediate disinfection. Manufacturer’s cleaning and disinfection recommendations are included in the IFU (Instructions for Use), however, it is also recommended that the Minze Homeflow is kept clean by the patient during home use and then cleaned thoroughly upon return of the uroflowmeter system to the supervising clinician in compliance with user manual as well as organisational internal cleaning and disinfection procedures.           

Minze Homeflow – a novel uroflowmeter and bladder diary for home use by men, women and children with voiding disorders in care of clinicians specialising in urology and pelvic health.  

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