Scottie AllNight

Scottie AllNight 8 Hour Hot Bottle 

Scottie AllNight Microwavable Hot Bottle Heat Pad - Scottie AllNight keeps you warm all night! 

Scottie All Night microwavable heat pad hot bottle without water gives 8 hours of warmth every night time after time without a need to be filled with hot water!

Scottie All Night microwavable hot bottle heat pad hot bottle is a plate size rigid disc in purple colour approximately 22 cm (9 inches) in diameter. The disc is made of durable expanding polypropylene casing, filled with Thermapol gel. Thermapol is a non-toxic, harmless, odourless and environmentally friendly gel that has been developed for repeated microwave heating. When heated in a microwave, the gel converts into a hot liquid that stabilises at about 50 degrees Celsius and subsequently releases the heat over a period of several hours. The outer casing is made of durable and non-expanding polypropylene, which can be cleaned by wiping down.

Scottie All Night his supplied with a soft removable and washable cover. You can heat Scottie disc in the microwave with or without the cover - as you prefer for your convenience. 

Scottie AllNight - your perfect warm companion all night long!

Scottie AllNight Hot Bottle recommended heating times

  • 8 minutes in 600 - 650 W microwave
  • 7 minutes in 700 - 750 W microwave
  • 6 minutes in 800 - 850 W microwave
  • 5 minutes in 900 - 1000 W microwave
  • 3 minutes in 1100 - 1200 W microwave
  • 2.5 minutes in 1300 - 1500 W microwave

Easy to follow detailed User Instructions are enclosed with each Scottie heat bottle disc. Microwaving times for different streghts of microwaves are shown on the purple disc. 

Scottie AllNight Microwavable Hot Bottle Heat Pad keeps the warmth for 8 hours. Scottie microwavable heat pad is still warm, when you wake up! The heat literally lasts all night!

  • Scottie AllNight hot bottle heat pad is an alternative to a hot bottle, but the Scottie AllNight is warm all night, yet does not require constant filling with water or emptying after use. There is no danger of scalding yourself with the boiling hot water from your kettle! Scottie AllNight is quick and easy to use! Scottie AllNight is simple to care for - simply wipe the disk with a wet cloth and wash the soft cosy fabric cover with your normal washing. 
  • Scottie AllNight microwavable hot bottle heat pad can be reused time after time and it does not require any special attention. Scottie AllNight will last you for a life time as long as you follow the User Instructions and do not exceed the heating times. Scottie AllNight is a hard non-flexible disk weighing 900 g with soft outer cover.  

Scottie AllNight Microwavable Hot Bottle Heat Pad is suitable for everyone, who requires warmth and benefits from heat therapy. It will help to soothe painful joints and relieve pains responsive to heat (i.e. period pains, joint pains, sore muscles, aching shoulders and neck, back pain, etc.). It is perfect for people suffering with cold hands and feet. Scottie All Night will keep your bed warm and cosy even during the coldest nights.

Scottie AllNight summary

  1. Provides 8 hours of sustained heat for lasting warmth and comfort
  2. Filled with special gel, does not require watter and is safe during use
  3. Simple to warm up in a microwave
  4. When compared to hot water bottles, Scottie All Night heat pad gives heat for much longer and there is no danger of scalding with hot water
  5. Provides fragrance free warmth
  6. Hygienic with easy ‘wipe and dry’ clean and has a washable cover
  7. Suitable for adults and children
  8. Durable and lasts for years
  9. Highly cost effective, providing hours of heat at a minute fraction of heating costs

Scottie All Night provides effective and safe long lasting warmth anytime you need it - conveniently and affordably. It is a microwavable heat pad disk that holds the heat for up to 8 hours from one single heating in the microwave. Scottie AllNight is perfect for anyone, but especially for elderly people or disabled people or for warming up children's beds. It is perfect for times that warmth and safety should go hand in hand. Once heated in the microwave, Scottie performs its duty - gives away hours of soothing warmth without any dangers that can be associated with other forms of bed warming electric heat pads and hot water bottles, such as tripping over electric cords or spillage of boiling water. Enjoy hours of warmth and soothing comfort with Scottie AllNight, your microwavable heat pad of choice!    

Scottie AllNight - your perfect microwavable hot bottle disk heat pad that holds heat all night! 

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Scottie AllNight is approximately 22 cm in diameter


  1. Scottie All Night is supplied with a soft washable cover and user instructions.
  2. Scottie All Night Soft Washable Cover - 1 x spare soft washable cover for Scottie All Night.