Beurer EM 59 Digital TENS EMS with Heat and Massage Function ‘4 in 1’ Device

Beurer EM 59 is a ‘4 in 1’ TENS EMS electrical stimulator medical device with heat and massage functions. Beurer EM 59 merges 4 basic functions of TENS – EMS – Heat – Massage into a sophisticated combination therapy operation that effectively and naturally relieves pain with TENS, strengthens, tones, tightens, rehabilitates and regenerates muscles with EMS stimulation, soothes painful muscles with warming heat, relaxes tensed muscles and muscle fatigue with EMS and massage as well as aids sports training efforts and helps to improve performance. Heat function can be combined with TENS, EMS or massage for extra therapeutic enhancement or heat used as a standalone therapeutic modality. With total of 70 programs (i.e. 64 pre-set programs, 6 customisable programs) with 50 intensity levels, the sophisticated but simple to use Beurer EM 59 delivers effective and safe natural pain relief, muscle rehabilitation and relaxing and soothing massage at home or during travel.  

Beurer EM 59 TENS EMS Heat and Massage Device overview

  • TENS EMS with Massage and Heat for natural pain relief, muscle rehabilitation and relaxation
  • Perfect for pain relief (i.e. back pain, sore joints, neuralgia, menstrual cramps, pain after trauma or injury, pain caused by circulatory disorders, chronic pain)  
  • Perfect for post-injury recoveries
  • Perfect for muscle relaxation and reduction of muscle fatigue
  • Perfect sports training aid that helps to enhance muscle endurance and performance and speed up muscle recovery after intense training and sporting efforts    
  • Effective and safe medical device for home use
  • 2 individually adjustable channels
  • 4 electrodes 45 x 45 mm with gel pads (i.e. 2 per channel)
  • LCD screen display
  • 70 stimulation programs:
  • 15 TENS programs: 12 TENS pre-set programs and 3 customisable TENS programs
  • 35 EMS programs: 32 EMS pre-set programs and 3 customisable EMS programs
  • Customisable programs feature adjustable frequency, pulse width, intensity and timer
  • 20 massage programs
  • 50 intensity levels
  • Heat function with 2 heat levels optionally selectable for TENS/EMS/Massage stimulation programs to improve circulation and relax muscles
  • Heat function with 2 levels of heat for standalone use without stimulation programs
  • TENS & EMS pre-set programs duration is 30 minutes
  • Massage pre-set programs duration is 20 minutes
  • Doctor’s function that facilitates fast access of personalised program for quick therapeutic application
  • Electrodes positioning guide in illustrated user manual
  • Countdown timer
  • Treatment time adjustable from 5 – 100 minutes
  • Pause function
  • Acoustic signals identify valid buttons
  • Keylock to prevent unintentional pressing of buttons during treatment  
  • Integral Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Battery status indicator
  • Rechargeable from mains or PC/laptop via USB cable
  • Automatic shut off after 1 minute of non-use
  • Medical Device CE2460
  • 5 years warranty

Using Beurer EM 59 Digital TENS EMS Heat Device

Beurer EM 59 is a sophisticated digital device that is easy to use. User manual is simple to follow and illustrated for user convenience and speedy understanding, including electrode positioning suggestions for the best therapeutic outcomes. You must read and familiarise yourself with instructions prior to first use and retain the manual for future reference.

  1. Prior to first use, the device must be fully charged. The full charge takes circa 4 hours. You can charge directly from the mains, using charging cable and a suitable adapter. Alternatively, you can charge the Beurer EM 59 from your PC or a laptop via USB charging cable connected to a USB port on your PC/laptop. 
  2. Select a suitable program to use from the TENS programs – EMS programs – Massage programs. You can find the program tables for TENS, EMS and Massage in the user manual.
  3. Place the self-adhesive electrodes on the treatment area as suggested by electrode placement illustrations for each program in the user manual and connect the electrodes to the Beurer EM 59 unit. Bear I mind that the gel pads provided must be attached to the electrodes prior to treatment – this is a simple task fully described and illustrated in the user manual. When the gel pads lose their adhesivity, you must replace them. You should clean the gel pads regularly with lint free damp cloth and store them on the original carrier foil – these simple will prolong usability of the gel pads.
  4. Important point to note: For hygiene reasons you must never share skin electrodes with another person.     
  5. Switch the device on using the ON/OFF button and follow the simple steps on intensity setting and/or heat function activation and deactivation described in the user manual.           
  6. Beurer EM 59 features 50 intensity levels. Please remember that stimulation therapy (i.e. TENS and EMS) must always feel comfortable. You should feel the stimulation signals on your skin, but if you feel discomfort, you should reduce the intensity to a comfortable level. You can adjust the intensity level freely up or down at any time during TENS or EMS stimulation.     
  7. Beurer EM 59 can be paused at any time during stimulation, using ON/OFF button. To resume the paused treatment, just press the ON/OFF button again and subsequently re-set the intensity.     
  8. You can use the heat function alone (i.e. without stimulation) by placing the electrodes on the desired area as suggested in user manual and pressing the Heat button on the device, followed by timer setting – see user manual for details. You will feel the temperature increasing. As there are 2 levels of the Heat, you can increase from the level 1 to level 2 by pressing the Heat button again.
  9. Beurer EM 59 features 3 customisable TENS programs (P13, P14, P15) and 3 customisable EMS programs (P33, P34, P35). Customisable programs allow you to set parameters of the stimulation (i.e. frequency, pulse widths, etc) to match your personal needs more closely. Please follow the simple instructions for personalisation of each of the customisable programs individually described in user manual.    
  10. Between uses, store your Beurer EM 59 device and accessories safely in its original packaging box in a cool dry place.   

Enjoy effective pain relief or enhance your sports training with the versatile Beurer EM 59 TENS EMS Heat and Massage Device!    

Beurer EM 59 TENS EMS Heat and Massage Device specifications         

  • Output waveform: Biphasic rectangular pulses
  • Pulse length: 50 – 450 µs
  • Pulse frequency: 1 – 150 Hz
  • Output voltage: Maximum 100 Vpp (500 Ohm)
  • Output current: Maximum 200 mApp (500 ohms) 
  • Voltage supply: Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, 2000 mAh, 3.7 V
  • Treatment time: Adjustable from 5 – 100 minutes
  • Intensity: Adjustable from 0 – 50
  • Heating levels: Low (41° C) / High (43° C)
  • Operating conditions: 5° C - 40° C, RH 15 – 90%, atmospheric pressure 700 – 1060 hPa      
  • Storage conditions: 0° C - 40° C, RH 0 – 90%, atmospheric pressure 700 – 1060 hPa  
  • Height limit for use: 3000 m
  • Dimensions: circa 139 x 66 x 26 mm
  • Weight: circa 125 g (including belt clip)   
  • CE 2460 medical device
  • Serial number located on the device

Important point to note: This device is powered by Lithium Battery and therefore you must always follow the manufacturer’s stated Lithium Batteries instructions with regard to use, charging, transport, and recycling. Please refer to User Manual / User Instructions for detailed instructions. 

Contraindications and warnings

  • Please ensure that you read and understand recommendations listed in user manual. If you have never used electrotherapy stimulation device, such as TENS or EMS, consult a doctor for advice. If you suffer any conditions or health problems listed in the user manual with recommendation for medical consultation prior to first use, please be sure to contact your doctor promptly for advice.
  • Extensive list of contraindications, warnings and precautions is presented in the user manual. After you have read and understood user manual, including ‘contraindications, warnings and precautions section’, refer to the user manual frequently and retain it for future reference.
  • If you are in any doubts as to your suitability for use of the Beurer EM 59, consult your medical practitioner!


  • Do not use if you have an implanted electrical device (i.e. pacemaker, defibrillator, etc.)
  • Do not use in case of metal implants
  • Do not use during pregnancy
  • Do not use if you are a user of insulin pump
  • Do not use if you have a high temperature, cardiac arrhythmia, disorders of heart impulse and conduction system
  • Do not use if you have a seizure disorders (i.e. epilepsy) or cancer
  • Do not use immediately after surgical procedure as strong muscle contractions could affect healing process
  • Do not use close to the heart, over front of ribcage, not on the large pectorals,
  • Do not use on the scull, around the mouth, throat or larynx, in the carotid area on the neck or eyes
  • Do not use in the genital area
  • Do not use on acutely or chronically diseased skin, inflamed skin, rashes, allergies, burns, swellings, open wounds, healing wounds, post-operative scars,
  • Do not use if suffering from acute or chronic gastrointestinal disorders         

Consult your doctor in case of any of the following problems:

  • Serious illnesses, high blood pressure, blood coagulation disorders, propensity to thrombo-embolic events, recurrent malignant growth
  • Any skin conditions
  • Unexplained chronic pain in any part of the body
  • Diabetes
  • Sensory impairments that reduce perception of pain (i.e. metabolic disorders)
  • You are receiving medical treatment
  • In the event of prior complaints linked to electrical stimulation or if you suffer from persistently irritated skin due to stimulation at the same electrode site  

Please note: This device is not a substitute for medical consultation and treatment. Consult your doctor first if you are experiencing any pain or suffering from an illness!

Beurer EM 59 TENS EMS Heat and Massage – your versatile electrostimulation device for pain relief at home!    

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Dimensions: 139 x 66 x 26 mm / Weight: 125 g (incl. belt clip)


  1. Beurer EM 59 kit includes EM 59 unit with fitted battery, 4 x electrodes 45 x 45 mm with gel pads and lead cable, belt clip, charging cable and multilingual user manual. CE 2460 and 5 years warranty.
  2. Beurer EM 59 Replacement Electrodes kit - set of 4 x electrodes with lead cable. 
  3. Beurer EM 59 Gel Pads kit comprises of 8 gel electrodes in 45 x 45 mm sizes. 

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