Minze Hospiflow for Uroflowmetry in Hospitals and Clinics

Minze Hospiflow - the most advanced and versatile uroflowmetry system available!

  1. Instals on any normal toilet for a stress-free measurement experience. Provides a more natural way of voiding for patients of all ages and genders. Mobile and portable. Easy to use and clean.   
  2. Wireless, digital and cloud-based for an optimal daily workflow management. Intuitive user-friendly software includes patient history and seamlessly integrates with EMR system and other Minze digital solutions.
  3. Cloud-based wireless Clinician Portal facilitates easy access of uroflow measurements in real time and 24/7, allowing measurements comparison over time or use of nomograms to compare results to normal values.  
  4. Minze Hospiflow connects to Minze Gateway via Bluetooth to send the encrypted data securely to the Minze cloud. Setup of Gateway is easy with Minze Toolkit app.

Minze Hospiflow with Bluetooth is a patient-friendly uroflowmeter with accessories designed for use by patients with lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) assessed, treated and monitored by clinicians in hospitals and clinics. Minze Hospiflow is designed to fit on any hospital or clinic toilet and can be moved between different toilets, if required. Using Minze Hospiflow, hospital-based uroflowmetry is performed in a familiar environment of a normal toilet and in natural voiding positions – sitting for women, standing for men and a comfortable potty for children, making uroflowmetry tests a less stressful experience.  

Minze Hospiflow is available from the NHS Shared Business Services and directly from Win Health Medical.   

Please note: Minze Hospiflow cannot be sold online. Please contact us for pricing and further information.  

Minze Hospiflow overview      

  • Designed for use in hospitals and clinics
  • Fitted with Bluetooth
  • Fits on any normal hospital toilet
  • Connects with Minze Gateway, a hospital mobile application that facilitates usage of multiple Minze uroflowmeters in one hospital location and automatically wirelessly transmits all collected data to the cloud-based interactive Minze Clinician Portal
  • Collects in-hospital uroflowmetry measurements
  • Patient friendly and easy to use
  • Performs automatic patient identification
  • Allows new patients to be added to database
  • Compiles searchable patient database 
  • Can be used in natural voiding positions - standing for men, sitting for women and a potty for children
  • Measurement data are sent automatically via the Minze Gateway to the Minze cloud portal
  • Collected data is processed, analysed and presented automatically on Clinician’s Portal in accordance with ICS guidelines  
  • Interactive Clinician Portal is accessible to clinicians in real-time and 24/7  
  • Collected data is encrypted for data transfer and storage
  • Personal data and personal health data (i.e. medical data) are stored separately on different secure servers for added security
  • Data can be exported to Electronic Health Records (EHR) for instant access of clinicians and other authorised personnel to patients’ medical and treatment history   
  • Minze Hospiflow and accessories are reusable and require cleaning and disinfection between patients  
  • Minze Hospiflow and accessories are Non-Critical Patient-Care Items that require a low-level to intermediate level of disinfection procedures  
  • Minze Uroflow System Hospiflow is a Class 1m Medical Device (CE1639), FDA cleared  
  • 1 year warranty

More about the Minze Hospiflow

Minze Hospiflow consists of a uroflowmeter with accessories, a hospital mobile application (i.e. Minze Gateway) and a cloud-based online portal (i.e. Clinician Portal). The Minze Gateway is a form of a mobile application for hospital use. Minze Gateway facilitates the use of several Minze uroflowmeters in one hospital location.

Minze Hospiflow utilises Bluetooth Low Energy Technology and the Internet connection (i.e. Wi-Fi or mobile telecom, such as 3G, 4G, etc.) to wirelessly transmit the collected and encrypted data from the uroflowmeter to the Minze Gateway and onwards to the online Clinician Portal via the internet connection.

Minze interactive cloud portal is located on a certified webserver that is fully GDPR and HIPAA compliant.   All data is safely encrypted for data transfer and data storage with confidential data (i.e. personal data, personal health data) stored separately for added security on different servers.

Stored data can be accessed by clinicians on Clinician Portal either in real-time or anytime 24/7. Clinicians can identify patients on a Clinician Portal and use the captured and processed patient’s health data for diagnostic and treatment purposes.

Minze Hospiflow uroflowmeter employs weight transducer (i.e. load cell) to measure volume and calculate flow rates over time. Integrated presence detection sensor enables the flowmeter to automatically move from stand-by mode to awake mode as soon as a user touches it or comes close to it. A built-in accelerometer sensor detects excessive movement or a drop during use.

Minze Hospiflow offers a novel patient-friendly and accurate way of diagnosing and monitoring men, women and children with lower urinary tract disorders and voiding disorders. Extensively tested in demanding clinical environments, the Minze Hospiflow helps clinicians to easily compare and assess flows and effectively manage and monitor patients’ treatments.

Data can be exported from Clinician Portal to patient-centered real-time Electronic Health Records (EHR) for secure instant access by other authorised health professionals for a broader picture of patient’s medical and treatment history and care pathway.   

Minze Hospiflow and accessories are classed to be Non-Critical Patient-Care Items that require a low-level to intermediate level of disinfection. Minze Hospiflow and accessories are reusable and as such need to be cleaned and disinfected between patients. Manufacturer’s cleaning and disinfection recommendations are included in the IFU (Instructions for Use); however, it is also recommended that applicable organisational cleaning and disinfection procedures are strictly adhered to.            

With no installation required, easy to use for patients and providing instantly accessible data to clinicians, the Minze Hospiflow is perfect in busy hospitals and clinics, where it can help to improve operational efficiency, Help to manage workflow and clinical performance, this improve standards of patient care.  

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Minze Hospiflow – a novel uroflowmetry solution for busy hospitals and clinics.   

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