Hearing Aids for People with Impaired Hearing

Hearing Amplifiers for Peaople with Limited Hearing 

Hearing (i.e. also called audition) is one of the five senses - a sense of perception of sound. Hearing is made possible by the auditory system, which detects mechanical waves known as vibrations and converts them into impulses that are received in the temporal lobe of the brain and perceived as sounds and noises. In simplistic terms, the auditory system converts the mechanical vibrations taking place outside of human body into sounds that have a huge impact on human lives.          

Living without functional auditory system is challenging and can be very limiting and debilitating. It can affect ability to hear speech and communicate, influence relationships, impair enjoyment of arts, such as music and endanger lives, if alarms or warning sounds are not heard and perceived.

According to the British Deaf Association, there are circa 9 million of deaf and hard of hearing people in the UK. Some people are born deaf, other lose hearing during their lives.

If you think that your hearing is worsening, tackle the problem immediately - before it starts to diminish your wellbeing, your relationships, your safety and overall quality of life.

Hearing aids

Some people experiencing loss of hearing can benefit from using a hearing aid. Hearing aids do not treat the loss of hearing or even make the hearing perfect. Hearing aids simply minimise the impact of hearing loss on your life. Hearing aids can help you to hear sounds louder and clearer, making participation in conversations possible, help you enjoy music or watch your TV programs. Hearing aids will enable you to hear sounds of doorbells, alarms, cooker timers and ringing phones.

Hearing aids are helpful only to hard of hearing people, who still have a degree of hearing left. It is important to remember that hearing aids will not reverse the loss of hearing and you should therefore seek help before your hearing gets worse.

Hearing amplifiers for people with limited hearing

Hearing amplifiers are types of hearing aids. Hearing amplifiers are an initial first step towards clearer hearing by people with mild hearing impairment. A hearing amplifier is a personal wearable sound amplifier that increases the volume of the sounds within personal environment of a person experiencing a minimum hearing impairment, who requires a boost in clarity and loudness of sounds. Hearing amplifiers are suitable for use outdoors and indoors. Hearing amplifiers are normally less costly than dedicated hearing aids.    

Fire alarm listening devices

Fire alarm listening devices alert deaf or hard of hearing people to the sound of fire alarm, enabling them to leave premises and seek safety. With a fire alarm listening device in their rooms, deaf and hard of hearing people can rest, sleep or relax without having to wear their normal hearing aids. The fire alarm listening devices are especially useful during travel in hotel rooms as well as in residential and care homes.   

Aids for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People presented here

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