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Rejuvenating Radiance Skincare for Pigmentation Issues

Radiance Rejuvenating Skincare products benefit all types of skin in need of firming, rejuvenation and tackling unwanted pigmentation. The Radiance Skincare Products are rich in nutrients that stimulate circulation and have intense moisturising effect on the skin cells and connective tissues. Radiance Skincare Products tighten, tone and firm the skin as well as soften and texture it.

Radiance Skincare range has been developed by the late Dr Sujata Jolly to help tackle uneven skin tones and pigmentation in Asian skins. The Radiance Skincare does not contain bleaching agents and evens off the darker complexions naturally and without inhibition of the pigment melanin. Radiance Skincare helps to exfoliate, nourish and soothe the skin.  

Radiance Rejuvenation Skincare Products

Radiance Rejuvenating Skincare Products and their ingredients are presented below:

Radiance Brightening and Anti-Agi​ng Crème

Daily crème specially formulated to help the appearance of pigmentation, fine lines and uneven skin tone. A protective barrier forms reducing water loss and preventing further dryness by conditioning and re-hydrating the skin. Light reflecting particles protect against the sun helping to limit photo damage prevalent in regular exposure to the sun.

Effects of Radiance Brightening & Anti-Aging Crème:

  1. helps to reduce uneven skin tone
  2. stimulates healthy regeneration of skin cells
  3. protects against UV exposure
  4. forms a barrier against aggressive environmental factors
  5. helps stimulate cell regeneration
  6. frees pores of impurities

Radiance™ Brightening Crème is enriched with plant extracts and oils, supplying essential nutrients to the skin, stimulating a deeper circulation and assisting in the regeneration of already damaged cells. This allows the skin to effectively control and reverse the visible signs of deterioration such as fine lines, broken capillaries, uneven skin tone and pigmentation. Regular use the Radiance Brightening Creme ensures a soft, but firm and lifted complexion with more radiant and youthful looking skin. For best results you should use the Radiance Brightening Creme in conjunction with Radiance Foaming Cleanser and Exfoliator.

Active ingredients include cellular plant extracts, plant oils (jojoba, soya and olive) and glycerine. 

Ingredients: Aqua, Disodium Alkyl Sulphosccinate, Sodium Coco-Sulphate, Panthenol, Hydrolysed Oligo Proteins, Salvia Officinalis, Rosmarinum Officinalis, Retinol Palmitate, Tocopherol, Triticum Vulgare, Parabens ( Methyl, Ethyl, Propyl, Butyl, Isobutyl), Phenoxyethanol.

Radiance Face and Neck Creme comes as 2 x 30 ml pump dispenser bottles (60 ml total).

Radiance Five Min​ute Masque

Weekly professional salon treatment formulated for home use to help lighten, brighten and make the skin appear more radiant and fair. Radiance™ Five Minute Masque gives you the unique opportunity to have access to a professional salon treatment to use in your own home. This treatment will help you to achieve a fairer, brighter and more translucent complexion.

Effects  of the Radiance Five Minute Masque:

  1. lightens the skin naturally
  2. helps to breakdown pigmentation
  3. accelerates the replacement of lost cells
  4. helps to even out the distribution of melanin
  5. anti-oxidant ingredients help to fight harmful free-radicals

Used once a week, Radiance Five Minute Masque will help you to achieve a visible difference in pigmentation, uneven skin tone and generally tired and sluggish skin.

Radiance skincare products do not contain any harmful skin bleaching ingredients such as Hydroquinone or Kojic Acid.

Active ingredients in the Radiance Five Minute Masque include plant extracts, caffeine, glycerine and wheat protein.

Ingredients: Aqua, Polyacrylate 13, Polyisobutene, Polysorbate 20, Capric/Caprylic triglyceride, Glycerin, Celeareth-25,Sodium Dococolethynediamine PEG-15 Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Lactylate, Behenyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate Citrate, Gum Arabic, Xanthan Gum, Glycyrrhiza Glabra, Caffeine, S Carboxymethyl L-Cysteine, Niacinamide, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Salix Nigra, Aluminium Lactate, Catraria.

Radiance Five Minute Masque comes in 50 ml bottle.

Radiance Rejuvenating Skincare - The Professional Skincare Salon Treatment at Home

The Radiance Skincare range has been developed by leading research scientist the late Dr Sujata Jolly, who has been a key figure in the health and beauty industry since the late 1970’s. Her expertise in the arena of ethnic skincare and the dangers of skin bleaching ingredients led to the ban of harmful bleaching agents, such as hydroquinone in over the counter cosmetic products in the EU.

Radiance Skincare features

  1. The Radiance range has been specially formulated to improve the skin’s texture and tone in a safe way using natural plant extracts which help to exfoliate, nourish and heal the skin.
  2. The Radiance does not contain any skin bleaching agents which inhibit the production of melanin, a key component in protecting the skin from harmful UV radiation.
  3. Radiance Five Minute Skincare Regime consists of professional quality products specially formulated to help to achieve salon results in your own home. These products offer a solution that helps you to achieve a skin tone that appears even, clearer, brighter and more translucent. Radiance Skincare contains natural plant extracts which help to nourish, rehydrate and help to make your skin appear younger and fresher, reducing the appearance of pigmentation, fine lines, and tired and sluggish skin.
  4. Please note that Radiance offers a safer way of breaking down pigmentation (without bleaching) and minimising any imperfections in your skin. Radiance does not contain any chemicals, which inhibit the production of melanin as this can lead to sensitivity of the skin. Radiance does not contain any harmful ingredients such as Kojic Acid, a second generation skin bleaching agent, which has been banned in Switzerland and Japan (both leading nations in skincare) from being used in cosmetic products. In South Korea, Kojic Acid has been banned due to its toxicity shown in animal studies. 

The Radiance Rejuvenation Skincare key ingredients

  1. Compounds that do not exert a cytotoxic effect on melanocytes. These help to even out the distribution of melanin without destroying melanin producing cells.
  2. Ingredients that increase keratincyte turnover helping to accelerate and known to respirate cells with oxygen helping to rejuvenate the skin.

The Radiance Skincare ingredients are:

  • Liquorice - a natural anti-oxidant
  • Wild Yam - a natural source of oestrogen
  • Caffeine - good for lifting and firming
  • Bladderwrack - anti-ageing, tightening and firming
  • Rosemary - stimulates and rejuvenates
  • Meadowfoam Oil - a natural source of oestrogen
  • Willowbark - exfoliating and anti-inflammatory
  • Icelandic Moss - anti-bacterial and anti-microbial

The following ingredients are NOT used in Radiance™ Five Minute Skincare:

  1. Kojic Acid - Kojic acid was discovered by Japanese scientists to cause embryonic toxicity, systemic toxicity in the liver and kidneys, and cancer of the liver in animal studies. Switzerland and Korea followed Japan, who banned the use of Kojic Acid in cosmetic products in 2003 due to potential mutagenic concerns.
  2. Hydroquinone - The dangers of skin bleaching products containing hydroquinone was considered serious enough for the EU to ban its use in over the counter cosmetic products in 2001. The FDA in the USA has also followed suit.

Potential dangers presented by Kojik Acid and Hydroquinone ingredients ( = these ingredients are NOT used in the Radiance Skincare range!) : Skin bleaching agents such as Kojic Acid and Hydroquinone work by causing a physiological change in the skin. They work by inhibiting the production of enzymes, such as tyrosinase - and affect the production of melanin, a key component in protecting the skin from harmful UV radiation.

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Radiance Skincare products are available in following sizes:

  • Radiance Brightening and Anti-Aging Cream: 60 ml (2 x 30 ml)  
  • Radiance 5 Minute Mask: 50 ml



  1. 1 unit of Radiance Brightening & Anti-Aging Creme consists 2 x 30 ml bottles (60 ml total). 
  2. 1 unit of Radiance Five Minute Mask consists of 1 x 50 ml bottle.