Pjama Connect Bedwetting Alarm

Pjama® Connect Bedwetting Alarm with free Pjama® DryGuardians Bedwetting App

Pjama® Connect Enuresis Alarm Sensor

Pjama® Connect Bedwetting Alarm is an innovative one-piece sensor-based enuresis alarm. It is a small, discreet and convenient to use medical device that is suitable for children age 5 and over. When used with the Pjama® DryGuardians App on a smartphone, it acts as a complete bedwetting alarm. Pjama® Connect Bedwetting Alarm is an effective and affordable enuresis alarm for use with any pyjama pants or favourite underwear of choice. Together with the Pjama® DryGuardians App and a smartphone, the Pjama® Connect Bedwetting Alarm delivers an effective bedwetting training solution that speeds up learning to wake up prior to bedwetting accidents.    

DryGuardians App is designed to analyse bedwetting data on a daily basis, providing expert insights and tailored advice that leads the users through the bedwetting treatment process. During treatment, the users receive daily advice and instructions, whilst progress made is analysed for personalised guidance. DryGuardians App was developed in collaboration with renowned bedwetting experts and the Swedish Healthcare to provide a transformative bedwetting solution that works and helps the users to achieve dry nights and confidence in perseverance with treatment. 

DryGuardians App is FREE from Apple Store (iOS) and Google play (Android phones).  

Pjama® Connect Bedwetting Alarm Sensor is an easy to use medical device suitable for children age 5 and over. The sensor does not require charging and carries a 1 year warranty. It is a CE marked medical device that measures 50 x 30 x 10 mm and weighs 15 g. Pjama® Connect Bedwetting Alarm Sensor can be used with any garment or a diaper. 

Point to note: Pjama® Connect Bedwetting Alarm Sensor pairs easily with the Pjama® Bedwetting Alarm Speaker that can be placed near the child's bed or on a bedside cabinet. Upon detection of moisture by the Pjama® Connect Alarm Sensor, the Pjama® Alarm Speaker emits an audible alarm that wakes the child up. Pjama® Bedwetting Alarm Speaker is rechargeable and can be purchased optionally to further aid children's Pjama® bedwetting treatment program.          

Using Pjama® Connect Bedwetting Alarm Sensor and Pjama® DryGuardians Bedwetting App

Pjama® Connect Bedwetting Alarm is a small sensor that connects with the DryGuardians App on a smartphone via Bluetooth. The smartphone works as the alarm device and wakes the child, if a bedwetting accident occurs. In other words, it is the sensor-plate on the sensor that detects the wetness and subsequently notifies DryGuardians App by transmitting the signals of wetness to the smartphone via Bluetooth. DryGuardians App activates the alarm on the smartphone to wake the child up. Point to note: Pjama® Connect Bedwetting Alarm can be used with any garment or diaper.      

  • Ensure you have downloaded Pjama® DryGuardians Bedwetting App for your smartphone from Apple Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android phone
  • Pjama® DryGuardians App enables selection of alarm signal and facilitates calendar log for monitoring of progress
  • Pjama® DryGuardians App also facilitates setting of day alarms for children who wet themselves during daytime
  • Pjama® DryGuardians App keeps track on the progress of bedwetting treatment
  • Pjama® DryGuardians App also helps a doctor informed and provides deep insights into the treatment progress
  • Pjama® DryGuardians App gives useful treatment tips and further information
  • Smartphone with Pjama® DryGuardians App can be placed circa 20 meters away from the Pjama® Connect Bedwetting Alarm (i.e. maximum distance depends on individual brand of smartphone)    
  • During sleepovers, Pjama® DryGuardians App can facilitate silent and discreet vibration function for privacy instead of an audible alarm  
  • Test the Pjama® Alarm Sensor by wetting the underside of the sensor with a drop of water – this should activate the sound of alarm – your Pjama® Alarm Sensor is now ready to use
  • Any nighttime pants or underwear can be used with the alarm sensor
  • Accommodate the Pjama® Connect Bedwetting Alarm Sensor in a panty liner or disposable diaper – make a small incision in the panty liner to insert the sensor – place the panty liner or diaper with inserted sensor in the garment – your alarm sensor is now ready to use
  • When the leak causes wetness in the panty liner/ diaper, an alarm will sound
  • Regular use of the alarm sensor that wakes the child up immediately at the time of immediately after bedwetting occurred contributes to faster learning to wake up on time to use a toilet
  • Remove the alarm sensor from the panty liner/diaper and wipe clean and dry before reusing it or prior to storage

Pjama® Alarm Sensor is a CE marked Class 1 Medical Device and carries one year warranty.  


  • Do not put into the mouth as it could cause choking
  • Do not hold sounding alarm close to an ear (i.e. 10 cm or less)     

Pjama® Connect Bedwetting Alarm – a perfect innovative solution to bedwetting problems! 

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 Dimensions: 50 x 30 x 10 mm / Weight: 15 g



  • Pjama® Connect Bedwetting Alarm kit consists of an alarm sensor and user instructions. CE mark and 12 months warranty.
  • DryGuardians App for iOS can be obtained free from Apple Store and for Android free from Google Play.  
  • Optional purchase: Pjama® Bedwetting Alarm Speaker kit consists of a speaker unit, USB charging cable and user instructions.